10 Benefits of Honesty in a Relationship

10 Benefits of Honesty in a Relationship


What virtues do you seek in a potential mate? You’ll probably say things like kindness, loyalty, good humor, empathy, and generosity. Above all, you expect honesty in any partner you choose.

Have you ever been with someone who lied every time their mouth was open? Perhaps you discovered their deceit long into your relationship. If you can’t believe that your partner is truthful with you, who can you believe?

Relationships should start by being honest. If you and your significant other are going to stay together, you both need positive bias and accuracy. Being honest with each other can increase your optimism that the relationship will last.

Commission Versus Omission

Did you know that you can be truthful while being deceitful at the same time? If you deliberately tell a lie, you commit a dishonest act. However, concealing information and not telling the whole truth is just as dishonest. In a healthy relationship, there should be no secrets between you and your significant other.

Of course, this does not include harmless secrets like a surprise birthday party or a special gift. However, it would help if you never concealed secrets dealing with unfaithfulness or other devastating information. Remember that half-truths can be more dangerous in a relationship than a whole lie.

10 Benefits of Honesty in a Relationship

There are many benefits to you being honest with each other in your partnership. Here are the most common reasons why trust is so important.

honesty1. Being Honest Builds Trust

If there’s no trust in your relationship, you have nothing. When you and your mate are honest with each other, you need not second guess one another. Do you feel confident nothing is going on when they call and tell you they are working late at the office?

What if you go on a business trip with a coworker? Would your mate trust that your trip is legitimate? On the flip side, would you trust that your person would stay true to you while you are out of town? If the answers to these questions are indecisive, your relationship could have problems.

Trust issues can destroy your relationship. You need to know that the person with whom you’ve entrusted your heart will always be true to you. Also, it would help if you built trust with them. An honest relationship frees you both from suspicion, jealousy, and constant surmising.

2. You May Have Less Stress

How would you feel if you and your partner were not being honest with each other? The stress of continually covering your tracks can be devastating. You probably will not be in a loving mood when you’re both stressed to the max.

Did you know that stress can negatively affect your physical and mental health? An article published by the National Institute of Mental Health warns that chronic stress may lead to heart issues, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers. It may also contribute to premature death.

Sincere people also learn how to de-stress with their partners. When was the last time you took a long weekend together to relax? Also, consider massages and healthy romantic life as ways of lowering your stress levels.

3. Truthfulness May Improve Your Health

Since dishonesty in a relationship can harm your health, it stands to reason that being honest may improve it. Research published by the American Psychological Association found that people who tell the truth saw a significant health boost. They may have less stress, depression, and fewer physical complaints per the article.

Of course, honesty won’t boost your health if you and your partner don’t take care of yourselves. Being honest also includes the acknowledgment that you need to practice a healthier lifestyle. Proper diet, exercise, and a clear conscience can go a long way to keeping you and your partner healthier and happier.

4. Being Honest Can Build Your Confidence

Let’s face it, telling lies and hiding harmful secrets does little for your self-confidence. It may keep you in your mate’s good graces for a while, but you will feel miserable on the inside. When you don’t have inner peace and self-acceptance, it will eventually show on the outside.

Honest people often feel a boost of confidence when they know that they’ve nothing to hide. Your partner can trust you with their heart and life, and you have the confidence to accept them at their word. When you are truthful with yourself, it can help you be the person you want to be.

Others will see your self-confidence, and it may make them more confident in you. It’s especially the effect that you want for your significant other. You make mutual admiration and respect possible when you are genuine.

5. Being Truthful is Much Less Work

Being a liar requires a lot of energy. Dishonesty creates a snowball effect that takes constant maintenance. For example, you tell your partner a lie. Then you often must tell another lie to cover the first one, and the falsehoods snowball.

You must spend valuable time and effort keeping track of the lies so your secrets aren’t revealed. Conversely, telling the truth doesn’t take any effort or creative wording. You state the facts as they are and have nothing to hide.

The time and energy you and your partner save by being honest can be used for more positive activities.

trust in a relationship
Researchers reveal that trust outweighs love in successful relationships.

6. Honest People Attract Other Honest People

If you’ve studied the law of attraction, you understand that like calls unto like. Remember the old saying that “birds of a feather flock together?” So, if you are an honest person, you are more likely to attract other honest people’s attention.

It’s especially essential when you are looking for a committed relationship. Of course, the law of attraction is not always foolproof. At some point in your life, you’ve had to deal with toxic people, regardless of your honest personality.

However, most people treasure honesty and will choose to be with people with that virtue.

7. Genuineness Encourages Self-Reflection

You can’t be honest with anyone else until you are honest with yourself. As a genuine person, you are compelled to self-reflect and see who you are. If you don’t like what you see, maybe it’s time that you make some changes.

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