An interesting study by researchers from South Korea found that short women pair best with tall men. Of course, height isn’t everything – it takes a lot more than physical attraction to ensure a couple’s success. The happiest couples have open communication, patience, understanding, and, most of all, trust. However, those elements unfold over time as the couple gets to know one another.

It’s true that when people first meet, they make tons of snap judgments about each other’s appearance. Physical attraction plays a huge part in the beginning stages of a relationship. After all, a man and woman won’t consider taking it further if they don’t feel that spark.

With that said, the research team discovered that short women feel happiest when paired with tall men. The greater the size difference, the better. Evolutionary factors probably play a significant part in a woman’s decision to choose a taller mate.

We’ll look deeper into the study below and find out why height matters so much in relationships.

Study Reveals That Short Women With Tall Men Make the Happiest Couples of All

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Lead researcher Kitae Sohn and colleagues conducted the study from Konkuk University. They admit that it’s no surprise that short women go for taller men. However, no studies have investigated whether this height difference contributes to a woman’s happiness before this one.

For the study, researchers data from 7850 participants in the Indonesian population. After pouring over the data, the team concluded that women felt happiest with taller men. The more significant the height difference, the more satisfied the woman felt in the relationship. However, this honeymoon phase eventually faded as time went on.

Researchers found that after 18 years of marriage, a man’s height did not affect the woman’s happiness. The husband’s resourcefulness played a minor role in the success of the relationship.

So, the research team concluded that the husband’s height initially influenced the woman’s happiness. Over time, however, this source of joy dissipated as other factors came into play in the relationship.

The researchers said this: “Nevertheless, the long period of the dissipation indicates a powerful impact of male height on women’s psychology, probably prepared by evolution.”

Science Direct published the study.

Short Women Have Preferred Taller Men Throughout History

Even in modern times, evolution still plays a massive role in choosing partners. Short women prefer tall men because they associate height with security and health. A man of large stature will appear more dominant, making him an attractive mate for a woman. Since women prioritize keeping their families safe from predators, they naturally want to choose the most vital male.

In modern times, this still holds, though not for the same reasons. We’re not running from bears or tigers anymore, but we still crave security and safety. Arguably, many more threats exist in our constructed environment; however, they don’t pose an immediate danger like wild animals.

Short women may choose taller men because they believe height correlates with success in today’s world. A study published on SSRN, formerly the Social Science Research Network, confirmed this theory. Researchers discovered that recruiters find taller men more trustworthy and reliable. As men of a larger stature have a self-assured aura about them, it may help ensure their success.

Since women tend to find financially secure men more attractive, the findings make sense in the modern world. Even though money isn’t everything, it does provide a sense of stability. Therefore, women looking to settle down will always consider a man’s finances before making any decisions.

What Other Studies Found

Other studies confirm short women choose tall men most of the time

Researchers in the Netherlands utilized survey data from 12,502 couples from the U.K. in 2000. The peer-reviewed study published in 2013 discovered that men were taller in 92.5% of couples. The average height difference measured 14.1 centimeters or 5.6 inches.

However, in 3.4% of couples, the men and women were the same height. In 4.1% of the couples surveyed, the woman stood taller than the man.

A 2009 survey in the United States revealed similar findings. The Panel Study of Income Dynamics by the University of Michigan surveyed over 5,000 families. The survey found that 92.2% of men stood taller than their partners.

Of course, having a height difference in a relationship doesn’t guarantee the couple will stay together. Interestingly, a study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research in August 2014 discovered that shorter men get fewer divorces than tall men. There’s probably an evolutionary reason for that, though the study didn’t specify.

Overall, taking these findings with a grain of salt is essential. Obviously, you should value your partner for much more than just their height or other physical attributes. The first study found that height won’t matter much after a couple of decades of marriage. Any happiness you derive from finding a tall mate will wane as you settle into the relationship.

Therefore, to any woman looking for love try to focus mainly on chemistry and compatibility. Choose a partner you can picture yourself happily growing old with (and that has nothing to do with height!)

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Final Thoughts on a Study Explaining Why Short Women Prefer Tall Men

From an evolutionary standpoint, it’s unsurprising that short women go for tall men. As we said before, taller men have the advantage of protecting their families and providing security. Of course, women will value these attributes in a survival situation. In the modern world, tallness translates to more excellent financial stability and dominance, both important to most women.

However, no one should choose a mate based solely on their height. Physical characteristics will fade over time, but personality and compatibility will endure. Keep this in mind when you’re going on dates, as you may overlook someone special by focusing on external factors. Strength doesn’t necessarily correlate with height, so don’t turn shorter men away before giving them a fair chance.