Due to its distinct flavor and soothing effects, peppermint tea has become increasingly popular, especially for people looking to improve their overall health. Alternative health professionals have long described peppermint as the present and future of healthy living. This is particularly due to the numerous health benefits of the tea.

You will be shocked to learn that aside from its minty taste, regular consumption of tea made from peppermint offers other benefits. It can efficiently boost your immunity, improve sleep, and reduce stress levels among a host of other health benefits.

Below are 15 proven ways peppermint tea can improve your health.

1. Boosts immunity

Due to antimicrobial properties, tea made from peppermint effectively fights viral illnesses and prevents infections. Peppermint contains useful antioxidants and nutrients that enhance the functionality and overall strength of the immune system. Taking the tea consistently will increase your vitamin B and potassium levels. This will help improve the overall performance of your immune system.

As such, whether you have low immunity, or just want to boost your body’s overall immunity, consider making your tea from peppermint leaves.

2. Improves digestion

Among the most important peppermint tea benefits is improved digestion. By promoting smooth flow of bile in the digestive system and relaxing your digestive tract, peppermint tea plays a vital role in easing digestion. Peppermint also has cooling properties. When introduced as tea to your stomach, these properties help combat indigestion and discomfort.

In addition to relieving stomach discomfort, tea made from peppermint leaves is a proven remedy for diarrhea, nausea, bloating and vomiting. Peppermint has antispasmodic properties which help in providing relief from stomach upset or nausea.

3. Weight loss

If you are looking to cut weight or prevent weight gain, try making your tea from peppermint leaves. Peppermint is known to act as an appetite suppressor; as such, increasing your intake of peppermint tea will ensure that you stay fuller for longer, and avoid unnecessary eating.

Thus, if you are on a weight loss journey and looking for ways to reduce your overall food consumption, take advantage of peppermint’s appetite surprising properties. Try drinking 2-3 cups of tea per day.

4. Removes bad breath

Due to its mint properties, peppermint plays a massive role in improving your dental hygiene. Fresh breath is among the many peppermint tea benefits that can leave you feeling a lot more confident. By placing peppermint leaves in hot water and drinking two to three cups a day, you will significantly reduce the chances of bad breath.

Since almost everyone has been a victim of bad breath at some point, it is important to try out the peppermint remedy, especially in your morning tea. This will guarantee fresh breath throughout the day.

5. Improved sleep

It goes without saying that adequate rest is necessary for anyone to function properly. If you struggle with insomnia or any other sleep related complications, try out peppermint remedies.


Using peppermint to prepare your evening tea will go a long way in relaxing your muscles; as a result, you will be well prepared to take a deep rest. Menthol acts as a reliever and a sedative, thus allowing your nerves to relax enough for you to sleep without any struggles.

6. Stress reliever

Regardless of work, age, or gender, stress is an inevitable part of our lives. As such, you must be adequately prepared to manage stress whenever it occurs. Peppermint leaves are known to contain menthol which not only serves as a sedative but also as a muscle relaxant. Forming a habit of drinking two to three glasses of peppermint water or tea can help lower your stress levels significantly.

Drinking tea made from peppermint will help relax your nerves, and consequently ease anxiety and pressure.

7. Hair growth

If you are looking for a natural and effortless remedy to promote hair growth, then you should look no further than peppermint leaves. Consuming herbal tea made from peppermint helps restore pH levels in different areas of your body. As such, the peppermint will help control your scalp’s and skin’s oil secretion, reducing greasiness and improving hair growth.

To get the desired results, however, you will need to be consistent in your consumption of peppermint products such as oil and tea.

8. Peppermint tea improves your skin

Another of the many peppermint tea benefits is skin improvement. If you struggle with acne or other skin related problems, you will be pleased to learn that peppermint contains menthol which reduces the secretion of acne-causing oil by the sebaceous gland.

Peppermint helps cure skin infections while promoting the fast healing of wounds. As a result, you should consume peppermint either directly as leaves in your food or as tea to boost the health of your skin.

9. Eliminates irritation

Insect bites and allergies can leave your skin itchy and feeling dry. Worry not, though, as regular consumption of peppermint in your morning and evening tea will help increase your skin’s resistance to bites and sensitivity. Impressively, peppermint works magic on irritated skin and prevents rashes from forming due to allergy. If you are bit by an insect or you aggravate an allergy, seek peppermint-inspired remedies such as tea or peppermint oil immediately.

10. Fights suntan and sunburn

When looking to treat suntan or sunburns, consider natural methods such as peppermint. Among the many peppermint tea benefits is the presence of Vitamin C and A as well as folates and Omega 3. The vitamins and minerals in peppermint help treat skin related issues as mentioned earlier.

To effectively treat sunburns, heat the peppermint leaves as if making tea; afterwards, gently apply the resulting fluid on the affected areas. Apply peppermint to your skin regularly to remove suntans.

11. Reduces fever

Luckily, making tea from peppermint leaves is among the easiest and most effective ways to reduce fever. Since menthol is known for its cooling effect, using it whenever you have a fever is recommended.

As you sip your tea, the menthol extracted from the peppermint leaves will cool your body as you sweat externally. In no time, you will be back to normal as the fever will subside immediately.

12. Soothes headaches and migraines

As you might be aware, headaches occur whenever your blood vessels constrict, thus making it difficult for blood to pass through the vessels. However, with the help of peppermint, you can overcome headaches and migraines with ease. The menthol in peppermint helps relax muscles. Due to this, taking peppermint water or tea is recommended in the event of a headache or migraine.


peppermint tea for headaches

13. Combats congestion

Whenever you are suffering from a blocked nose or an itchy throat, dipping peppermint leaves in hot water and drinking the concoction can go a long way in easing the congestion. Menthol is a fantastic de-congestion agent found in peppermint that can battle coughs and flu. However, to achieve positive results when dealing with flu, drink peppermint concoctions or tea regularly, especially when looking to reduce coughs and improve breathing.

14. Cures stomach pains

Issues like motion sickness, constipation, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be a thing of the past if you rely on peppermint remedies. Peppermint tea relieves symptoms such as abdominal pain, stomach upset, and bloating by soothing the gastrointestinal tract.

Once absorbed in the body, menthol stimulates gastric juice secretion, allowing for speedy breakdown of food. Menthol and peppermint oil play a huge role in easing tummy pains including menstrual cramps by relaxing stomach muscles and alleviating the pain.

15. Improves focus and mental awareness

According to a study conducted on mental awareness, the unique and refreshing scent of peppermint is directly related to increased mental focus. The aroma of peppermint in tea can help reduce overall anxiety and improve concentration while enhancing your overall cognitive function.


Therefore, peppermint is recommended for people who need to work or study for long hours, especially those who need to concentrate on specific tasks. Regular use of peppermint either in your tea or as oil can help improve your brain’s overall functionality, and leave you well-placed to focus for longer periods.

Final Thoughts

From promoting hair growth to aiding in digestion, peppermint tea has numerous benefits. Peppermint contains menthol which is a powerful ingredient, especially when it comes to assisting in normal body functions. The peppermint tea benefits discussed above clearly reveal its importance, especially when taken regularly.

Therefore, if you are looking to capitalize on the health benefits of peppermint, consider using it as your primary ingredient when making tea. While you may not feel some benefits immediately, using peppermint regularly in your tea will improve your immunity and the overall function of vital organs in your body.