Rather than looking for love and respect from others, focusing on self-respect will be more beneficial. Finding respect starts within, and daily affirmations for self-respect will make a difference.

Using affirmations for self-respect will help you become mindful of the way you think about yourself. You will create positive thinking habits that uplift and empower you. When you use these affirmations for self-respect with an open mind, you will quickly experience an improvement in your overall well-being.

You don’t have to use all of the affirmations. Instead, choose the ones that you connect with the most. Switch it up each day and try a new one out, but continue using your favorite phrases, too.

The Damage Caused by Low Self Respect

You may not realize how damaging low self-respect can be, but it drastically reduces the quality of your life. When you have a negative opinion of yourself, it fosters unhappiness and overall dissatisfaction with life.

Not only does low self-respect cause mental health problems, but it also causes physical health issues. The symptoms of low self-respect differ for everyone, but they follow a behavioral trend.

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Some of the signs you don’t think highly of yourself  include the following:

  • being hyper-critical of yourself
  • ignoring or downplaying your strengths
  • feeling inferior to your peers
  • speaking negatively about yourself
  • experiencing negative self-thoughts
  • blaming yourself for everything
  • thinking that achievement is relative to luck
  • not believing compliments from others
  • avoiding things that you love because it requires social interaction
  • looking for signs that other people don’t like them

When low self-respect continues for a while, it can lead to other detrimental effects. It often triggers depression, guilt, shame, anger, sadness, and anxiety.

Low self-esteem can also cause serious relationship problems. You might lash out at those closest to you without explanation. Plus, your relationships might be unhealthy because you feel that you must earn love, too.

Another sign that you have low self-respect is that you are afraid to try new things. Whether you are fearful because you doubt your abilities or because you are uncomfortable, it is something that will hold you back in life.

The Causes of Low Self-Respect

Everyone experiences low self-respect occasionally, but those that struggle constantly can’t seem to pull themselves out of it. When a lack of loving yourself causes you to want to give up, a few different things could cause it.

One thing that often causes it is frequent exposure to negativity. When you are around negative people, their internal energies can affect you, too.

An undiagnosed mental illness can also cause a lack of self-respect. Depression and anxiety disorder can trigger negative feelings about yourself. Sometimes medical problems can contribute to low self-respect, as well, because it alters your perception of yourself.

Frequent stressful events, including financial issues or relationship problems, can also trigger low self-respect. Additionally, being emotionally or physically abused can cause it, as well.

Twenty Daily Affirmations for Self Respect

Look in the mirror, take a deep breath, and smile. Then say these kind affirmations for more self-respect to yourself every day.

1. I treat myself with respect because I deserve kindness.

Respecting yourself boosts your confidence and self-pride, reaffirming that you are deserving of kindness. You might sometimes forget how much you deserve, so this affirmation will help you start your day out on the right foot.

Not only will you feel better, but you will behave more respectfully, too. When you act better, it will encourage those around you to treat you with respect, as well.

2. I am thankful for the things and people in my life.

When you look at what other people have and compare it to your life, you will exhibit insecurity. However, if you can stop the comparison and focus on gratitude, you gain respect for yourself.

3. I deserve self-respect because there is no one else like me.

If you think that you have to be like everyone else to earn respect, you must change your thought process. You are unique, and that is the way that you are supposed to be. Stay true to who you are and use this affirmation to remember that you are deserving because of your unique qualities.

4. I stand up for myself and others when I see the need.

By standing up for yourself, other people in need, and for what you believe in, your self-respect will skyrocket. You can speak up without being unkind, and when you do, you will feel empowered and confident.

5. I am valued and appreciated for the things that I do.

If you ever feel like people don’t value and appreciate you, implement this affirmation into your daily routine. You are enough, and the people that matter in your life will see your value and worth. When you recognize this fact, you will feel more confident about yourself.

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6. I value my time, work, and love.

By valuing your time, hard work, and the love you give and receive, you will feel self-respect. Appreciate the way you spend your time and all of the things that you accomplish. This simple act will help you recognize how great you are.

7. I enjoy the person I am becoming.

This daily affirmation reminds you that you are constantly improving. It helps you recognize how far you have come and that you are on the right path. Taking on this mindset will quickly and efficiently boost your self-love and confidence.

8. I can do anything that I dedicate myself to.

The thought that your dreams are too big to accomplish can drastically knock your sense of self-respect. That thought is false, however, because anything is possible when you set your mind to it.  Knowing that you can do anything will boost your spirits and your confidence.

9. I accept and love myself more every day.

Self-love and acceptance encourage self-esteem, and it will help you believe in yourself. When you recognize that your positive feelings grow more each day, you will begin to notice them. Loving yourself through your mistakes and imperfections will reaffirm your self-worth, as well.

10. I am taking care of myself and focusing on my health.

Taking care of yourself is one way to develop self-esteem. If you aren’t taking care of your basic needs, you won’t feel confident and secure in who you are. Determine what you must do to take care of yourself and your health, and the rest will fall into place.

11. I am creating the life I desire.

You might second-guess your decisions and wonder if your life is heading in the right direction. That thought process causes a lack of self-respect, though, because you will feel like you aren’t doing things correctly. Use this affirmation to remember that you are making the right choices to create the life you want.

12. I am accomplishing my goals.

If you tell yourself that you are accomplishing your goals, you will start getting things done. Your mind believes anything you convince it of, so repeat this affirmation for self-respect until you believe it.

13. I am worthy of love and respect from myself and those around me.

You can’t only expect love and respect from others because you must give it to yourself, too. Even when things don’t seem to be going well, you are always worthy of respect and love. Use this phrase to reaffirm the idea in your mind that you are always worth it.

14. I am strong, powerful, brave, and dedicated.

If you can remember these things about yourself, you experience improved self-esteem. You become more resilient as you endure hardships and setbacks. As you face adversity, you can feel confident about the impending outcome, reaffirming your sense of self-respect.

15. I know my thoughts and opinions are valuable.

By recognizing that the things you have to say are valuable, you experience an increased sense of self-respect. Don’t diminish your values and ideas because they are meaningful.

16. I am in control of my life no matter what happens.

When your sense of self-love is low, you might feel like your life is out of control. Use this phrase to reaffirm that you are always in control, though. Acknowledging the fact allows you to regain control of your life by giving you the confidence to step forward and make meaningful decisions.

17. I am perfect the way I am, and I don’t have to change.

Being criticized about the way you look or who you are can make you feel bad about yourself. When that happens, you might feel like you should change yourself. If that is the case for you, this affirmation will help you reverse that negative mindset, resulting in an increased sense of self-worth.

18. I am good at what I do and deserve to be paid well for my hard work.

When it comes to your income, you might be afraid to ask for a raise or look for a job with higher pay. If you experience this feeling, try using this affirmation to boost your love for yourself. You are good at what you do, and you should be paid well for your talent.

19. I deserve all compliments that I receive from others.

You deserve the compliments you get from other people, so don’t always think there is a hidden meaning. Your qualities are worth the praise, so embrace the positive comments and allow them to boost your internal energies.

20. I am a good and kind person.

You know that you are a good person, even if other people say that you aren’t. There will always be people in the world who say untrue and hurtful things about you, but it doesn’t change who you are. When you feel less respect for yourself because of something someone said to you, use this phrase to reaffirm who you are.

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Final Thoughts Positive Daily Affirmations for Self-Respect

If you want to live a positive, meaningful, and successful life, you must cultivate self-esteem. There will be times in your life that you feel diminished, but finding a way to bounce back is essential.

Using affirmations for self-respect can help you regain any confidence that you lost. You are valuable, worthy, and deserving of good things, including respect from yourself and others. It all begins with treating yourself well, so make sure you use these affirmations daily.