5 Signs You Need Emotional Healing

5 Signs You Need Emotional Healing



Emotions are an important part of our daily lives. Whether we’re having a very good laugh over a text or feeling annoyed in rush-hour traffic, we all know that the highs and lows we experience from one moment to the next could significantly affect our well-being.

Sometimes we fail to realize when our emotional response system is overdue for a rest…


Here are 5 signs it’s time for emotional healing:

1. You have difficulty displaying trust, love, and sympathy.

Our emotions are a representation of our life, including our thoughts, beliefs, and memories. If we permit our emotions to take total control of us whenever we’re confronted with difficult individuals or difficult encounters, their behavior can influece our own lives. It does take emotional motivation to react to poorly behaved individuals with trust, love and sympathy. We can maintain control and be assertive while also remaining loyal.

When we do not allow our emotions to control us, an adoring, sincere and compassionate state of the mind and heart moves through our involvement and connection with others, regardless of their behavior.


This approach takes out emotions such as fear and anger control our reaction, like reacting to frustration with frustration, to anxiety with anxiety, or even indecency with indecency.

2. Depression and/or anxiety begins to overwhelm you.

Our feelings and beliefs play an important role in our emotional state, and we have the power to recognize and understand them to move through the major emotions that feed our anxieties and depressive moments. Sadness is the bottom emotion to depression and fear is the bottom emotion to anxiousness. It’s those emotions that we must address to make sure they will no longer control our major feelings about our daily life.


Healing our mind and health through self-reflection and action is exactly what helps with some kinds of depression and anxiety.

Use these affirmations to put a stop to depression and anxiety

3. You become reactionary instead of responsive

It can be easy to back into a corner when you feel emotionally spent, but it’s important to always allow ourselves that small space to accept what we’re experiencing. This gives us the time to completely integrate our emotions into our beliefs.

As we encounter difficult experiences that conjure up strong emotions,  responding rather than reacting to those encounters is self-empowering.  When we do, we’re very likely to treat ourselves with healthful and beneficial energy rather than getting sucked into harmful states of pressure and agony.


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4. Challenging emotions are being held onto instead of let go

Emotions such as fear and anger might be destructive when we hold onto them. They’re definitely useful in some situations to make us aware of challenging situations, but those situations are often less challenging than our emotions would indicate.

We have to control emotions such as fear and anger so that they will no longer control our feelings and behaviors. Though it is a process; to start with, we need to accept them as part of who we are. Then, beyond understanding them, also ponder their meaning and use them to help motivate us to progress.  After we’ve taken the beneficial parts out of difficult emotional encounters, that’s when we are able to let them go, particularly so we don’t allow setbacks to occur.


5. You begin to lose sight of the difference between emotions and feelings.

Feelings are a combination of our emotions, beliefs, philosophies, ideas and remembrances. Each one of these elements combines to not only influence the first emotions that we have, but also determine how we feel about what is happening in our life. Thus, knowing the major difference between one’s emotions and feelings is important to apply our own emotions to a bigger visual of our daily lives.


Give yourself permission to start over

Whether it means moving to a new city, getting a new job, getting out of a toxic relationship, or just reinventing yourself, you can’t start over until you accept responsibility, and give yourself permission to start again. You can’t create your future if you stay stuck in the past, so allow yourself to leave it behind and remember that with each new sunrise, you CAN become whoever and whatever you desire.

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