Some women are sophisticated beyond their years, while others are nothing more than girls trapped in an older body. Dating someone young at heart can be a fun experience, but too much immaturity can cause other concerns. An immature woman can be problematic to deal with, as their brain hasn’t fully caught up with their body.

This is often considered a male problem, but it’s also common among women. Statements like “boys will be boys” negatively imply that men never grow up, but some ladies have precisely the same issue. We explored the concept of the man-child in a separate article.

Thirteen Signs You’re Dating An Immature Woman

While the lady you are dating might be a barrel of laughs, she might act childish on many levels. In relationships, you need to have a certain level of maturity to make things work.

Girls are fun and can lead you from one adventure to another, but women are the ones you want to settle down and commit to. Here are some signs that the person you’re dating is immature.


1. An Immature Woman Wants You to Take Care of Her

Relationships are about 50/50. If one partner is doing more than their share, it causes the other person to feel unappreciated. It’s easy in these situations to feel like you’re being taken advantage of, but it’s not personal.

A lack of maturity often comes from deep-seated issues. One concern that shows her childishness is when she wants you to take care of her continuously. She may want you to bring her drinks while watching TV, pick out her clothes for work, and depend on you to do her laundry.

She acts helplessly when alone, so she depends on you a lot. If she wants you to take care of her financially and in many other ways, she may be suffering from immaturity.

2. Immaturity Means Little or No Follow Through

Like children, women who are still girls are flighty. You can’t depend on her for anything. Don’t hold your breath if she tells you she will be at your house at 7 pm because she’s always late.

When she needs you, she expects you to be there without exception. Relationships require both parties to be there for one another; she hasn’t mastered that yet.

3. She’s Always the Life of the Party

Immature people often display their childishness by acting over the top. She tends to show off a bit when she’s in a group. She might be louder, funnier, and work the crowd craving attention.

Do you remember acting up as a child when company came to your home? You wanted to get their attention, and you would give them a show if you had an audience. Immature women also do the same sort of things when they want to attract attention.

4. An Immature Woman Doesn’t Date – She “Hangs Out” With You

Relationships often need clear lines, but it’s always thought that guys are the ones who have commitment issues. An immature lady may be more eager to say you’re “hanging out” rather than going on a date. It’s very hurtful when you have feelings for someone, and they refuse to classify what you are to them.

Sadly, it’s probably because their mindset isn’t in the place for long-term commitments and labeling things. When you’re with someone with commitment issues, it’s usually something to do with their past. Issues experienced during early childhood development have an impact on later relationships.

If a person grows up in a home with a toxic atmosphere, it can have a dramatic effect on them through adulthood.

5. Immaturity Makes Foolish Decisions

Childish women will blow off work to hang out at the club all night. They don’t think about the long-term consequences of their actions because they’re too busy worrying about having fun and living for the moment.

While it’s good to be focused on the here and now, it’s also essential to have the maturity to know if you don’t go to work without a good reason, it will cause trouble.

6. An Immature Woman Still Lives at Home

Childish folks aren’t in a big hurry to be alone. She might be unable to maintain a home and pay all the bills, regardless of her age. While things can happen that cause her to move back home for a while, it should never stop her from the goal of getting a place of her own.

A study by the US Labor Board and Statistics shows that 90% of people move out of their parent’s homes by the age of 27. Women still living at home when they’re 28-30 might have some maturity issues or requires parental assistance.

7. Immaturity Leads to Partying

Girls who haven’t fully matured into women might get drunk a lot because they’re still in the partying phase. If you’ve had to take her home and put her to bed more than a couple of times, it indicates an issue. First, you need to find out if she’s trying to self-medicate away some pain, as this can be a cry for help.

Second, does she have an addiction issue that she denies? While the party lifestyle is commonplace in those in their college years, most ladies grow beyond this after graduation. When she’s the drunkest girl at the party, it’s a significant indication she’s childish and perhaps has a drinking problem.

immature woman

8. Immaturity Demands Attention

Have you ever been around a toddler that demands your attention? When you don’t notice them, they will scream, cry, throw temper tantrums and do whatever it takes to get you to see them.

Girls who haven’t fully matured often act like toddlers. They don’t know how to play it cool. They will text you nonstop if you don’t respond, and the phone calls will start if they can’t get you on text.

She needs constant reassurance that she knows where and what you’re doing. When she’s not with you, her mind starts racing. So, all the texts and calls are just reassuring her adolescent mind.

9. An Immature Woman Makes You Laugh So Much

One of her endearing qualities is that she makes you laugh harder than anyone else. Being around her is lighthearted and fun. She’s goofy, likable, and hilarious but doesn’t like to live by the rules. Adulting is challenging; she would rather live bouncing from one social event to another.

10. An Immaturity Never Had a Relationship

Good relationships are hard to find, and there are many reasons someone might never have found true love. However, when a girl is in her mid-20s, she will likely have experienced love and romance.

If she’s never had a relationship in the past, it could be an indication of immaturity. Even stranger would be if she’s never had sex or been kissed and she’s middle-aged.

11. Immaturity Does Silly Things

Most women try to get your number and use small talk to get your attention. However, she’s a whole different breed. She follows you like a lost puppy dog and seems to latch on to you like a leech.

She might do something ridiculous to make you notice her, like moonwalking or doing the worm at a party. She’s always over the top and sometimes embarrasses you.

12. She’s Obsessed with Her Friends

You struggle to get time alone with her because her friends are ever-present. Even when you have alone time, she’s texting and calling her BFFs to check in. Women who are girls in their minds will often be in that adolescent phase of talking and texting their friends for hours. It’s a sign that she has some maturing to do.

13. An Immature Woman Doesn’t Understand Why You Get Mad at Her

When you get upset at something she’s done, she doesn’t understand why you’re so unhappy. She lacks the emotional maturity to see your point of view and to realize her blunder. Explaining it to her seems too much work because she’s on a different wavelength than you.

immature woman

Final Thoughts on the Challenges of a Relationship With an Immature Woman

No relationship is easy, as it requires work and dedication. Sometimes the cards are stacked against you when you have someone who lacks the maturity level to comprehend why things like going to work on time and not partying all night are essential.

Some folks never grow up. Have you ever seen an older person that people call a “big kid?” These people are young at heart, and there’s nothing that’s going to change them. While it’s good to be lighthearted and have fun, there’s a time for doing responsible things too.

Looking at her past is the best indicator of what’s occurring. Girls who’ve had traumatic childhoods or have other issues are emotionally immature. It’s challenging, but sometimes people can work on these problems, and time and aging help.