When you first fall in love, everything is bliss. But relationships aren’t just perpetual rainbows, butterflies, and happy feelings. If you and your partner aren’t putting an effort into keeping the sparks ignited and the love alive, the whole relationship could stagnate into an unsatisfying stalemate.

Even with a busy schedule, all it takes is a little extra effort and a few kind words to make your partner fall in love with you all over again. Showering your special someone with compliments and considerate phrases will surely give your relationship a boost.

Words have a lot of power. Used right, they show a partner that you truly love them and aren’t taking them for granted. It can help them feel loved, safe, and happy. And it makes your connection better! Here are some things to tell your partner that will make them fall in love with you all over again.

Here Are 15 Things To Tell Your Partner That Will Make Them Fall In Love Again

“A great relationship is all about falling in love with the same person over and over again.” – Unknown

1.    “You’re so good at…”

Compliments seem like sweet nothings, but they can actually be very, very effective. Just taking a little time out to tell your partner that they’re doing great work can be incredibly rewarding for them. You’re acknowledging their efforts and their hard work!

You can also use these words to bolster your partner’s confidence. If there’s something you know your partner feels insecure about, say something nice to them.

For example, if your partner thinks they’re a bad cook and you like the meals they make, say so! Or tell them they’re improving when they do well. You get to support them, and they might just fall in love all over again.

Studies have even shown that compliments cause people to perform better at tasks. This means telling your partner they do a great job at an activity means they’ll return even better, more positive results the next time they do that activity!

2.    “We’re in this together.”

Couples will go through all sorts of ups and downs in their lives. When you’re in it for the long run, the occasional bad time is sure to pass.

There may have been a death in your partner’s family. They might become seriously ill. They might face financial troubles, or lose a job. Don’t let them forget, through it all, that you love them and are cheering them on.

When you stand side by side with your partner and tell them you’re in this with them, they understand that you will stick by their side even during the worst of times. And if that won’t make someone fall in love again, what will?

3.    “Thank you for…”

Positive reinforcement is often all two parties need to encourage the other to do somewhat less enjoyable tasks.

  • Did your partner do the dishes?
  • Maybe they took out the trash?
  • Or maybe they’ve been working really hard to understand what you need when you’re stressed out?

All these efforts may seem little, but these are significant actions performed by a partner. So don’t forget to thank them! Be specific about why you’re grateful. Thank them for doing the laundry. Tell them you appreciate that they took time to understand your anger and remain gracious. Thank them for buying flowers.

Most of all, don’t neglect to make your partner feel appreciated. Assure them that you notice what they do and value their presence in your life!

4.    “You look amazing!”

Everything’s fine and dandy when you’re in the prime of youth. But as you grow older, insecurities may grow, too. You and your partner might notice extra wrinkles, a little more flab, or, simply, more signs of age.

Compliments about appearance might seem shallow, but they can greatly boost someone’s confidence. Show your partner that you are still attracted to them with meaningful statements, such as:

  • You’re so handsome.
  • Wow, you’re gorgeous!
  • You look beautiful.
  • When you walk into the room, I can’t help but stare.

Don’t forget to give these compliments even when your partner isn’t all dressed up. If you find them attractive as they lie on the couch in sweats, tell them. This shows that you’re truly attracted to the very essence of them and their looks, not just who they try to be. They’ll fall in love with you all over again!

5.    “What can I do to help?”

Selflessness is vital in relationships. You want to show your partner that you can put their needs above yours. So when they’re stressed out, busy, or buried in piles of work, try asking how you can be of assistance.

Asking how you can help improve your partner’s day shows them that you truly care. You want to make them feel as good as they possibly can. What a wonderful message to send to a loved one!

6.    “I’m proud of you.”

Sometimes, your partner may not feel like they’re doing a great job. Let them know that you believe they are.

  • Say you’re proud of them for the work they do.
  • Express your amazement at their skills.
  • A little honest flattery goes a long way!

In addition, if you’re proud of your partner’s accomplishments, don’t be shy about bragging about them to others. Telling others how amazing your partner is will assure the one you love that you want to show them off. It’s a wonderful feeling that will make them fall in love with you once more!

7.    “I’ve got your back.”

Feeling like your partner doesn’t support you can be an awful experience. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your partner is aware that you always have their back. No matter what comes for them, you’ll be standing right there, ready to fight with them.

Being in a relationship is like being in a team. You have to be there for each other, no matter what. Telling your partner that you are in it till the end and following through on your word is one of the most beautiful things you can do for them.

8.    “How are you?” or “How was your day?”

A busy schedule can keep partners away. Whenever you’re able to …

  • Touch base and ask your partner how their day went.
  • If you’re both hurrying by, check to ask how they are doing.
  • Listen to their answers, understand them, and empathize or sympathize to show you care.

This can mean a lot to a partner and make their entire day. It can remind them that you care about them and want to know about their well-being. According to NBC, this is a crucial form of positive communication in any relationship. It keeps you connected – and you might just fall in love more the more you do it.

9.    “This reminded me of you!”

Telling your partner that you are thinking of them is incredibly romantic. Send them a love song or poem that reminds you of them. Send them a random text during the day to say you’ve been missing them. It makes all the difference and can boost their mood and positive thinking.

See something in a store that makes you think of your partner? Take a picture and let them know! Even if you don’t buy the trinket, you’re telling your partner that they are on your mind. It doesn’t always have to something romantic; it can be funny, too. It’s a surefire way to make them fall in love with you just like they did before!

10. “I did this for you, so you don’t have to worry!”

Whittling down someone’s to-do list can take a huge load off their shoulders. It’s also a physical way to prove your love to someone. Anyone can say words. Actions always speak louder. When you’re able to tell a partner what you’ve done to help them, it’s a glorious, positive combination!

Make the effort to do something your partner usually has to do. Or, if you know there’s an errand they have to run, do it in their stead and surprise them. It’s thoughtful, wholesome, and a great way to make them smile.

11. “I trust you.”

Trust is so crucial in a good relationship. When you tell your partner you trust them, you’re explaining that you respect their judgment. You’re saying your faith is in them as they make big decisions that may affect you both. It’s an uplifting and powerful message to send.

12. “I’m sorry.”

According to Ohio State University, there is a right way to apologize effectively. If you need to help your partner forgive you (and hopefully fall in love with you again), follow these simple steps:

  • Express your regret for your mistake.
  • Explain the mistake you made.
  • Acknowledge that that mistake is your responsibility.
  • State that you are sorry.
  • Offer a way to make it up to them.
  • Ask for forgiveness.

Apologizing when you’ve made a mistake shows that you are mature. It proves that your relationship is more important than your pride. And of course, it makes for healthier communication and trust when you own your errors and strive to improve.

13. “I can’t imagine a life without you.”

This is a great way to tell your partner how much you love them. You’re saying that your life would be incomplete without their presence. It’s incredibly romantic while still being real and meaningful. It also sets a precedent for a long-term relationship that you both desire.

14. “I’m so happy I’m growing old with you.”

When you grow old with a partner, you’re truly choosing them for life. You’re content to go grey together and see each other through the best and worst. This decision involves more than just happiness and positive thinking.

This phrase is sure to make your partner fall in love with you all over again. Why? It shows that you know what true love is. You’re putting togetherness and a future together first, and affirming it as part of your life plan. It’s a very precious thought to share!

fall in love

15. “I love you.”

These are just three words in a very common phrase, and yet the statement says so much. These words are where you began your committed journey together, right? Without true meaning behind this phrase, the relationship can’t continue. So, don’t be afraid to say it.

Never let a day go by without telling your partner you love them. This solidifies that no matter what happens, through thick and thin, the love on which you built your relationship will remain, and it will stay strong.

Final Thoughts On Things To Tell Your Partner That Will Make Them Fall In Love Again

Don’t underestimate the power of a good compliment, statement, or expression of love. Just saying the right thing can make someone’s entire day, so why not harness that power in your love life?

Different people will respond differently to a variety of phrases. Don’t be afraid to try them all out and learn which ones really make your partner grin from ear to ear. By telling your partner these things, you’ll help keep the love alive and, in all likelihood, they’ll fall for you all over again.