For many early risers they day can’t begin without a morning cup of coffee. The pleasant aroma and the jolt of caffeine gets us awake and ready to face the day. It’s a morning ritual so important that many can’t even start their day without a cup of Joe.

Upon closer inspection however, this morning routine may have more benefits than just getting you up in the morning. The black java may actually assist in losing weight, and keeping it off.

Here are seven reasons that drinking coffee for weight loss can help you stay fit and trim.

1). It’s a rich source of caffeine.

Caffeine has shown the potential for burning extra calories. A laboratory study published back in 2012 found that caffeine boosted thermogenesis, the production of body heat. Producing heat requires energy, and that energy comes from calories. So coffee can increase the calories expended in any activity, from working out even just sitting at your desk.

Since it’s such as rich source of caffeine, there’s evidence that drinking black coffee for weight loss is not a bad way to start the day.

2) Keeps waste from accumulating

Constipation is a constant worry for obese and overweight people. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it forces your body to carry around unneeded weight. A morning cup of Joe can act as a natural laxative, helping your body rid itself of the excess weight it may be carrying around. Coffee also has a nice benefit as well — increased urination helps cleanse your body of harmful viruses and bacteria that may be trying to infect you.

Coffee on an empty stomach can be a nice, natural way to relieve constipation without resorting to medication or a visit to the doctor.

3) Good source of antioxidants

Coffee is high in antioxidants, which support weight loss.

The process goes something like this: every time you ingest food, you’re also taking in free radicals, uncharged molecules that are highly reactive. These free radicals cascade throughout your body, damaging your cells. Antioxidants protect your cells against these free radicals.

This protections leads to better functioning cells, which in turns leads to more efficient energy production within each cell. Finally, this will increase the quality of your metabolism, allowing you to convert more fats and sugars into energy and burn more calories, leading to weight loss.

4) It’s a low calorie beverage

Amazingly, plain java juice contains no calories. Many people add in sugar and cream, potentially increasing their energy intake by up to 300 calories. However drinking it without any of the extras is basically like consuming water, except water doesn’t have that extra kick. Drinking it on an empty stomach can actually lead to weight loss by stimulating your metabolism. A higher metabolism means more calories are being burned.

It also reduces fat absorption when consumed after a meal. This is due to the presence of chlorogenic acids. These acids stimulate increased absorption of glucose into the bloodstream during digestion. This increased absorption of sugar reduces the amount of fat being absorbed.

5) Burns more fat 

Aside from reducing fat absorption, the chlorogenic acids act to break down fat during digestion. Because the fat is broken down into more easily managed molecules, more fat ends up being burned on a daily basis.


6) Reduces your appetite

The phytochemicals found in caffeine have been found to actually help suppress an individual’s appetite. It can reduce feelings of hunger and extend feelings of fullness, leading to less food intake.

7) Eases Digestion

A plain cup of Joe has been shown to increase overall heat production in your body. How does this relate to digestion? Well, when you digest food it requires a bit of energy, or calories, to be burned in the process. This process uses a little bit of heat energy. Since caffeine increases your body’s overall heat production, more heat means more calories burned during digestion, thus helping you lose more weight.

The sweet brew will not only help you get up in the morning, but will also help you get more fit as well. The numerous benefits of coffee in helping to lose and keep off weight make it an easy way to supplement your diet. Remember that a cup of Joe isn’t just a way to start your day, it’s a way to start your weight loss routine.

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