Boring workouts have no place in your home. Your exercise routine at home should be fun and exciting, so it gets the blood flowing and smile glowing. Every coach will tell you that it’s important not to get bored in your workout, or you’ll burn out. We’ve got ten ways you can spice up your home workouts.

10 Ways to Make Your Exercise Routine at Home Even Better

1. Get Your Home Gym Ready

The first thing you need to do to spice up your exercise routine at home is to get your home gym together. People prefer working out at gyms because there they have access to a wide variety of exercise equipment. Those who can’t go to the gym regularly can invest in a home gym instead. You won’t be pumped up until you have a little gym set up. It doesn’t have to be a vast area. Just get together a small space in your home and set up some exercise equipment. Whether you have dumbbells, a treadmill, or resistance bands, make a little area dedicated to working out.

Get the entire family involved in this fun. You can even print out little workout schedules. This goal-setting will help you all get a little more excited to get in a workout. Your home gym can even be in your garage, a big closet, or on your patio. You don’t need expensive machines for this makeshift gym either.

You can do online classes that get you moving, use weights, do yoga, or use your neighborhood as your track. Your home gym is anything you make it. As long as your burning calories and building muscles, any home gym works.

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2. Get In The Dirt

It’s time to get dirty. Move your home workouts outside. Nature is one of the best places to work out. Fresh air keeps you cool and pushes you to different limits. You won’t get bored using tree limbs as pull up bars, your backyard as a track for sprints, and retaining walls for wall-sits.

The grass is also a great thing for leg muscles as you work harder to get in a good walk or run in taller grass. It’s also fun to get a little muddy. Kids love to get muddy, and they have no idea they’re burning energy while getting dirty. Look around your yard and neighborhood for nature’s ways to pump you up. Think of nature as a free gym with endless opportunities.

3. Throw In Some Yoga

Your exercise routine at home doesn’t have to be all about lifting weights and getting in cardio. Throw in some yoga. Those down dog abs moves are a fun little way to spice it up. All you have to do is start with your hands on the floor and your butt lifted. You can then lift one leg into the air. You’ll feel it in your abs.

From there, go into some easy yoga stretches. Yoga is great because it connects the mind and body. You won’t even feel like you’re working out. Stretches help your joints loosen, so you’re better able to do the tough workouts. You also get to feel some zen, so you don’t feel like you’re in the middle of a tough workout. You get to escape. You’ll feel refreshed and feel the burn at the same time.

4. Go Old School

Turn back time and go back to elementary school PE. You remember the fun of jumping jacks and jump rope. Jumping jacks just make you laugh because you feel so silly. Get everyone involved in these exercises.

Pull out the jump rope and get to hopping. You’ll forget it’s not easy. You work your entire body as you jump up and down. You can even try the tricks you did in elementary school. See how many jumps you can get in before you mess up. Sometimes elementary school workouts started with running around the bases or running in place.

The little things we did to warm up back in grade school are great little boosters for exercise at home.

5. Interval Training

Interval training gets your blood flowing. It’s also fun when you listen to loud music while you do it. Start with interval training at the beginning of your workout. You can get the same benefits from a shorter interval training workout with bursts of exercise than you can usually get in an entire time of regular exercise.

You just alternate between eight seconds of intense exercise then go to 12 seconds of lower intensity exercise. Do this for 20 minutes. If you remember sports practice back in the day, many coaches would make you do quick sprints then relax–try that to change up the pace.

You can do quick reps with dumbbells then run in place. You don’t have to make it a huge change to ease into interval training.

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6. Think Like A Kid

One of the best ways to spice up your exercise routine at home is to think like a kid. Kids “workout” all of the time, yet they have no clue. They run and play like there’s no tomorrow. They’re often so worn out by night, they crash.

That’s a great feeling as an adult. Get outside and climb a tree. Invite friends over and have a yard game of football. Get the kids together and do relay races. Play tag with the kids. Run around the house or the yard. Throw the kids in the air. It’s a great arm workout. The whole idea behind acting like a kid is that you have fun while working out.

Burning calories doesn’t have to mean feeling the pain every minute. It should be about enjoying your workout. The next day when your entire body burns, you’ll smile that you made some memories, played a little, and boosted your muscles at the same time.

7. Flip It

It’s time to think like a kid again and flip upside down. They love to do things upside down. Headstands and handstands aren’t just a way to flip upside down in fun. They’re a way to pump up your workout. These are great exercises. Your brain is boosted with a little more blood flow when you’re balancing your head and arms upside down.

Your shoulders and arms are strengthened when you flip upside down. You might not be able to walk across the floor on your hands, but you can prop yourself up against a wall for an easy headstand or handstand.

8. Dance It Out

If you’ve ever been out dancing late into the night, then wake up the next morning in pain, you know dance is a great workout. It’s a great thing to add to your exercise routine at home. Put on some good music and get to moving. Try all the old school dance moves from the Rabbit to the Macarena. Just have fun with dance and movement.

Shake, twist, and jump to the music. Invite the family to dance with you. You’ll have a good laugh as you watch each other be silly, especially if you have no rhythm. Throw in some singing with your dancing for a boost of fun.

If you feel silly, just dancing freestyle, look up a Zumba class online, and follow their instructions. Dance classes online are a great way to boost your workout.

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9. Try Tabata

Many workouts include a lot of waiting. You have to wait between reps. You have to wait between sprints. Waiting is sometimes a boring part of working out. If you need something to pep it up, try Tabata training. Tabata is a type of high-intensity interval training.

In Tabata, you do a HIIT session for a short duration of time. Then you have a break and hit it again. Tabata helps you push through your plateaus when working out. You do it for 20 minutes, just like a high-intensity workout.

It helps push the workout to another level without the boredom of waiting. It’s always important to learn about new things like Tabata, so you don’t get stagnant in the same workouts.

10. Do One Thing Different Every Workout

Your exercise routine at home shouldn’t be the same every day. You don’t want to hit a wall. Add something new each day. You can drop a set, add a set or change up the routine. You don’t have to do anything drastic each day. If you do, your muscles may throw you off a few days in pain. You can reduce or increase your rest times each day as well.

Get outside some days for a day of working out in nature. Do yoga one day and a HIIT workout another day. Change up your music. It’s important to keep things fresh, or you’ll get bored and give up. Invite friends over for a different perspective on workouts as well.

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Final Thoughts on Making an Interesting Exercise Routine at Home

It’s fun to spice up your exercise routine at home. Enjoy working out and make use of your space to boost your workouts. It’s important to change things up, so you don’t get bored. Having fun is just icing on the cake.