These 12 Things Reveal a Spiritually Connected Couple

These 12 Things Reveal a Spiritually Connected Couple

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Everyone wants the fairy tale with the prince charming that rides in on his horse or the princess that fits the infamous glass slipper. Who doesn’t want someone to whisk them off their feet so that they can spend eternal bliss together? Consequently, you must remember that these are just fables with happy endings, but if you want a connection like a scripted romance, being spiritually connected is the key.

Do you consider you and your partner a strong couple, or would you say you have work to do even to make it another year? Good relationships don’t just fall out of the sky, as you must work hard to be the power couple you desire. If your relationship will last, you probably have a certain amount of karma in play.

You must remember that soul mates get divorced every day because they can’t make it. Life and circumstances get in the way that can interfere with a once strong connection. Have you ever heard of a couple that’s been married for 20 or 30 years suddenly getting divorced?

Here’s a Physical World Picture of a Spiritual Connection

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Even the best relationships are complicated, and you must connect on a deeper level to keep that spark alive. Consider this scenario. Have you ever had an electrical problem in your home?

The electrician ensured every wire was tight and properly connected with the ground when your home was built. The ground wire is necessary because it safely directs all the excess electricity from your home into the ground. This line is required to bring equilibrium to your electrical system, but over time these connections fizzle, wires break, and sometimes they catch on fire.

The same theory can be used in relationships. If your ground wire is faulty, it allows extra to build up and break your connection. The build-up can be stress from bills, not spending enough time together, and letting in-laws get in the way. Things can become toxic quickly, and a love that once burned so bright can have no power left to sustain it.

Signs of a Spiritually Connected Couple

Having a spiritual connection with someone doesn’t come easily, but it can be done. Perhaps, you already have a powerful union, and you think you’re one of the strong couples who have what it takes to make it. Here are some signs that you’re spiritually connected to your partner.

1. There’s Mutual Respect When a Couple is Spiritually Connected

Respect goes a long way in a relationship. You can freely speak without judgment when you’re connected with someone on a higher plane. They understand your heart and would never put you down for having an opinion that differs from theirs.

2. There’s Spiritual Compatibility

Being spiritually compatible is vast. If you believe in God and your partner is an atheist, it can cause severe disagreements. However, when you’re spiritually in tune, things flow so much better, and you can have deep conversations about the Universe, karma, and all the spiritual aspects of life.

3. You’re 100 Percent Comfortable if You Are Spiritually Connected

When couples first start dating, they wouldn’t dare burp in front of their partner. They still haven’t reached that comfort level that allows them to be themselves. In fact, some women might have a salad without croutons when she wants a steak and mashed potatoes.

However, when you get to this level of 100 percent comfort, you learn that your person gets you and loves you despite your faults. You don’t have to put on a facade or be anything other than your genuine self.

4. Your Connection is Undeniable

Some folks think that having a spiritual bond is only about religion and the spirit world. However, the connection between two people deeply in love is so much more profound. For instance, assume you enter a crowded restaurant during the dinner rush.

Your eye catches a lady or gentlemen with whom you feel these undeniable connections, and you almost feel as if this whole event was scripted. Did you know that many people have the same experience finding their soul mates? It’s as if an unknown force has called you together at a specific time and place so that you can find one another.

5. They Have Your Back

There’s nothing in this world that feels better than knowing that someone has your back. If all the chips are down and everyone turns on you, they will support you regardless. Being spiritually connected means that even when the whole world turns against the person you love, they’re not going to high-tail and run.

6. You Complete Each Other’s Thoughts and Sentences

Strong couples and those who have been together for many years know what the other one is thinking before opening their mouth. Their connection is so deep that their souls seem intertwined. They can finish each other’s sentences and communicate through their thoughts without uttering a word.

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7. You Trust One-Another

The famous country crooner, Travis Tritt, wrote a song entitled “Can I Trust You with My Heart?” According to Genius, Tritt wrote the music for his then-girlfriend before asking her to become his wife. The lyrics show a man scared to take that final step because someone had hurt him earlier.

The song resonated with audiences, and when it was released in November 1992, it made it all the way to number one on the Billboard charts. This song encompasses this point, and people are afraid to be vulnerable and let their hearts be exposed because they don’t want to get hurt. However, when you’re spiritually connected, you’re meant to last for the long haul.

8. You Grow Together

Looking back over the many years of your lie, you see growth and change. A 40-year-old can’t imagine what was going through their mind when they were 20, and it almost seems like it was another life it’s been so long ago. However, you grow together when you’re in a spiritually committed relationship.


You look back at the start of your relationship and see how much stronger you’ve become and how you’ve become better people.

9. Your Love is Unconditional When You’re Spiritually Connected

Most people say they love each other unconditionally but only give lip service. They take off at the first sign of trouble. Loving someone with conditions is easy, but when you love someone removing those stipulations, it’s a whole other ballgame.

When you’re spiritually connected, you love one another through the bad times. Even if they end up in jail for a crime, you still love them because your connection is not one that’s easily broken.

10. Your Bond is Tight or Even Unbreakable

Have you ever examined a rope? You can find a strand in many thicknesses and variations, but the one that’s the strongest happens when you braid many strands into one. The Bible in Ecclesiastes 49:9-12 talks about the cord of three strands and the strength behind it, and a spiritual relationship is very much like this strong cord.

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