Pediatrician Reveals 18 Foods Even the Pickiest Children Will Eat

Pediatrician Reveals 18 Foods Even the Pickiest Children Will Eat

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When it comes to feeding our children, we all want the best in nutrition (first of all) and flavor for them. It gives our hearts great joy when we see them chow down on their mash potatoes, chicken, and more, knowing their tiny tummies are full, and they are getting all the nutrients that they need.

However, there are times when they won’t eat a particular vegetable or drink their milk, for instance. We may even bribe them with money, candy, or a sticker to eat those funny-looking, green vegetables that look like little trees (i.e., broccoli). However, many dieticians and pediatricians agree that using these tactics are not the best way to ensure they are getting enough nutrients.

Another thing to note is that even though a child may not try a particular food, the first few times doesn’t mean he/she won’t like it eventually. The children may not taste the new offering until you expose it to them around 15 times.

So, if your child is a picky eater, which many are, it’s good to expose them to alternate foods as much as possible, especially while they are very young, like toddlers. For example, if he/she loves sandwiches, you should rotate the bread by replacing it with whole wheat pita, whole wheat bread, whole-grain English muffins, and whole wheat wraps. For spreads, for instance, you should try seed or nut butter, cream cheese, hummus, and avocado.


• Small pieces of various healthy food choices:

When serving your child different healthy food choices, keep in mind that they must have small pieces to keep from encountering a choking hazard. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents should avoid popcorn and even hot dogs unless you cut up the hot dogs into small pieces.

The following includes tasty food choices that are best when served in small pieces:

1. Marshmallows (in small amounts, to add a hint of sweetness)

2. Raw baby carrots

3. Seeds

4. Beans-the most significant sources of fiber and a great source of protein, particularly for children that are prone to constipation. However, they are easy to chew and are tasty, especially with great seasonings.

• Small, round, and triangular-shaped, healthy food choices:

5. Cherry tomatoes

6. Whole grapes

7. Chicken nuggets

8. Quesadilla- Fill a quesadilla wrap with various vitamins and minerals. Get creative here! Choose a vegetarian offering filled with beans and cheese or one with, or with meat, such as with grilled chicken or ground beef.

9. Sandwiches

Whether it is peanut butter with honey or sliced banana circles or deli meat with cheese, cutting the sandwiches in triangular shapes is vital for easy eating. Also, children will be overjoyed eating sandwiches with a unique shape.

Another excellent example of triangular sandwiches for easier eating is taking a whole wheat tortilla and put in sauteed black beans and spinach. Then, sprinkle cheese on top of the tortilla and cut it into little triangle sandwiches.

• Other healthy foods that you should cut into bite-sized pieces:

10. Raw fruit

11. Fresh celery sticks

12. Different raw vegetables, such as cauliflower, and cucumbers

Potatoes, raw vegetables, or raw fruits should always be cut into small, bite-sized pieces that are no bigger than a one-half inch size. Other good choices of vegetables include canned, fresh veggies, such as peeled cucumber, zucchini slices, or quartered cherry tomatoes. Many of these fruit and veggies are spectacular for vitamin C, in which many people, adults, and kids are not getting enough of.

• Complimentary food items to combine with other food

13. Peanut butter

14. Yogurt

15. Cottage cheese

16. Applesauce

17. Sliced avocado

18. Crackers

These choices and more are complimentary to many other flavors for children’s lunch boxes. The following includes various ways to use these complimentary food items to create very tasteful and nutritional treats:

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