It seems women are always looking for the best way to find a partner these days. Sometimes women work much too hard to get a man when the solution could be a simple or funny tip such as the ones in this list. Snagging a future husband shouldn’t be hard work, but being creative can go a long way.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to ways to find a partner. Many of these tips have been out for decades. A perfect example is the 1958 McCall’s article, “129 Ways to Get a Husband,” that has been popular since it was published.

However, you do have to meet single men to find a partner, and that’s where the challenge comes in. There are some methods for meeting that special someone that’s been around for decades, and just because some of these methods are old school doesn’t mean they don’t still work.

Keep in mind that these tips are light and fun. We took the classic suggestions and updated them with a little PoP twist. So please don’t take them seriously or be offended by them. We share them merely to underscore how much times have changed in the past 60 or so years (thank goodness).

Below are 100 techniques to find, keep, and ultimately marry a man that worked in the past.
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  1. Get a job in a male-dominated office.
  2. Be nice to everyone – they may have a brother, uncle, or son that’s available.
  3. Try changing your own flat tire. Men will flock over to help you.
  4. Cry quietly and softly in a corner where people can see you. Men will come over to see what’s wrong.
  5. Struggle with heavy items in public. Men will flock over to carry said items.
  6. Smile and flip your hair in front of male strangers.
  7. Lift the hood of your car and check your oil, transmission fluid, or anything. This is another way to get men to flock over to you.
  8. Make sure you look healthy. Men don’t like ill-looking women.
  9. Wear high heels whenever possible. They make you look sexy!
  10. Don’t wear heels if it makes you taller than him.
  11. Wear red lipstick.

  12. Laugh at men’s jokes even if they aren’t funny. However, don’t laugh like a maniac.
  13. Take several short vacations in different places instead of one long vacation.
  14. Start a career in certain fields that have high marriage rates. Nurses and flight attendants are great examples.
  15. If possible, sit next to a man if you’re on a bus, plane, or train.
  16. Give ugly men a shot – they might be diamonds in the rough.
  17. The same goes for short men.
  18. And the same goes for fat men.
  19. The same goes for older men, plus they usually have plenty of money.
  20. Attend high school reunions. There will probably be plenty of single men who never got married.
  21. Go to church. You can easily find a partner there who is looking for a wife.

  22. Attend football games and ask men to explain the game to you.
  23. Hang out with single women. Married women aren’t interested in men-seeking activities.
  24. Try to avoid being in public with kids (your nieces, nephews, friends’ kids, etc.) because men will think they’re your kids.
  25. Don’t talk to men about your ex-boyfriends.
  26. Don’t be mean. Men do not prefer the company of mean women. In fact, no one likes mean women.
  27. Don’t be loud and don’t talk a lot. Men like women who are soft and quiet.
  28. When you do speak, speak with intelligence.
  29. Don’t have a sad-looking roommate who will bring you down to their level.
  30. Make sure you can handle your alcohol. If you aren’t sure, practice with your girlfriends first.
  31. Join a gym if you are a little bit out of shape.
  32. If you’re in shape, join a gym.
  33. Get a job at a health food store.
  34. Make sure you always smell good.
  35. If you want to find a partner, make sure you look nice every time you leave the house. You never know when you’ll run into Mr. Right.
  36. Always use a breath mint.
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  37. Don’t be too easy, but don’t make him lose interest by being too hard to get.
  38. Move to a city that has a lot more men than women. That means that a good number of them will be single.
  39. Dropping a handkerchief still works like magic. Don’t do this with Kleenex.
  40. Ask your friends to set you up on a blind date.
  41. Always wear the accessory or jewelry that he bought you on dates.
  42. Do not ever spit in public, even if you think no one is watching. Someone is definitely watching.
  43. The same goes for picking your nose.
  44. Don’t smash beer cans on your forehead. See the next technique for clarification.
  45. When you find a partner, don’t be too aggressive. Unless you’re a wrestler or an MMA fighter, men want to feel like the relationship’s masculine partner.
  46. Make sure you get along with his mother.
  47. Try your best to cook like his mother does even though you’ll never match her cooking skills. Don’t be afraid to ask your mother-in-law for advice.
  48. Make lots of money. The more money you have, the more men you will get.
  49. Try speed dating.

  50. Be mysterious. Don’t give away everything at one time.
  51. Make sure you have decent credit.
  52. It helps if you’re not a fugitive. If you are, do your time and get it over with.
  53. Don’t talk about marriage or kids on the first date. Or on the second date.
  54. Find out what his ex did wrong and don’t do that.
  55. Take pride in your clothing. Please make sure they’re clean, pressed, and in style.
  56. Make sure you don’t have any STDs. That is a definite relationship killer.
  57. Let cold sores heal before you go on a date.
  58. When you find a partner, be a bit spontaneous. No one likes a stick in the mud.
  59. Don’t be his mother. He already has one.
  60. Change up your look occasionally. Don’t get too crazy, but do just enough to surprise him.
  61. Have manners when you eat.

  62. Men like women with glasses but don’t wear large, magnifying lens glasses. Make sure your glasses are cute and trendy.
  63. Brush your teeth regularly. Keep them white and straight.
  64. Make sure the seams on your stockings are straight.
  65. Look fresh and clean all the time by washing regularly.
  66. Don’t be afraid to tell a man he looks handsome.
  67. Learn how to flirt properly.
  68. Bake a treat and share it with the eligible bachelors in your office.
  69. Enjoy cheap dates as much as expensive ones.
  70. Don’t bring your parents or your siblings on your date. He isn’t dating the whole family.
  71. Compliment him in front of his friends.
  72. Go jogging and jog next to men in a non-creepy way.
  73. Learn to play golf and play often.

  74. Sit on a park bench and feed pigeons. Make sure you’re dressed to impress so you’ll attract attention.
  75. Ask your friends’ husbands if there are single men in their offices.
  76. Get a job in the police department.
  77. Hang out with women who are more attractive than you. Men seem to always be around them, and you could get lucky when the women turn them down.
  78. Get a job in a gun shop or a bait & tackle shop.
  79. Watch your language. Keep it classy.
  80. Let him come up with date ideas, but if he asks you what you want to do, be prepared with an answer.
  81. Appreciate the little things that he does for you as much as you appreciate the major things.
  82. Enroll in night school and take courses in things that men like to do.
  83. Volunteer for jury duty. You should be able to find a partner in the courthouse easily.
  84. Consider a less fortunate man if you’re don’t mind being the breadwinner in the relationship. This could also work if you’re okay with living a meager lifestyle.
  85. Visit your hometown often. There may be single men there that never left town.
  86. Write your name and phone number on a men’s bathroom stall.
  87. Don’t be afraid to make the first move.

  88. Band-aids are conversation starters. People always want to know what happened to you.
  89. Stumble into a room while looking fabulous. You’ll have all eyes on you.
  90. Men like to ride in convertibles, so consider buying one.
  91. Have your father set you up with a man. Fathers usually have ideas on how to find a partner for their daughters.
  92. If you see a wallflower, that’s a single man wrapped in a bow for you.
  93. Be unique in the way you dress or the way you do your hair.
  94. If you smoke, use an ashtray, not a cup, to put your cigarettes out.

  95. It’s okay to take advice from friends, but don’t let them ruin your relationship.
  96. Don’t gossip about a man you’re interested in. Word gets around.
  97. However, word gets around, so don’t be afraid to tell people you’re looking for a special someone.
  98. Learn to gamble. Men love to gamble.
  99. Point out to that special someone that single men are twice more likely to die early than married men.
  100. When all else fails, get breast implants, butt implants, or both.

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Final Thoughts on These Hilariously Outdated Ways to Find a Partner

These suggested ways to find a partner sure sound funny to us, don’t they? Times have changed for the better, and we are thankful that women today enjoy more freedom than ever before.