Do you have an independent nature? Are you carefree and tend to be more of a free spirit? Why are some people so dependent on others, and some folks make their own way in life? Could genetics be part of the reason why you are a trailblazer?

Some people are born this way, and they most likely have a parent who has a strong personality and an iron will. However, others develop an independent nature after years of circumstances that force them to be this way. Consequently, it’s not a bad trait to possess.

Look back through history at all the greats who marched to the beat of their own drum. You undoubtedly didn’t see Amelia Earhart waiting in line for her dream to fly a plane. She was the first woman to be brave enough to fly a plane across the Atlantic Ocean.

What about Jane Goodall, the brilliant scientist and expert on chimpanzees? She used her love of nature and animals to do groundbreaking work. In fact, her legacy lives on far beyond her passing, as the Jane Goodall Institute is still in operation. She didn’t take a back seat or wait on someone else to uncover the secrets of these magnificent creatures.

There were many others throughout history, such as Henry Ford and his automobiles, Milton Hershey and his chocolate, and even Thomas Edison and the light bulb. All these people have one thing in common; they didn’t depend on others to do what they knew could be done. They used the gifts and talents they had to make a difference.

Twelve Signs of an Independent Nature

How do you know if someone has an independent nature? Is confidence exuding from their body, or is it something about how they walk, talk, dress, or act? Many things are easy to identify with these folks, and here are the most common ones to detect.

independent nature
1. Completing Tasks with No Help

As in the famous stories listed above, the independent person gets things done and doesn’t wait for help. They dive in headfirst to accomplish things, with or without assistance. They are a go-getter and a problem solver, and assistance is something they can do with or without.

2. Prefers Solitude to A Group

The independent person has different thought processes and interests than others. Since they are so driven, they often like to be alone with their thoughts. They have big plans and dreams and see hanging out and partying as a total waste of time.

They would rather be home doing budgets, dreaming of new inventions, or working. Hard work isn’t anything abnormal for this person. They want friends, but the only problem is that it requires them to depend on others for that to happen.

3. Always Feels Like the Odd Man (or Woman) Out

Even among their family, the person with an independent nature seems to feel like the odd person out. They don’t quite click with others because they just don’t see the world the same way.

They feel like their interests don’t match their family’s, and they tend to be on the outside looking in all the time. The family may view them as odd, eccentric, or just weird.

4. Shopping Isn’t Fun

One interesting oddity about the free-spirited is that they know what they want. When they go to the store, they go in, get what they need, and leave. They hate shopping with others who wish to browse, try on clothes, and spent time lollygagging. They’ve got things to do, and once they’ve got what they need, they don’t want to waste any more time.

5. Saying “No” Isn’t Difficult

How often have you taken on more than you can handle simply because you refuse to say no? This usually isn’t a problem for the independent person, as they have no qualms about telling you or anyone else when they can’t or don’t want to do something.

They tend to be outspoken, so they don’t beat around the bush. Many people take things the wrong way, but they aren’t meaning to hurt your feelings just saying they’ve reached their limit.

A quote by Maya Angelou might best sum this up:

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.”

Maya Angelou spoke from her experiences and a place of truth. She knew that to achieve her dreams, she had to remove the many roadblocks others put up in front of her. Of course, she became one of the most prolific American voices, despite her struggles.

6. Strong and Focused

This person is a human being with feelings and emotions just like anyone else. The difference is that they don’t let their emotions overtake them. Even if the world is crashing in around them, they still know that they have a job that they must get done.

Consider Oprah Winfrey. She rose above a very difficult childhood and became the world’s most influential woman by refusing to let her circumstances distract her. She set a goal to break into news broadcasting and now owns a popular media company.

Other people with an independent nature behave similarly. For example, if their spouse just left them, they would cry privately, but they still get up and go to work the next day. They don’t let things detour them from their responsibilities. They are some of the strongest people you will ever meet.

life is your responsibility

7. Born To Lead

The independent person is a born leader, and they seem to take charge regardless of their situation. The leadership qualities they possess shine through in all areas, and they often are in management positions because they don’t do well working under others. Their free-spirited nature gets them in a lot of trouble sometimes.

8. Often Told They’re Rude

The independent person is often misunderstood, and some think they’re rude. It’s not that they’re snappy, but they “shoot from the hip.” You can count on this person because you will always know where you stand with them. They don’t like to sugarcoat anything.

While it may come off as rude, you would much rather have someone be honest with you than tell you what you want to hear and lie behind your back. This person is truthful to a fault.

9. Debt Is Nauseating to Someone with an Independent Nature

These people don’t like debt, which means they’re indebted to someone else. They would rather pay cash for their stuff and know that they own it outright. Going into debt for a new car just makes them feel sick.

Consequently, have you ever seen someone who you knew had money but refused to use a dime of it? They will drive the same car till it can’t be driven anymore. These people see money’s value and don’t like to part with it so quickly.

10. Always Planning for The Future

Looking at the big picture is often hard for some folks to do. However, the driven individual always plans. They see today as a stepping stone to where they want to be.

This individual makes very calculated moves as they want to make sure that they protect their future.

11. Career Focused

Most of the time and energy that this individual puts forth in a day is spend on their career. Since they’re incredibly ambitious, they might have their hand in two or three pots. They want to make money, but it’s more about making a name for themselves and accomplishing a goal.

Do you think Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity intending to make money? Of course not! He wanted to change the world and to make things better for those around him. He had degrees in science, medicine, and philosophy, according to The Nobel Prize.

He wanted to make a difference, not become rich. In fact, his true wealth and value weren’t discovered until after his death.

12. Peer Pressure Isn’t An Issue

Peer pressure is often a problem in childhood and even as an adult. However, the independent person doesn’t care what’s the “norm” or socially acceptable.

They are who they are and don’t apologize to anyone for being different. Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if everyone were the same?

independent nature
Final Thoughts on Having an Independent Nature

Being independent can be both a blessing and a curse. While, on the one hand, you have this fearless nature and are a go-getter, the social aspects of life may not come easy to you. People often misunderstand those who are trailblazers, as they tend to be in a world all their own.

Beethoven is considered the most influential composer of all time. Yet, he had a great contempt for authority and social rank, so he preferred to fly solo. Having an independent nature can make like quite lonely when it comes to friends, but these folks usually make up for it by keeping busy with work.

Dr. Ty Tashiro from King University describes that social awkwardness isn’t always a big problem, though it can be inconvenient. He goes on to say that people who society views as awkward are typically those who excel in many areas and almost always bring a unique perspective to those around them.

If you tend to be independent and are often labeled as weird or the odd man out, you should consider that a compliment. History is full of people who paved the way for you to have the life you have today, and they were all a little odd too.

Additionally, it’s always better to be a trailblazer and not depend on anyone than to be so dependent on people that you can’t do anything without help. After reading through this list, do you see yourself as an independent person?