True love awakens the heart. It puts a spring in your step, and it makes you strive to be better. It’s that feeling when you’ve found the right person that you’re home safe and sound where you belong.

Finding a soul mate is something that many people dream about, but many doubt it will ever happen to them. Some say love is an emotion, while others believe it’s a choice. You wake up each day and choose to be faithful to care and support this person and be there through the ups and downs of life.

Regardless of how you view love, most people will tell you that being in a good relationship brings out your best self. Love is not all about laughter and kisses, as that is merely a sign of emotional bonding. However, true love is when two halves of a whole unite. When two lost souls find their way to each other, they feel that all is right in this world.

Nine Ways That Love Changes You for The Better

You can’t expect to change someone when you fall in love, but love does change you effortlessly. You can’t help but alter who you are because this association makes you a better person.

So what kind of power does love have on you that can make you your best self? Here are nine ways that you become better when you’re with the right person.

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1. You Put Others Before Yourself

One of the most beautiful things about being with the right person is how it changes your priorities. While you once put your wants, needs, and desires ahead of everything else, now, you have another person to consider.

It’s about giving up that weekend with buddies or girlfriends because your partner is sick and needs you. You become selfless because their needs are just as important to you as yours. Part of the changes that occur when you fall in love with the right one is that you want to be better for them.

You the right person in almost every decision you make. You give up the extra slice of cake because you know they want it, and you don’t mind getting up early to make sure their car is nice and warm on a cold, snowy day.

Thankfully, this selflessness will transfer and grow as it alters your view of the world around you. It’s as if love increases your generosity and causes you to be a better human being.

2. Communication Skills Are Enhanced

Communication is essential, but when you are with someone who makes the sunshine in the morning, you can’t wait to tell them about your day. They are the first person you text on your lunch break at work, and they’re the last voice you want to hear before you close your eyes at night.

You learn that you’re not a party of one anymore. You have someone there who values your opinion and wants to hear what you have to say. The good communication skills you learn with your partner can help you at work and other aspects of your life.

3. You Learn the Value of The Truth

It’s good to never tell a lie, but white lies are commonplace in society. You say to the bill collector the check is in the mail, or you tell your relatives the reason why you’re late to dinner is that you had to work over. When you enter a committed relationship, you learn to value the truth more than ever before.

An excellent partner is always truthful, even when it hurts. They’re the one that knows you inside and out, and they can see in your eyes if you say something deceptive. They know you so well that they can almost gauge what you’re doing and where you’ve been.

Some say that it’s an intuitive nature that couples have towards each other. Why do so many wives feel that their spouse is cheating on them before they have any proof? It’s because the connection you have with your soulmate is built on honesty, and when someone breaks that trust, the other person suffers.

You learn in a relationship that even the white lies can be hurtful and damaging, and you quickly learn candor. Truth is always the answer at all costs.

4. Loneliness is Not an Issue

There’s nothing worse than loneliness. What’s Valentine’s Day without someone to buy roses and chocolates for? How does one get through Christmas or Hanukkah without someone to eat a feast and snuggle in on a cold winter’s morn?

Having someone beside you through the holidays and all the other essential seasons in life is priceless. You understand quickly how those who have no one to share their experiences with feels, and you become more sensitive to lonely people’s needs.

It’s no fun being alone, even for one night, and having the right person by your side makes even the most trying days better.

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5. Fears of the Future Dissipate

Fears and anxiety about the future are commonplace, especially when you don’t have someone to share your responsibilities. You worry about having money to pay your bills, funds for retirement, and having a job that provides good health benefits.

When you’re with the right person, they help shoulder that burden. They help to ease your stress as you now have someone else that can help. It opens your eyes to what single people around you must struggle with as they have no one to help them through those dark financial periods and fears of their future.

6. Teamwork Becomes Common

If you’ve always been a person who prefers to work alone, you will soon learn that it’s all about teamwork in a relationship. Thankfully, the skills you use working as a team at home can spill over into the job. You learn that having someone to helps is valuable and a better way than always doing things solo.

You become your best self when you realize that you can’t do everything in this life on your own. Sometimes, it’s okay to ask for help and to get assistance from others.

7. You Learn the Power of Intimacy

Intimacy is something that alters you and your views for life. Anyone can have sexual relationships, but when you have real closeness, it makes you feel desired. Being wanted can boost your self-esteem and make you walk with a bounce in your step.

Intimate moments include things like playing a song and singing it to the other person on an instrument or having someone hold you when you cry over a loss. It’s a closeness that comes during private moments, and it’s the observation and knowledge of the other person.

Intimacy can change your views on the world around you because you know how it feels to have someone who cares about you on such a deep level. Sexual encounters last but for a few minutes. However, real intimacy with the right person can enhance your world indefinitely.

8. You’ll Live Longer

If you want to be your best self, it helps to be happy, healthy, and alive. A study found that married people or those in a committed relationship live longer than those who are divorced or single. The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health posted the study.

The shocking fact is that 40 percent of married people live longer lives than others. It shows that there’s truly something unique and magical about having the right person in your life that gives you the desire to keep fighting to live another day.

9. You Keep Going Even When You Don’t Think You Can

There are many times in this life when you will want to throw in the towel. It may be all you can do to get out of bed in the morning because you didn’t sleep the night before. No matter how you feel or what’s going on at work, you get up and keep going because you have someone else that depends on you.

Quitting isn’t an option when you know that it could mean everything to the other person if you stop. The drive and instincts to keep going during the toughest adversities in this life will help you in all avenues.

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Final Thoughts on Finding the Right Person to Complete Your Soul

A recent Marist poll found that 73 percent of the population believes that they have a soul mate out there waiting. Is there something to this belief that one person can make you happier, healthier, and give you the ability to live a longer life?

No matter how many articles you read, websites you explore, or people you ask, love is about taking risks. As the old saying goes, you may kiss a few frogs before you find your true prince (or princess).

If you want that someone that makes you go weak at the knees and makes you a better person, then you must be willing to take risks. There is someone for everyone, and the right person is waiting for you.