Do you have friends, colleagues, or family members that you would call immature? Their immaturity comes from the way they act, talk, and present themselves.

While everyone has an inner child that comes out occasionally, this person takes things to the extreme.

Many things can cause someone to lack the wisdom they need, but most of it comes from age and experience. You certainly wouldn’t expect a person at 18 to be as wise as someone who is 47 years old. Many will learn and grow as they age, but for some, they have personality disorders or other underlying mental health conditions that are causing them to be stunted.

Twenty Sayings That Prove Immaturity In Someone

The easiest way to dictate someone’s maturity level is by the words that come out of their mouth. So here are 20 of the most annoying sayings that are used by those who are a bit immature.

1. “I’m Bored”

Most adults will tell you they have a list of things to do a mile long. However, they see red when their children use phrases like “I’m bored.” A person who uses such words shows their immaturity levels and a lack of ways to effectively keep themselves busy.

2. “You Better or Else I Will…….”

Veil threats are another tactic that the immature use. They don’t know how to vocalize their feelings, so they try to manipulate the situation. According to the National Library of Medicine, a hallmark of the immature is their selfish nature, and they often observe it in children with ADHD.

3. “You’re Only Young Once

When someone refers to being young, they usually want to do something daring or even dangerous. They are taking no thought to the consequences of their actions. It can be a sign of an underlying mental health condition too.

4. “I Don’t Want to Wait”

In the real world, you can’t snap your fingers and have everything happen the way you want. It would help if you took things as they come, and sometimes that requires waiting. Someone who makes comments about not wanting to be patient and wait just shows their level of immaturity.

5. “I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong.”

The immature person is always pointing the finger at the other person. They don’t like to take credit for anything that’s been done wrong, so they will gladly throw someone else under the bus if it gets them off the hook.

6. “I Don’t Feel Like It”

Sadly, everyone must do things in life that they don’t feel like doing. If you’re constantly whining about not wanting to go to work or do household chores, it shows that you need to grow up a bit. Life is full of things that no one feels like doing, but you can’t make those around you miserable about it.

7. “Do We Have Too?”

If a person asks you if they must do something, it’s as if a child is asking their mother or father for permission to skip this task. Unfortunately, while it’s commonplace at home, it’s not so prevalent in the workforce. Sadly, the world doesn’t revolve around one person, so they can’t always get out of things that must be done.

8. “It’s Not Your Money; It’s Our Money”

When someone uses this phrase, you can tell it’s a splurge purchase that isn’t in the budget. They will use these manipulative tactics to try to persuade you to allow them to do what they want. It can also be seen as a threat that they can and will spend how they see fit.

9. “I Didn’t Know It Was That Important”

Perhaps, your partner didn’t pay the electric bill, and now you’re facing a disconnection. Sadly, they try to justify their behavior by using statements that say they didn’t realize the importance of the situation.

Whatever “it” was that they forgot to do, it was probably necessary. So, this phrase was a cop-out when they failed on their responsibilities–a definite signal of immaturity.

10. “No One Else Will Do It, So I Will”

This person thinks they’re the only one that can fix the issue. They have an inflated view of themselves, which is immature as well as arrogant. However, once people mature a bit, they realize that it’s not all about them and their abilities.

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11. “I’ll Show You.”

Isn’t it irritating when someone feels they need to prove you wrong? Using a phrase like “I’ll show you” is challenging in nature. They think that what you said was a threat, so they intend to make a learning experience from this situation.

12. “Shut Up”

Two of the rudest words in the English language are “shut up.” Someone who uses such phrases shows that they haven’t matured their vocabulary. Using terms like “Would you please be quiet” is much better.

13. “I Don’t Care What Others Think”

While you should never live your life in fear of what others may think, making such a flippant statement is from someone who just doesn’t care. When you’re younger, you tend to be a little freer-spirited, but you learn that you need to keep the peace as you age. Your actions shouldn’t be offensive to others, no matter what they think.

14. “Leave Me Alone”

If you step on someone’s toes or say something they don’t want to hear, you may be told to leave them alone. While they’re trying to tell you that they need some time and space to cool off or process what they’ve heard, it comes out all wrong.

15. “I Can’t Even Right Now”

Imagine you told your employee that you needed them to get a report done by 2 pm. It was a rushed issue that needed their prompt attention. They didn’t like what you said to them, and they looked at you with disgust and told you, “I can’t even right now.”

Sure, it may be enough to get them fired, but it’s also their way of telling you they’re overloaded. They lack the proper vocabulary to communicate effectively, that they’re overwhelmed. Of course, it’s very childish to make such statements, but it’s a sign they’re not mature.

16. “Whatever”

One-word slams like “whatever” are commonly used to blow someone off. Then, when the immature doesn’t want to continue the conversation, they are eager to shut it down with a flippant comment.

17. “I Hate You”

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard your child tell you a time or two that they hate you. It’s expected to say such things when you’re an adolescent, but these words should never come out of your mouth when you’re an adult. Again, it’s a way the immature uses their words to fight their battles.

18. “Talk to The Hand”

In the 1990s, teenagers started throwing up a hand and telling people to talk to it. Well, what they were saying is they didn’t have the time or energy to deal with you at that moment. So, it was a less subtle way of telling you to shut up.

It’s an old saying that’s still circulating, especially with the older, immature generation. When someone throws up their hand and turns and walks away, it’s a real sign of their lack of maturity.

19. “That’s So Not Cool”

The average person speaks more than 7,000 words each day, according to Linked In. However, some of those words may be a bit hard to hear for those who lack maturity. If they don’t like what you have to say, then they may counter with something along the lines of “That’s not cool.”

While you may feel that you’re talking to a teenager, the words can come out of an adult’s mouth just as quickly. Unfortunately, this individual good communication skills.

20. “Are You for Real?”

Have you ever told someone news, and they turn around and look at you and say, “Are you for real?” It’s a sign that their maturity level isn’t quite on point. Unless you tend to joke around a lot, there’s no reason to doubt your words or hope it’s a twisted joke.

Final Thoughts on Identifying Immaturity In an Adult

There are tons of little phrases used every day by those who lack the maturity to communicate with others in the world around them. Have you ever heard someone who curses all the time? The Scientific American states that people curse when words fail them.

However, real immaturity comes from a place of being stunted or not fully developed. Many teenagers turn 18 and expect it to be a magic number that transforms them from childhood to adulthood, but this is not always the case. If someone is immature, misses social cues, or never hits milestones, there could be a condition such as autism spectrum disorder or ADHD to blame.

The key is not to judge too quickly when it comes to immaturity, as each person walks a different path in life. Some mature too fast and others not quick enough. However, it’s learning to all live in harmony that counts.