You can recognize an honest man by the way he handles his relationships. When someone values honesty, they do things differently than others.

Honesty is important to him, and it shows in his relationships.

He won’t tell lies to hide things from his partner, and he expects the same treatment in return. Since he is so honest, he will look for someone that holds that same quality. This makes healthy communication possible in his relationships, and it is where he will shine the most.

An honest man knows that he must earn trust, and he speaks openly with his partner. He won’t deceive or betray those he is closest to, and his desire to tell the truth never wavers. While many men might claim to be this way, sincere men are rarer than that.

Ten Ways an Honest Man Handles His Relationships Differently

Since honest men handle their relationships differently, it is easy to spot the signs. They do things in ways that no one else does. Once you know the differences, you will begin to notice these characteristics about them.

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1. His Partner Always Knows How Much He Cares for Them

An honest man will not let those he cares for doubt his feelings for them. He is affectionate and makes his partner feel wanted and appreciated. His words and actions will match up, further confirming his true feelings.

When a man is honest, he won’t have a problem showing and communicating his affection. His partner will never have to wonder how he feels in the relationship.

This type of man will also show his appreciation to show his partner that he cares. He notices the things his partner does, no matter how little it is. Not only does he notice, but he expresses his appreciation sincerely.

2. He Works to Establish Trust in the Relationship

Trust must be earned, and honest men know that they need to prove their trustworthiness and commitment. They know that trust brings confidence and comfort to the relationship, and they want to achieve that.

Honest men also know that their partner can’t trust them without establishing that stage of the relationship first. Trust isn’t something that can just be handed over by choice. He will work to earn it, and then he will maintain that trust throughout the relationship.

Not only does he work to gain his partner’s trust, but he also works to trust his partner. He doesn’t accuse them without reason, and he takes his partner for their word.

Plus, he won’t believe things people say about his partner unless there is proof of wrongdoing. He can confidently do this because he has worked on trusting them and knows them at that level better than others.

3. He is Always Improving

An honest man always works on bettering himself. He likes to learn new things, develop new skills, and continually self-improve. Because of this, he is likely intellectual and keeps his partner’s attention.

He doesn’t do this for his partner, though, because he will do it even if he isn’t in a relationship. Continually improving himself is essential to his well-being, and he needs to feel like he is always getting better.

4. He Opens Up Emotionally

While some people struggle to express themselves emotionally, an honest person won’t have that problem. When a man is like this, he will talk about his feelings, fears, and desires. He doesn’t hide how he feels, making it easier to work through problems in his relationships.

Rather than allow problems to create tension and frustration, he speaks his mind. He won’t let things fester as his relationship crumbles. Plus, he is straightforward and doesn’t make his partner guess what he is feeling or hinting at.

He lets his partner into his mind completely and opens up to them. Even when it is hard, he understands that a healthy relationship requires this level of connection.

5. He Makes Others Feel Comfortable Being Honest with Him

An honest person will make others feel like they can be open and honest without judgment in their relationships. He encourages people to be honest and share their feelings because he wants to work on things. His partner won’t have to be afraid of him overeating or lashing out when they speak up.

He understands that no two people share the same views and beliefs, and he is okay with that. His understanding of this is what brings comfort to his relationships because people can be themselves around him.

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6. He is a Source of Safety

If he is honest, he makes those around him feel safe. His partner might not need protection, but he is ready to be their safe space anyway. He won’t ever be the one causing his partner pain, either, so the person in his life won’t ever have to feel unsafe.

His partner knows they can come to him for anything at any time, and he will be ready to help them. He will offer support, speak on their behalf, and stand in the way of any potential harm.

When his partner is afraid of something, he will be their comfort along the way. If he can, he will take care of the problem his partner is scared of so that they can feel safer. When he knows his partner intimately, he can often take care of these issues without his partner having to ask.

7. He Takes Responsibility and Doesn’t Shift Blame

In his relationships, an honest man takes responsibility for what he does and the decisions he makes. He doesn’t shift the blame to other people or situations. When he makes a mistake, he admits it, apologizes, makes it right, and uses it as a learning opportunity.

He isn’t uncomfortable saying that he is sorry, and he knows that it doesn’t diminish his worth. Another reason he takes responsibility so easily is that it makes him feel more confident and courageous. Admitting his faults humbles him and helps him grow as a person.

8. He Pursues Passions That Don’t Involve His Partner

Although he loves spending time with his partner, he pursues other passions, too. He stays busy and doesn’t plan his life around the person he is in a relationship with. Not planning his life around his partner isn’t to say he doesn’t make time for them, but he also makes other plans that don’t involve them.

His relationships don’t define him, and he understands that everyone needs to be an individual. He is confident enough to pursue things he is passionate about even when he is in a relationship. Plus, he knows that his partner has things they want to do, too.

He encourages his partner to chase after their dreams and do things they are passionate about, as well. This understanding and encouragement allow both partners to grow as individuals while strengthening the bond in the relationship.

9. He is Helpful

When a man helps with responsibilities, errands, and other things, he might be an honest person. He knows that all of the work can’t fall to his partner, so he helps without being asked. His level of honesty doesn’t allow him to pretend that he doesn’t see the things that need doing.

Since he is happy to help out without being asked, his partner won’t have anxiety about needing or wanting help. They will know that he doesn’t mind helping out, and it gives them a sense of relief to have someone like this in their life.

10. He Has His Priorities Straight

An honest man never has to be told that he needs to adjust his priorities. He knows what he must do, and he can easily prioritize without being told. This type of man stays on the right path because he knows what is most important in life.

He has more than a few priorities, and he makes sure to take care of them all. Taking care of everything involves spending time with his family and friends, working toward self-improvement, and maintaining a healthy romantic relationship. There will be other things he prioritizes, and he won’t forget about them when he gets into a relationship.

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Final Thoughts on Ways an Honest Man Handles His Relationships Differently

An honest man is rare, but he is out there. Knowing the ways that he handles his relationships can help with identifying honesty in the people around you. You can eliminate dishonest people quickly and easily and won’t be easily fooled.

An honest man will have his priorities straight, and he won’t make excuses for his shortcomings. As he works to strengthen his relationships through honesty, he will work on improving himself, too. His relationships don’t define him, so don’t mistake that quality for indifference.

Watch for people that tell the truth even when it isn’t beneficial to them. Those are the people that likely have these other qualities, too, as they aren’t afraid of honesty. Once you find an honest man, keep him around because they are hard to come by.