Curiosity may have killed the cat but before he died, the other cats knew a lot of things about his character.

People who are curious may not be aware that their snooping reveals things about their personalities. Curious people tend to have a lot of outstanding qualities that scientists have yet to understand fully, but that doesn’t stop people from noticing these qualities. In most cases, the qualities lead to positive outcomes.

If you’re a curious person, it may be of interest to you to know what your inquisitive character is revealing to the world, especially if you don’t want to reveal anything. Here are 12 things that curiosity reveals about your personality.

1. You’re a social butterfly when you need to be.

Snooping on your own can get you a lot of information, but at some point, you would have to communicate with people to connect some final dots. This means that you’ll figure out how to socialize well in order to get the information you desire. Even if the socialization isn’t genuine, people will think it is and will be more likely to open up to you.

You may not be the life of the party, but you certainly know how to strike up a conversation with strangers. You know how to make people comfortable, how to make people laugh, and how to read people. You’re the epitome of a people person.

2. You’re a great listener.

You can’t absorb information well if you don’t listen. This is something you probably figured out at an early age. You need to listen so you can get the correct information, read between the lines, and interpret things that are both said and unsaid.

People notice that you’re a great listener, so when they need to talk, they know exactly who to go to. They feel they can tell you anything and, if you are good at keeping your mouth shut, they may even reveal juicy secrets. Listening more than talking can be extremely rewarding for someone with such a high level of curiosity.

3. Your word is trustworthy.

The good thing about being curious is that you will find the answers to almost everything. This means that when you give an opinion or an answer to a question, you are going to be right. You might not know everything, but you know a lot more than most people in the room.

You may be the most likely candidate to win Jeopardy and everyone knows it. To them, you might be like a walking encyclopedia. Do not be surprised if people want you to weigh in on every situation.

There may be a few people who get annoyed by the fact that you know everything. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone.

4. You are attentive to small details.

According to the American Psychological Association, curious people are naturally gifted at noticing things others may not notice. Small details won’t get away no matter how. An inquisitive person can sniff out small details like a hound dog sniffs out evidence.

People who are curious are also great at interpreting small details. They can put these details together and connect them to the big picture. With curious people, there will be no rock or stone unturned when it comes to minor details.

5. You aren’t ashamed when you don’t know anything.

Curious people are not ashamed to say they don’t know something. In fact, you may get slightly excited when you don’t know anything because this gives you something to inquire about. Anything that leads to a mystery piques your interest – after all, if you knew everything, there wouldn’t be anything to be curious about.

Anyone would bet that you won’t leave the mystery unsolved. Your curiosity will drive you to find the answer to whatever bit of information is evading you. Then you’ll be as solid as a rock the next time someone asks you about the topic.

6. You don’t live in the past.

socially intelligent
Many people get caught up with situations that happened in the past. They are incapable of letting things roll off their shoulders. Their emotions get the best of them.

Psychology says that people who can’t let go of the past seem to be stuck in quicksand. This is in direct contradiction to the nature of curious people.

Curious people like you don’t have that problem. You have emotions – you’re human after all – but your curiosity is much stronger than your emotions. Your innate need to discover new situations and new information is what helps you to move on and focus on your future. It’s an excellent trait to have, one that will take you far in life.

7. You are a brave individual.

In order to satisfy your curiosity, sometimes you must put yourself in uncomfortable positions or face your fears. You don’t back down from intimidating circumstances if it means getting the answers you seek. It takes bravery for a person to be able to do that.

Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid of the consequences of being nosy. It simply means that your need to know certain things is strong enough to overcome your fears. In some situations, this can be good. However, there are certain instances where this bravery could get you into trouble. With practice and life experience, you’ll be able to tell the difference before you get yourself into hot water.

8. You can be irritatingly persistent.

You are skilled at wearing people down. When you want to know something, you’ll find out the information at almost any cost. If a person is holding back from you, they’re fair game.

You are good at getting people to a point where they’ll just tell you what you want to know so you’ll leave them alone. Be careful with this skill – it could cause you to lose friends, lovers, and even co-workers. No one likes to be badgered, so make sure you read signs and body language when you’re trying to drag information out of someone.

9. You’re patient.

You can’t rush curiosity. It takes time to discover all the juicy information you’re after. Being a curious person has taught you to be patient when it comes to getting what you want, but the skill of being patient spills over into the rest of your life also.

People likely take notice of your patience. However, when you get what you want, you may suddenly exit with haste depending on the rest of your personality. You may not even be aware of this behavior, but you can be sure that others are aware.

10. You focus well when you want to.

Your inquisitive nature allows you to focus on a subject fully so you can gather every detail you can. Distractions don’t seem to affect you unless you want them to. Your focus is like a laser – strong, accurate, and intense.

This laser focus that you have likely allowed you to be very efficient in your career and your co-workers and your boss have likely noticed. This focus is also what makes you a great listener. However, don’t be too intense because it can make people feel a bit uncomfortable around you.

11. You’re very intelligent.

All that information you’re collecting in that beautiful brain of yours likely gets put to good use often. You’re much more intelligent than most people because you absorb information like a sponge. You are likely one of the best problem solvers in your circle.

You can be sure that the people around you notice how intelligent you are. Intelligence stands out in a crowd. In fact, your intelligence may be what encourages you to be curious. After all, that’s how you learn even more.

12. You’re healthy and/or have healthy habits.

It may sound strange, but scientists have made a connection between health and social connections. The more socially connected a person is, the fewer health problems they have. Luckily, curious people like you are very socially connected as suggested in number one.

The study, published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, states that socially connected people have healthy body mass indexes, controlled blood sugar, better cardiovascular health, less stress, a lower risk of cancer, and so much more. The researchers even went as far as comparing a healthy social life to taking vitamins. This means your snooping around can ultimately lead to a longer, healthier life and people will notice this.

Final Thoughts on How Curiosity Reveals Who You Are

Despite that old cat quip, being curious isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It makes you smarter, braver, bolder, and a better friend or lover. Curiosity helps to round out your personality.

People around you may notice your inquisitive nature, but they’ll also notice all of these other things about your personality. You’ll connect well with people while still standing out from the crowd. Every now and then, too much snooping may get you in trouble. However, it will be balanced out by all the other positive benefits you gain from being curious, so keep up the good detective work.