Did you know that you can get chiseled arms right from inside your home? Maybe strengthening and sculpting your body was one of your New Year’s resolutions all those months ago. You can get bigger biceps and toned arms without an expensive gym membership.

Think of all the work your arms do for you. Although many people have learned to cope beautifully after losing one or both limbs, it would make everyday tasks more challenging. Your arms have some of the most natural muscles to exercise for more definition.

Of the four muscles of your upper arm, you are probably more familiar with the triceps and biceps. Compare that with twenty muscles in your forearm, both front and back. All these muscles work together to create your arms’ fantastic range of motion.

Are you frustrated with your arms being too thin or flabby? It takes work to build arm muscles, but it’s worth it. The good news is that you can be set up and working out in no time.

Setting Up Your Home Gym

Are you ready to boost your appeal? Set aside a room or open space in your house for some necessary exercise equipment. Encourage the entire family to get involved to help you stay motivated. You will appreciate an inside gym when it’s scorching hot in the summer months.

Make a schedule when the family will exercise together or individually, print it out, and post it where everyone can see it. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes, and place a fan nearby to circulate fresh air. Provide hand towels and plenty of water to stay hydrated.

To counter the dread of exercising, create a fun atmosphere in your gym with some of your favorite music. If you need some pointers, try exercising with online tutorials. Getting in shape doesn’t have to be boring.

As you build your swimwear body, pay close attention to your arms. Not only are chiseled arms attractive, but they will give you an edge in swimming and other exciting summer sports. You can enjoy pumping your biceps to show your hard work.

10 Great Tips For Chiseled Arms

Before you start any exercise regimen, you must discuss it with your doctor and your professional trainer. You can collaborate on a fitness plan that is right for you. They will also tell you that if you feel undue pain and nausea during a particular exercise, you should stop it immediately.

Consider adding regular arm exercises to your daily regimen. With dedication and practice, you can have the toned arms and upper body you want. Try these ten helpful hacks to get chiseled arms this summer without leaving the house.

1. Curls and Lifting Repetitions

Although buying hand weights won’t break the bank, you can do it without them. Want to do a few wraps while you are working around the house? Your answer is right on the pantry shelf.

Just grab a couple of cans of soup for your arm exercises. Choose any brand you like, making sure they are the 23 oz. family size varieties. Hold your soup cans like hand weights and do your curls and repetitions as usual. If you do this just fifteen minutes a day, you will see the difference in your chiseled arms.

2. Try Classic Pushups

If you remember high school gym class or you were ever in the military, you know the benefits of pushups. This iconic exercise has been around since the time of Constantine, though some fitness historians believe the modern version was popularized at the beginning of the 20th century.

The only thing you need to do pushups is enough room to stretch your body out comfortably. Pushups are ideal for creating a flat tummy, toned legs, and chiseled arms. If you have back or joint problems, talk to your doctor or personal trainer to see if pushups are safe for you. You may do a modified version of the exercise to achieve comparable results.

3. Get Your Zen On with Yoga

This ancient Indian art combines physical movement, mindful breathing, and meditation to benefit body, mind, and spirit. The graceful yoga poses, called prana, gently stretch your muscles and tone them.

Along with strengthening your core, many of the yoga pranas include leg and arm exercises to make them more robust and flexible. You needn’t be a master yogi to get chiseled arms and reap other benefits of practicing yoga.

chiseled arms
Exercise at home–try an in-home yoga studio or high intensity interval training using your own body weight.

4. Do Pullups for Toned Arms

Pullups are a great way to build muscles in your upper back and arms. When you visit a gym, you will probably see several people doing pullup repetitions on the parallel bars. However, you can still do the same exercises without a gym and even without bars.

If you have a sturdy door with heavy hinges, you can hold to the top of the door for pullups. For a modified version, lie under a heavy table with your hand on its edges and pull your body up that way. During pleasant weather, try doing pullups from a sturdy tree branch in your yard.

5. Try Arm Airplanes

Here is another favorite exercise you probably learned as a kid in school. Airplanes, or arm circles, don’t require equipment, and they will work muscles in your shoulders, arms, and upper back. Be sure you have room to spread your arms fully from both sides.

Stand straight with your legs slightly apart and stretch both arms straight sideways. Start with little circles and gradually increase their size. If you like, you can turn your airplanes into windmills and touch each foot with the opposite hand.

6. Have a Seat

Who would believe that you could build muscle and get chiseled arms at home by sitting in a chair? Well, it’s almost that simple. All you need is a little space and a solid chair that will support your body weight.

Sit comfortably in your chair and move your body a bit forward to keep your feet flat on the floor. Now, grip each side of the chair with your hands and slowly lift your behind, ensuring that you are supporting your weight with your arms. Lower your behind down quickly and do these seat lifts about 10-15 times.

7. Turn Your Fitness Regimen Upside Down

Doesn’t it seem like kids know how to make boring exercise fun? Chances are you probably see your children doing headstands and handstands around your house or the yard. Would you believe these upside-down tricks that make the kids giggle are excellent exercises for adults?

These dizzying childhood pastimes are also used in ancient exercise regimens like yoga. While you are up against a wall balancing on your head and arms, you can nourish your brain with a little extra blood. Plus, headstands and handstands strengthen your shoulders and arms when done safely.

chiseled arms

8. Bring It Over Your Head

Another way you can shed unwanted fat from your arms and make them ripped is by doing overhead tricep extensions. This exercise benefits your upper and lower limbs, shoulders, and upper back. You can use an appropriate weight of dumbbell or your large soup can.

Stand straight with your feet spread a little, and your knees slightly bent. Use both hands to hold your weight vertically with your arms overhead. Bend your elbows and gently lower the pressure behind your back and lift it again for 10-15 repetitions.

9. Do the Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebells are solid, round weights with handles on top, available in various sizes. You can pick up one or a graduated set inexpensively in a sporting goods store or online. Choose a weight that’s proper for you with a handle that fits comfortably in your hands.

With your feet spread apart, bend your knees and squat halfway down, and have the kettlebell positioned on the floor between your legs. Grab the handle with both hands and bring your body upright while stretching the weight straight in front of you. Kettlebell swings do wonders for strengthening your back, upper legs, and giving you chiseled arms.

10. Put Some Weight into It and Bench Press

If you are into physical training, you probably have a weight bench with graduated barbells at home. Bench pressing and gradually increasing the weights can benefit your whole body, including your arms.

Place the bench weights on the support, position your body on the bench, and lift the barbell up and down smoothly for 10-15 repetitions. As you feel your arms, shoulders, and upper back getting stronger, you can add a little more weight to the barbell.

When you are working with heavyweights, it’s recommended that you work with a partner who can spot you, meaning to place the barbell in the supports while you lie on the bench. To avoid serious injury, never lift any more weight than you are trained to do.

Final Thought: Chiseled Arms Come from a Solid Commitment to Change

This season, refuse to be a couch potato and get your body moving instead. Don’t be hindered if you can’t afford to join an expensive gym as there are things like yoga you can do at home. So use these tips and others to strengthen your body. And, you’ll have the chiseled arms and ripped biceps and triceps you have always wanted.