Having a crush is a fantastic feeling unlike anything else. Isn’t it amazing when you get butterflies fluttering in your stomach, or your heart skips a beat just thinking about their smile? Whenever this person crosses your mind, you can’t help but beam.

You know you’re crushing hard on someone, but how do you take it from attraction to a relationship? When you’re in these problematic situations, you must be careful as it can get messy and complicated if you don’t handle things correctly.

Twenty Ways to Impress Your Crush

Before you start on the journey to impress someone, you must ask yourself a few questions, such as:

  • Are your feelings superficial, or do you have a deep connection?
  • Are they available, and is there a chance of you being together?
  • Is your life ready for a committed relationship?

If you can answer yes to all three of these questions, then the chances are that you’re ready for the next step. Here are some ways to impress that special someone with your personality, sense of humor, and effortless charm.

impress your crush

1. Impress Your Crush With a Handwritten Note

Anyone can text these days, but the handwritten note takes time and effort. Why not write them all the things that you long to say in a beautiful card or letter? Women get incredibly sappy for a guy that takes time to write them something, as it’s very nostalgic and personal.

2. Make Them Laugh

Everyone loves to laugh, chuckle, giggle, and smile, as it just makes life so much better. However, they will love you for making them feel good. While they may like your charming looks, your sense of humor is what will captivate them.

3. Impress Your Crush by Revealing Your Vulnerabilities

It’s challenging to be vulnerable when you’re in love, but your particular person needs to see you as rugged and unafraid. No one likes a person that comes across as a fake. Plus, it will make them feel comfortable to do the same when they see that you can let your guard down.

4. Be Captivating

A captivating person is both charming and attractive. This person exhibits a specific behavior around people that they want to impress. You don’t need to be anything other than yourself, but of course, you want to be on your best behavior to charm the one who stole your heart.

5. Don’t Be Desperate and Clingy

Sure, everyone in love feels a little desperate and even clingy when they want to get a person to commit. However, it can be very off-putting, and it can come across like a toddler hanging on the mother’s skirt tale. Save your desperation for another situation because, in this case, you want to come across as calm, relaxed, and collective.

6. Listen Attentively

Is there anything more frustrating and disheartening than when someone is not interested or not paying attention to what you’re talking about? So, since you know how annoying it is to be ignored, don’t do that to the person you want to impress. Communication and good listening skills are all part of having a successful relationship.

7. Be Independent to Impress Your Crush

Coming across as an independent person who has their ducks in a row is undoubtedly impressive. If you’re more co-dependent, then you can quickly overwhelm this person, and they won’t give you a second glance.

8. Display Kindness

Find ways to display kindness and generosity. Sure, these are undeniably good traits to possess, but they’re also things people look for when choosing a mate. Every man and woman wants a partner that shows compassion to others and is always kind.

9. Always be Punctual

Being punctual is critical for many aspects of your life. Just ask Robert Haft, the infamous headhunter for top companies in 300 countries. In a recent blog post, he addresses the importance of being punctual. He states that a punctual person is organized, dependable, and reflects professionalism.

Now, all those things are great on the job, but it’s even more of an issue when it comes to your personal life. It’s insulting and annoying to leave someone waiting simply because you can’t show up on time. You won’t win any brownie points by making someone sit and wait on you, and it can be a big turnoff.

10. Be Flexible and Free Spirited

Knowing that everything isn’t going to go as planned is essential, as life always throws curveballs your way. Your crush needs to see that you can throw caution to the wind and be free-spirited and that you are flexible and can roll with the punches. It’s very endearing when someone doesn’t flip out when everything doesn’t go their way, but they adjust and go with plan B.

impress your crush

11. Show Respect for Wait Staff

How you treat others will speak loud and clear to a potential mate. If you’re rude and unfairly dismissing wait staff, it can send a bad vibe. Part of being kind and treating others with respect starts with people that many folks think it’s acceptable to walk all over.

12. Be Supportive During Hard Times

Maybe the person you’re crushing on is having a challenging time. They may have been through some things that have knocked them down a bit. However, they will remember how you helped them during this challenging situation, and they will find it impressive when you help them keep it together when their world is falling apart.

13. Do the Little Things That Impress Your Crush

Girls and guys both like the little things. While some people are geared towards grand gestures and going over the top to win the heart of the one they love, it’s those little things that will do it. For instance, taking them their favorite cup of coffee or having lunch brought to them when they’re busy are the things that mean so much.

14. Be Assertive and Strong-Minded

Everyone knows women like “bad boys” because they have their own set of rules. Their solid-minded and assertive confidence is a real turn-on to some. However, the psychology behind this is quite fascinating.

According to the Gentlemen’s Journal, women like guys who are wild, dangerous, and even mysterious.

However, most of all, they love their confident nature. Confidence is beautiful, and the article further states that “proud” or “angry” looks are way more appealing than a smiling face. So, when you’re considering your crush and how to act, remember that the assertive and strong-minded individual will fare much better.

15. Express Your Feelings

Communication has already made a list, but you also need to learn to express your feelings without being shy. Both men and women don’t like people who play games and won’t say how they feel. Nor do they like folks who like to keep them in the friend zone. If you want someone, go after them, and tell them exactly why you think they’re so amazing.

16. Be Secure Within Yourself

Before you can love anyone else and bring them into your life, you must first learn to love yourself. Having security and knowing that even if this doesn’t work out, you will be fine is an excellent quality to have in life. Not only does it make you more attractive, but it lets you know that you’re going to be okay regardless of how things go.

17. Get Fit and Healthy

If you want to improve your self-esteem and build confidence, you need to be healthy. If you want your crush to notice you, your self-love speaks loud and clearly.

18. Dress To Impress Your Crush

When you look good, you feel good. If you want someone to notice you, why not dress to impress. It will give you an extra boost of confidence that looks amazing on you.

19. Remember the Little Details

While you’re doing all the little things for this particular person, you also need to consider the little details. Remember the color of the shirt he is wearing or the scent of her perfume that caressed her skin. If you want to impress, having an eye for details is the way to do it, as it will help further the attraction to you.

20. Impress Your Crush by Preparing a Delicious Meal

You know the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. So why not make them a meal that’s worthy of a five-star restaurant? Show off your cooking skills and give them a candlelit dinner they won’t forget.

impress your crush

Final Thoughts on Ways to Impress Your Crush, But Make it Look Effortless

Some folks find impressing a crush effortless, while others struggle a bit. If you put in all the extra effort and this person seems uninterested, don’t sweat it. Remember, you’re the bomb, and any man or woman would be delighted to be with you.

There’s someone out there that’s made just for you, and they will be as crazy about you as you are them. You must know your worth, whether your crush falls head over heels for you or not.