Ab workouts are a sure way to lose inches, become stronger, and just feel better about your body. Hitting the gym each day isn’t an option for everyone. Therefore, a workout for abs may seem out of the realm of possibilities. Don’t get discouraged, though. Because there are plenty of ways to have a workout for abs that you can do right at home.

You may be concerned with the amount of time it will take to workout. But that isn’t always an issue, either. Surprisingly enough, you can do a simple workout for abs in 10 minutes or less.

Quick workouts for abs are easy enough for beginners to do. And they are also effective enough for those who are advanced, as well. If you still don’t believe that you can get an effective workout for abs at home in less than 10 minutes a day, continue reading to find out how you can!

Workout for Abs That You Can Do At Home

1. Plank

This simple exercise is well known, but the proper position and exercise aren’t always done. In order to do a proper plank, start with your palms flat on the floor directly below your shoulders.

With your feet extended behind you and using your toes to hold yourself up, keep your body tight while tightening your core, butt, and quads. Hold this position for as long as you are comfortable with.

It is such a simple exercise and can be done literally anywhere. Whether you are at home, on vacation, on your lunch break at work, or hanging out in your backyard, you can do this 10 minute or less ab workout.

Other Versions of the Plank Exercise For Abs

Forearm Plank

A forearm plank is done in the same way as a regular plank. Instead of placing your palms on the ground, however, you will place your forearms on the ground instead. You will want to make sure that your elbows are directly underneath your shoulders.

Lateral Plank Walk

The lateral plank walk begins in a regular plank position with palms on the floor beneath your shoulders. Making sure to keep your muscles tight, move to the right moving your right hand and right foot first. You can move to the right as many times as you want, but make sure you are counting because each move counts as one rep, and you will have to do the same number of reps on the left side.

Plank with Spinal Rotation

Plank with spinal rotation is yet another type of plank (there are many, as you can see). You will begin in the normal plank position with your palms on the floor and legs extended behind you before rotating your body to the right so your shoulder is above your wrist and your left hand is reaching toward the ceiling. Pause while holding the spinal rotation position for a few seconds, then return to the original position before doing it again. Each time you do it is one rep, and then you will do the same number of reps on the other side of your body.

Plank to a Downward Dog

Plank to a downward dog is an exercise that involves beginning in the original plank position, but just a little bit higher. From that position, you will raise your hips, push them back, and feel your heels moving toward the floor. While you are doing this, you should reach with your right arm to your left foot before returning to the original position. Continue this exercise for at least one minute, or until you no longer feel comfortable. Each time you return to the original position, switch which hand and foot you are using.

2. Bird Dog Crunch

Begin on your hands and knees with your hands directly below your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips. Then, put your right arm straight out in front of you and your left leg straight back. Keep your back completely flat and squeeze your abs throughout this whole exercise.

Next, pull your right arm and left leg in towards the center of your body, attempting to make your knee and your elbow meet. Return to the position of having your arm in front of you and your leg behind you, and meet them in the middle again.

Continue this for a set amount of reps, and then switch to the opposite arm and leg before doing the same number of reps on that side. Make sure you save some energy to switch to the other side of your body so that you can finish out the exercise!

3. Mountain Climber

Just like with the plank to downward dog exercise, you will begin the mountain climber in a high plank position. While making sure to keep your core tight, pull one knee to your chest. Quickly return to the original high plank position, and immediately pull the other knee to your chest. Continue to do this for as long as you are comfortable.

Remember, it is more important to maintain a straight back and tight core than it is to go fast. If you find that your form is lacking, try slowing down a bit.

4. Leg Lift

Lie prone on the floor by laying on your back with your legs straight out and your arms face up next to you. When you are comfortable, lift both of your legs up until they are verticle, or until you can’t lift them anymore. Lower them slowly back to the floor, and repeat the exercise as long as possible.

5. Down Dog Abs

Beginning in the downward-facing dog pose (hands on the floor directly below your shoulders, butt lifted up, legs straight, back unbent, and head between your arms), lift one leg straight into the air. Then, bend the knee of the leg that is in the air and bring it toward the elbow on the same side of your body.

As you pull your knee toward your elbow, shift your core into a plank position. Hold the position and return your leg to the air. Using the same leg, bend the knee again, but this time, bring the knee toward the other elbow.

Once you have returned your leg to the air again, this counts as 1 rep, and you have to do the same number of reps on the other side of your body.

6. Dead Bug

Lying on your back, put your arms straight out toward the ceiling and pull both knees up so that they are directly over your hips (a tabletop position). Slowly lower one leg so that it is straight while putting the opposite side arm straight out over your head. Don’t let your leg or your arm touch the ground. Instead, try to keep them about an inch or two off the ground.

Return to the starting position and then do the other side, rotating back and forth until you can’t anymore. Make sure to keep your butt and core tight throughout the exercise.

7. Core Roll Up

Lie on your back with your hands and arms flat on the ground above your head. Keeping your arms extended straight, bring them up and over your head, and continue until you can reach your toes. As you’re bringing your arms up, raise your body slowly and fluidly, as well, tightening your core the entire time.

Once you’ve reached your toes, reverse the movement so that you are lying on your back with your arms flat above your head. This counts as one rep, and you can continue for as many reps as you are comfortable with.

8. Bicycle Crunch

Lying on your back with your knees at a 90-degree angle and directly above your hips (the tabletop position again), put your hands behind your head, bend your elbows and point them out to the sides away from your body. Then, using your ab muscles, pull your head and shoulders up off the floor. This is the starting position and the position that you will return to between each rep.

workout for abs

Bend and twist to bring your right elbow toward your left knee (touching them together if you can), while also extending and straightening the right leg. Then, immediately bend and twist the other way to bring your left elbow toward your right knee and extending the left leg straight out. Continuing do this and rotating until you no longer can.

Final Thoughts On Workout For Abs That You Can Do At Home

Working out at home doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it is possible without any weights or other equipment. The best workout for abs at home can be done in less than 10 minutes, and there is a range of exercises to choose from. If you have extra time, you could even do multiple exercises at home that targets your abs.

A simple 10-minute workout for abs can allow you to work out and get your exercise in quickly before or after work, or even before bed each night. These exercises are perfect for when you have no time to get to the gym or you don’t like the environment of a gym.

There are always options for working out, and these options don’t have to involve a large amount of time or equipment. The key is to try many different exercises until you find the workout for abs that is best for you, and eventually add more of them to your exercise routine.