It’s often considered the d-word and many people are ashamed to discuss it. However, depression is more common than most realize. While many people struggle silently, it’s important to know that there are ways to beat it and live a happy life. One of the ways includes your diet.

Consider the following 11 foods to help fight depression:

1. Apples

There’s a popular saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Many people don’t realize how all-encompassing that statement really is. The antioxidants found in apples are instrumental in helping the brain at the cellular level. The fiber is also instrumental because it helps to regulate the blood sugar. When you have a spike in blood sugar, this doesn’t do anything to help with the possibility of mood swings. If you’re someone who has to deal with depression, grab an apple and enjoy it as a mid-day snack. It’ll give you enough energy and decrease the chances of a slump in your day.

2. Onions

Onions are incredibly powerful for your digestive system. When you have inconsistency in your digestive tract, it can easily lead to certain cancers and chronic ailments. It’s also very powerful for helping you boost your mood. Everything is connected. In order to get the effectiveness out of onions, it’s best to consume them in a raw state. Try them as a topping for your sandwich at lunchtime. It’s also a good idea to chop them up and eat them in a salad.

3. Beans

Beans are popularly known for their ability to get things moving in your digestive system. Since the body digests beans at a slower rate than other foods, this process helps the blood sugar remain stabilized. Make a delicious turkey chili and include a mix of kidney beans and pinto beans. You can also season black beans and add them on top of white rice for a delicious nod to the Cuban culture.

4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are helpful for creating a healthy environment for your gut and gut bacteria. It can serve as a probiotic. Most people love sauteed mushrooms. You can choose to saute mushrooms and eat them on their own. You can also add them to a tomato sauce or a morning omelet. Whether you struggle with a mental illness or not, it’s always important to get your morning nutrition. It’ll help you start the day well.

5. Tomatoes

There are studies that show that people who deal with depression tend to also have lower levels of folate in their system. Folic acid plays a role in stabilizing the mood. Start the day by adding a few slices of tomato to your avocado toast. You can also enjoy fresh, raw tomatoes in a salad or sandwich.

6. Green, Leafy Vegetables

Green, leafy vegetables are excellent for so many reasons. When it pertains to depression, green, leafy vegetables are helpful because of their ability to decrease the chances of inflammation. Inflammation plays a role in minds that are depressed. Green, leafy vegetables can help reduce the chances of depression. It’s wise to include green, leafy vegetables in every single meal. Green smoothies work perfectly for breakfast. A salad is great for lunch. A side dish of bok choy works well for dinnertime.

7. Avocados

Avocados increase brain function and brain power. They contain oleic acid, which is instrumental in its ability to provide healthy fat content. It works well inside of smoothies and salads. You can also enjoy it in guacamole, as it’s the star ingredient.

8. Seeds

Seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds provide copious amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. Most seeds are also excellent sources of dietary fiber as well. Add chia seeds to a smoothie or a bowl of yogurt. Chia seeds tend to swell up in whatever liquid they’re placed in. Once they’re in the digestive system, they’re able to keep a person full and satiated for a longer period of time.

9. Walnuts

Walnuts are known for their ability to support brain health, which is important for anyone who is battling depression. Since it is a nut that’s known to reduce the symptoms of depression, consider regular consumption. Purchase walnut meal to add as a topping for oatmeal in the mornings. Walnuts also make a great snack on their own. They can also go well as a topping for a savory salad or a fruit salad.

berries for depression

10. Berries

Just like apples, berries are filled with antioxidants. Great choices include blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Use them in green smoothies, cereals and salads. You can also eat them on their own for a delicious treat. Studies show that when people consume lots of antioxidants, they decrease their chances of experiencing intense depression.

11. Coffee

While caffeine is frowned upon in many communities, coffee might be an answer for those who struggle with any type of depressed feelings. There are studies that link caffeinated drinks like coffee to depression prevention. The caffeine blocks certain receptors in the brain from activating. This prevents a response of lethargy, which leads to depressed feelings.

As you work towards incorporating these foods into your diet, it’s always important to do your due diligence. See a medical professional and a psychiatric counselor to work through this mental illness if you show signs and symptoms.

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