Twin flames, soulmates, one true love – there are many names for this special relationship. But what never changes is its meaning. This is a deep, spiritual bond you share with someone that elevates you, inspires you, and makes you feel like you’ve found your other half.

The problem is that love is a complex and difficult-to-understand thing. The passionate emotions of love can make it difficult to differentiate a real twin flame from one who isn’t a soulmate, but instead a false twin flame.

There’s nothing wrong with being with someone who isn’t The One. They teach you valuable lessons, they prepare you for more destined relationships, and they provide companionship and love in many good ways. But if you are not careful, you may not notice that they aren’t your true soulmate.

Here Are 5 Signs You’ve Met Your False Twin Flame

1.    Commitment Issues

Many twin flames come in and out of each other’s lives, but they always find their way back to each other. With a true twin flame, these meetings are long and their partings melancholy and never overtly negative or aggressive. With a false twin flame, these splits are painful and angry, with the brief payoff from a reunion being brief and less than worth it.

Even in a long-term, consistent relationship, there are still signs that differentiate a true twin flame from a false one. Here are some to look out for:

·         Distance

A false twin flame is likely to hold themselves at a distance from you. You will find them just a little bit too far away, barely out of reach. You will constantly find yourself chasing them, and they never do the same for you.

In addition, this often forces you to hang on as tightly as you can to them, always giving more than you get. A real twin flame will either have the same level of commitment as you do or will inform you if they don’t. They will not leave you hanging.

·         Challenge

Challenges are part and parcel of life. A true twin flame will stick around with you as you face challenges together. With a false twin flame, you will feel that commitment waiver more frequently than not.

When things get too difficult for you or your partner and you are false twin flames, you may decide to give up. Or if you make it through, will be frayed at the edges and barely holding it together. With a true twin flame, the reaction will be more positive – you will tackle difficulties together and emerge stronger for them.

·         Excuses

A false twin flame is always reluctant to commit, and they will find any reason to do so. The dangerous part about this is that they may phrase it in such a way that it sounds good and bolsters positive thinking, instead of just telling it like it is. As an example, they may say things like:

  • I’m not ready to be tied down just yet.
  • The timing just isn’t right.
  • In another lifetime, we would have been together now.

A true twin flame will let absolutely nothing come between your relationship. They will fight as hard as they can to be with you. It will be almost impossible for the universe to create any obstacle they aren’t willing to break through. There is absolutely nothing that will keep them away from you, no matter what.

·         Hope

There’s something selfish about a false twin flame. They will lead you on and convince you that they feel the same way about you, only for you to discover later on that this isn’t the case. You’ll find out about all the new people they’ve met and have stronger connections to, and you’ll never quite be on the same page.

2.    Emotional Unavailability

It can be difficult to be vulnerable with someone. If the person you’re with seems to be a closed book, refuses to let their walls down, and remains a confusing, barricaded puzzle to you for a long time, then they may not be your real twin flame.

Emotional unavailability isn’t just a problem for non-soulmates; it’s a sign of a bad relationship in general. It can lead to unhealthy, toxic patterns where you put in all the work and receive little to nothing in return.

Another example of lack of emotional availability is when you are constantly second or third place. You may never be prioritized, mainly because your partner won’t commit to you or considers other things their main priority, even though you always prioritize them. This is not a positive relationship and should be ended.

3.    Confusion and Doubt

If you experience a lot of doubt or confusion regarding your relationship with someone you believe is a twin flame, then they may not be the real deal. Nothing in life is certain and anxiety is valid, but for the most part, you should feel confident in the longevity of your relationship.

Here are some examples of signs you’ve met your false twin flame based on personal doubt.

·         Jitteriness vs Comfort

When you’re with your true flame, you will feel like you’re safe and comfortable with a best friend. It will feel like home. Of course, you can be a little nervous and lovestruck, as many would be, but not to the point that it manifests in anxiety.

In comparison, being with a false twin flame could make you anxious. You may feel terrified of making the wrong mood, frightened of turning them off, or just simply awkward.

·         Lack Of Clarity

We’ve talked about how a relationship with a false flame is never certain, and they may keep you on your toes and stay out of reach. This plays into this point we’re making here.

With a true twin flame, you will see a clear path of your relationship. Even if you are forced to part ways, your mind will see the same vision of your future with them as they do. With a false one, the relationship might feel like it is stuck in limbo.

·         Doubt

There’s something about a false twin flame that just makes you wonder if it’s real. You may think they’re right for you, but deep in your heart, you’ll question it. You’ll be constantly uncertain, doubting the nature of your relationship, and lacking confidence in it to confirm it to friends and family.

Again, everyone has their moments of anxiety. But with a false twin flame, that anxiety is intense and at the forefront of your mind when you think of them. Everything is unsure, and you may catch yourself wondering if it’s worth it, or if they’re really the right one.

·         Purpose

When you meet your true twin flame, everything falls into place. You understand why you’re with them, you understand their role in your life, and you are confident that you will make it through hard times. With a false soulmate, you’ll curse the universe and ask why you have to experience all this pain, hurt, and fighting.

This is, of course, different from being amazed at a relationship and wondering what you could have done to deserve it, or other sweet, romantic thoughts you may have. Instead, it’s about struggling to see the purpose or point of a relationship, and not understanding how you got there in the first place.

4.    Lack of Support

Support is crucial in any relationship, but it’s most crucial in a long-term one that’s supposed to last till death do you part. It can even improve both your lives! Here are some areas that lack support if you’ve met your false twin flame.

·         The Past

Everyone makes mistakes. If the actions you did as someone young, dumb, and learning are constantly used against you by your partner, they likely aren’t your soulmate. A true twin flame understands that dwelling in your past is unhelpful and looks forward to the future with you instead.

·         Success

A false twin flame may feel threatened by your success or become envious of what you have achieved. They may feel like they are losing in an imaginary competition if you earn more than them, are working in a better position, or simply are doing better at something.

Meanwhile, a true twin flame is always as excited and positive as you are for your success. They will always support you through the ups and downs, helping you succeed even more.

·         Failure

When you have bad times, expect a true twin flame to stand by you. They aren’t going to leave just because the going has gotten tough. A false twin flame, though, will not be able to understand this failure and will refuse to give you the support you need.

5.    Absence

Yes, twin flames can drift in and out of each other’s lives until they can finally be together. And some true twin flames, sadly, just don’t get end up together due to circumstances outside their control. But if there isn’t anything stopping them, and your supposed soulmate still isn’t coming around, then you may have a false twin flame on your hands.

A false twin flame will, like a true one, have lived through the ups and downs with you. But once they have received the energy that they want from you, they lose contact with you and drop out of your life. If you reach out, they make it clear that they’re through with you and have no interest in trying again.

This doesn’t mean a false twin flame serves no purpose. They do. They teach you important lessons, help you become better for your real twin flame, and make you realize that unconditional love is a completely different ballpark from these normal relationships.

There’s a danger with these wrong matches, of course. You may become caught up in the past, wondering where you went wrong, and fearing that you’ve let your one true love slip away. But this isn’t the case. A person who ends things with you just because they’re sick of the relationship was never your twin flame, to begin with. So practice positive thinking, keep your chin up, and have faith in the fact that you will find that true, right person one day!

emotionally unavailable

Final Thoughts On Some Signs You’ve Met Your False Twin Flame

The concept of twin flames is a hotly debated one. While not everyone believes in this idea, the fact remains that you can apply these concepts to any long-term partner, whether you believe in soulmates or not.

A healthy relationship and one that is meant to last displays itself the same way as a true twin flame relationship. One doomed to fail, unhealthy, or simply not the best will likely present itself in the same ways as a false twin flame.

So whether you believe in twin flames or not, know this one truth: if someone is meant to be in your life, they will find their way back to it, and if someone really, truly wants to be with you, then they will fight to do so.