Do you feel unfulfilled or unhappy in your relationship? It turns out that you are not alone.

A Daily Mail survey shows six out of ten people report feeling unhappy in their relationships.

However, many stay in unhappy relationships due to comfort, safety, stability, or even fear of leaving. People remain in relationships that don’t bring them happiness because they fear being alone, but staying in a relationship with someone who makes you unhappy doesn’t seem any better.

In life, we all have to make choices at some point. In fact, it’s sometimes true that the most challenging and the right things are the same.

You deserve a relationship that will excite you about life, and encourage and support you; any relationship that makes you feel less than ecstatic isn’t worth having.

Here are five signs your relationship is making you unhappy:


1. You would rather spend your time with friends or family.

If you don’t even want to spend time with your partner, this should speak volumes to you about your unhappiness in your relationship. A solid relationship must have trust, communication, and, most importantly, the desire to stay with one another despite the obstacles. If you have grown tired of your partner and find yourself hanging out with friends or family in your spare time, you probably are in an unhappy relationship.

You need to communicate your feelings to your partner and either work on the things that make you feel unhappy or go your separate ways if the problems can’t be resolved. Unhappy partnerships can drag on for years, but they don’t have to.

2. Your relationship feels more draining than satisfying.

If you always feel exhausted around your partner and don’t feel that connection with them any longer, this points to an unhappy situation. A relationship should make you feel motivated, overjoyed, and alive, not lethargic and uninspired. Maybe you two just don’t click anymore, or you might have different life goals requiring you to go down separate paths. This doesn’t mean either person should be blamed for the lack of chemistry; just have a civilized, rational conversation and check in with them about their feelings. You might be able to work through these issues, but if not, you’re much better off on your own than staying in an unhappy relationship.

3. You don’t feel sexually attracted to your partner anymore.

Of course, you might not have sex as often as you did at the beginning of your relationship, but the desire to have sex with your partner should never go away entirely. If you find yourself saying no to sex more often, deeper issues might need to come to the surface. To have a sexual attraction to someone, you must also feel emotionally and mentally connected to them. Sex doesn’t define a relationship, but it is vital to having a healthy one.

If you and your partner don’t have sex regularly anymore, you should sit down with them to figure out the actual problem. A happy connection requires physical and emotional intimacy, and these two aspects must stay balanced to make a relationship thrive.

4. You don’t enjoy your time with your partner.

When you do spend time together, what feelings do you get? Do you feel excited to go out with them, watch movies at home, or dread hanging out with them? Your heart will always guide you to the best decision for yourself, so if you genuinely don’t enjoy your partner’s company anymore, you need to reevaluate your relationship. Why stay in a relationship that doesn’t bring you joy anymore?

It might seem scary to leave a relationship behind, especially if you have been with the same person for years, but your heart will thank you in the long run because you will finally feel free again. You deserve to be with someone who will light a fire within your soul, not extinguish it.

unhealthy relationship

5. You feel trapped or suffocated in your relationship.

A relationship shouldn’t make you feel tied down or like you’re missing out on life; if you feel this way, you’re unhappy. Your partner should add value to your life, teaching you new things and giving you unforgettable experiences. A relationship should never feel like a prison cell; if it does, you need to escape and find someone who will liberate you.

A relationship should never feel like a burden; it should just be an extension of your connection with yourself. If you maintain a good relationship with yourself, the person who reflects you will add love to your life, not subtract from it.