Everyone longs for a deep relationship that feel magical. Most folks experience this with their soulmates, but some call it spiritual love because you connect on a cosmic level. If you haven’t experienced this spirituality, it might be because you haven’t found the one yet.

Spiritual love feels fantastic, and you can count your many blessings once you achieve it. Some individuals long for this bond with someone they can share their heart and soul with. Still, they somehow come up empty-handed. If you have, you should consider it a gift from the Universe–you are blessed with one of the most powerful gifts.

This unique gift will make your life rewarding and happy and give you more excitement than you can imagine. You may wonder why this type of love is so important. When you have a deeper connection with your partner, everything seems more enhanced. Even the brush of their arm can send chills down your spine.

When you go through times of trouble, you feel comforted having them beside you. Dare you say that spiritual connections make love enchanting and more meaningful?

Ten Indications of Spiritual Love in a Relationship

How do you know if you and your partner share a spiritual love? One of the signs that you have such an association is that your love doesn’t have any rules or conditions to stay intact. You love everything about your partner, including their flaws. Here are some signs that your love is one written in the stars and on a deeper spiritual level.

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1. Honesty Is Important in Spiritual Love

Spirituality in your relationship means being honest with one another, even when it hurts. White lies aren’t allowed, as you’re truthful with one another because you know that you can trust each other. Not only is this an excellent foundation for your relationship, but it eliminates unnecessary worries and doubts.

Trivial lies can damage intimacy, but these things don’t occur in spiritual love. You’re both on the same wavelength and have the same values regarding honesty, trust, and integrity. When your loving relationship is based on truth, it’s a sign that you have a divine connection, as you wouldn’t dare be dishonest with someone you love.

2. There’s Growth and Encouragement

A loving relationship, where spirituality is the basis for the connection, allows growth. You feel comfortable pointing out when your partner is going in the wrong direction, and you can use constructive criticism to get them back on track.

Growth happens when someone can admit their faults and change their course. You lift each other and don’t tear one another down, as your relationship is not just a spiritual love but also fulfilling in all ways. One of the measures of the strength of your relationship is the growth you’ve obtained together and apart.

If you’re not growing, you stagnate, and it’s not a good place to be. When you water and nurture a plant, it matures, and you could think the same about your relationship. Speaking of plants, the root system is what keeps them alive. Your relationship also has strong roots. Thus, it can withstand whatever comes your way due to its good foundation.

3. You’re At Total Ease When Spirituality Drives Your Connection

Spiritual love connections allow you to feel at total ease with one another. You don’t place unrealistic expectations on your partner, and you don’t have to change yourself into someone you’re not to make them happy. When you’re together, there’s nothing but total comfort and happiness.

There’s never a question of loyalty, as you find peace and contentment in each other’s arms. Some may find it challenging to understand your loving relationship, but you’re tough as steel. You won’t break when challenges come your way. You love them wholeheartedly, and nothing can come between you.

4. The Physical Attraction Is Undeniable

When it comes to spirituality and being connected with someone you love, it’s common to think that these bonds only occur in the mind and soul. Nothing could be further from the truth. The physical chemistry between you is explosive.

Many folks love intimacy as it fills their physical chemistry, but when it comes to romance, you two knock it out of the park. You’re free to experiment, submit yourself, and allow the electricity to flow in your spiritual love.

5. Laughs Come Easy in a Spiritual Love Relationship

You know that part of a loving relationship means you can laugh together. You want to find someone who makes mundane tasks like going furniture shopping fun. Laughter has always been the best medicine, and there are studies to prove it.

According to the National Library of Medicine, engaging in laughter can reduce physical tension and stress, as well as give you relief from tense muscles for nearly an hour. Plus, there are many other benefits to staying on the sunny side of life.

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6. Spiritual Love Is Not Insecure or Fearful

Spirituality is something special to add to your relationship, as it removes insecurities and fears. While others may doubt their partner’s love and devotion, you’re freed from these unnecessary worries. You have an intimacy with one another that brings you comfort and security.

You have these intense feelings, and your partner feels the same about you. You would never criticize one another for having differences, but you celebrate the uniqueness that makes you who you are in life. Your love isn’t demanding, but it keeps on giving.

7. The Communication Is Meaningful

One of the best ways to keep a loving relationship thriving is to have great conversations. A couple that doesn’t communicate well will have all sorts of problems. Your discussions are meaningful and can be about anything and everything. Spiritual love allows you to explore many topics, which is a significant indication that you enjoy the company of your partner.

According to Stevenson University, one of the most significant issues in communication is that people often hear what they want to hear and discard the rest. However, they state that when the communication is effective, everyone leaves the conversation feeling satisfied and accomplished.

The bond formed from a loving relationship is deeper because your spirituality allows you to connect and indulge in meaningful conversations. It’s rare to find such qualities in a person, and you’ve hit the jackpot.

8. Spiritual Love Reflects Mutual Respect for Each Partner

Spirituality allows you to have a deep respect for each other. Each couple is different, as everyone has unique traits. One couple might crave independence, while another needs to maintain a layer of separation. You have enough respect for one another to allow for these differences, and you respect these opinions and views in each other.

Some couples might see them as flaws or issues to cause arguments, but your loving relationship allows you to embrace the differences. You’re open-minded, well-balanced, and genuine with your partner, and the mutual respect you have is what will keep you together.

9. The Spirituality Flows When Astrological Signs Are Compatible

If you consider the spirituality of your relationship, it seems only fitting that your signs are compatible on earth as they are in the heavens. You’ve heard that true love is written in the stars. When you have an astrological sign that meshes well with your lover, it adds another layer of proof of a destined relationship.

When you have a soul connection, it transcends this physical planet and goes into a world that seems a million miles away. Some folks might seem a bit far out there, but many believe that true love and soulmates are destined.

10. You’re Entranced with One Another

Many people have relationships built on convenience; some are together because they have nothing better to do. Some are together because they want to share bills, while others share children. People stay together for many reasons, but it’s not always because of true love.

The spiritual love connection makes everything different. You’re together because you want to be together and only have eyes for one another. You have a communication level that’s all your own, as you can gaze into one another’s eyes and know what the other person is thinking.

Some folks might say that you’re under a spell the way you act so entranced with your partner, but you know it’s only the spell of true love.


Final Thoughts on Spiritual Love in a Relationship

How does your relationship measure up? Did the Universe foretell your love, or is this proof that the one you’re with isn’t the one for you? When you have a deep spiritual love, you will know it in your heart and soul.

This person is your better half, and you can’t imagine your life without them. To remove them from your life would be like taking away a vital part of your being. They make the world around you a better place, and they certainly make you a better person. Isn’t that what love is all about?