20 Healing Affirmations to Make You Feel Whole Again

20 Healing Affirmations to Make You Feel Whole Again


When painful memories keep running through your head, they can make you feel incomplete. No matter how recent the memories are, the effects are still the same, leaving you emotionally wounded. If you find yourself struggling with this, healing affirmations can help you feel whole again.

With healing affirmations, the healing process can speed up or begin if it hasn’t started. The promises will help you accept things you can’t change. Plus, the positive phrases will help you find peace in life as you overcome your emotional wounds.

As you use these healing affirmations, you will notice that you feel better right away. Once you make the positive phrases a regular part of your life, your healing will noticeably progress. You can find yourself again and begin to feel whole.


Twenty Healing Affirmations to Make You Feel Whole Again

As you read through the healing affirmations, remember the ones that resonate with you the most. Those are the ones you should say aloud to yourself each day.

healing affirmations1. I give myself permission to heal.

When you want to feel whole again, you must start by permitting yourself. Sometimes when things go wrong, you hinder your ability to heal emotionally by not allowing yourself to heal. If this sounds like your situation, then you need to permit yourself to become whole again.

2. I am getting stronger and feeling complete again.

When you tell yourself that you feel more robust and more complete, you will begin to notice it, too. Sometimes it is all about convincing yourself that you feel better. Then, your life can get back to normal, and you can feel like yourself again.

3. I put my well-being above making others happy.

You cannot put yourself last, even if you have made it a habit to do so. While making others is nice, you must take care of yourself, too. This means that when you know, something isn’t good for you or won’t make you happy, you should say no.

Likewise, when you are being worn out and expected to do too much, you must speak up. Voice your concerns and make it clear that you are putting your well-being first. If you wear yourself out, you won’t feel like yourself, and you won’t feel whole.

4. I have a purpose, and I will keep moving forward to discover it.

No matter what happens, your life is not purposeless. There is a reason you are here, but the only way you can discover it is by seeking it.

Don’t give up, and don’t hold yourself back because you feel bad right now. Instead, get out there and keep moving forward. Before you know it, you will feel whole again as you find your purpose.

5. I am patient with myself as I work through setbacks.

You won’t overcome obstacles right away. It takes time, so you must be patient with yourself as you go through it. Use this healing affirmation if you find yourself getting frustrated with your progress because you will get there, even if it takes time.

6. I work to better myself and take care of my mind.

When you work on becoming a better version of yourself, you will feel better. It will ease your mind, and you will begin to feel whole. Continue using this affirmation to motivate yourself along the way.

7. I will live a good life because that is what I want to do.

You are the only one who can decide the type of life you live. If you want to live a good and happy life, then make it your mission to be happy and grateful always. Nothing in your life has to change except for your mindset.

8. I am at peace with all things in my life.

If you can be at peace, you will indeed feel whole again. Work to find peace in all areas, but especially with things you can’t control. By doing so, you will begin to heal and find joy once again.

9. I am letting go of things that I can’t control.

Unfortunately, you can’t control everything, and part of feeling whole requires that you let go of those things. Once you have found peace with what has happened, you can then let go of it.

10. I am worthy and valuable, and I deserve respect and kindness.

Always remember your worth and value. You deserve to be treated with respect and kindness not only by others but by yourself, as well. Set boundaries with others that make it clear you expect to be treated this way.

Allowing anything less than respect and kindness will stop you from feeling whole again. It will make you feel like you are good enough, and that isn’t true. Use this healing affirmation to remind yourself of your worth each day.

healing affirmation11. I know that when things don’t work out the way I wanted them to, everything will be okay.

Life wouldn’t be as excited if you got everything you wanted, although it would be easier. Remember that you wouldn’t be where you are today if you had gotten everything you desired. Life works out for the best, and what is meant to happen will happen when the time is right.

12. I give myself permission to move on from the things that weigh me down.

Moving on can be challenging, and you may sometimes feel obligated to hold on. If you know that something is making you feel empty or incomplete, permit yourself to make a change.


To feel whole again, you must do what will make you happy, even if it isn’t the easy thing to do. Repeat this affirmation until you have convinced yourself to do what is best for you, even if that means moving on.

13. I choose happiness and seek joy in the little things.

Changing your mindset is all it takes to find happiness. By repeating this healing affirmation, you are more likely to notice positive things around you, helping you become happier.

14. I have people in my life who love me unconditionally.

When you are feeling incomplete, it is sometimes helpful to remember all of those who love you. Instead of feeling unwanted or unloved, use this healing affirmation to boost your spirits. When you remember that people love you no matter what, you will begin to feel like yourself again.

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