When you think back on your childhood, do you have good recollections to share with your kids, or are there things that make you strive to do better? You want to create memories with your children and have fun. You only get them for a few short years, then they’re gone and on with their lives.

Many parents are so caught up in the 9-5 grind that they forget about the little people who need them more than anything. Your job may be necessary, but to a child, you’re their whole life. They need to know you love them and for you to be present at their milestones and throughout their youth.

Fifteen Ways to Create Memories with Your Children

It’s easy to allow your children to play on technology while you engage with work or friends over social media. However, what is that going to mean to your kids when they’re older? Do you want your children to say that you never had time for them?

When your life is said and done, do you want them to think that you were successful in business or that you were a good parent? Family is more important than anything. Jobs and friends come and go, but your kids mean everything. Here are some ways that you can spend more time with them, making memories.

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1. Take Family Vacations to Create Memories of Happy Places

When you take a family vacation, you create memories that will last a lifetime. They will enjoy spending quality time with you doing things outside the norm. Whether it’s lying on the beach or hiking in the mountains, give them plenty of stories to share with their children.

2. Insist on Meals Around the Table

There’s something about the family dinner table that’s important and special. Many great conversations are had while gathering over good food.

It’s a time when you turn electronics off and find out about each other’s day. Don’t sit around the television for entertainment while eating. Communicate with one another.

3. Tuck Them in And Say Goodnight

When they’re little, always take time from your day to tuck them in and tell them goodnight. When they’re too old to tuck in, then you still should hug them and let them know you hope they have a good night’s sleep. It’s such a small gesture that signifies that you’re there for them anytime.

4. Put Your Focus on Experiences, Not Materialism

Many people focus on gaining material goods, but your focus should be on having new and exciting experiences with your family. Your children need stories to tell their friends how mom and dad went rock climbing, zip-lining, or surfing with them. Experiences are what mold and make childhood memorable.

5. Say “I Love You” Often

No matter how old your children are or what phase they’re in life, make sure you always tell them how much they’re loved. They know that you love them, but hearing you reaffirm your feelings puts their mind at ease. This is especially true when they’ve had a bad day, or they made a big mistake.

While you must be firm at times, don’t ever forget to include that firm hand with an acknowledgment that it doesn’t change how you feel.

6. Limit Technology to Create Memories by Carving Out Precious Time

Too much technology is a bad thing. Don’t let your kids sit in front of a television or gaming device all day long. If you want to create memories, you’re going to have to turn off the electronics and give them your undivided attention.

According to News and Medical Life Sciences, roughly 86 percent of children spend too much time on technology. The scary part is that it can strain their eyes and stunt their creativity. Additionally, video games can affect sleeping, cause problems in school performance, and create social awkwardness.

7. Have Family Game Night

While video games are great, there’s nothing like an old-fashioned board game night with your family. Pull out some of the great board games, grab some favorite snacks, and have a night laughing together.

Did you know that many children prefer playing these games as they get their entire family involved? Don’t forget to check out the newest board style games and get in on the fun with your family.

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8. Create Memories by Celebrating the Milestones

There will always be milestones in life, and these events must be celebrated. Did your child that was struggling with their grades finally make the honor roll? You need to make a big deal about these events as it was a significant accomplishment for them.

Not only will celebrating these milestones put a smile on their face and boost their ego, but it allows them to create memories with plenty of photo ops.

9. Always Have Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations are among the best ways to create memories with your children. There’s no need to hire a three-ring circus for a backyard production, as the smaller parties are usually the most fun.

Bake a cake, invite a few friends, and make a big deal of their special day. You won’t regret any time or effort you put into celebrating the day of your child’s birth.

10. Show Affection

It would be interesting to see how many children grow up and sit in their therapist’s office saying no one ever told them or showed them love growing up. There is power in your touch, and your child needs to feel it. Make sure they have your affection. According to the National Institute of Medicine, your children need your love to help

Now, different people have various levels of ease regarding displays of affection. Do what’s comfortable for you, but push yourself outside your comfort zone so your child knows you love them and feels it.

11. Do Dinner Dates

Children often vie for the attention of their parents. If you have more than one child, you will find it challenging to show them all equal attention. One of the best ways to make every kid feel important is to have one-on-one time with them.

Ask then to go out on a formal date with just the two of you, and then plan something special they will enjoy. These stolen moments with your child will sustain them and help them feel the power of your bond.

12. Tell Them Stories of Family History

Do you remember your parents telling you about the history of your family? Who can forget sitting on grandma or grandpa’s lap as they tell stories of things that they’ve been through in life?

Whether the stories are humorous or severe doesn’t matter. Most kids will sit attentively, hanging to every word during your storytime.

13. Create Memories by Dreaming Together

Always take time out of your busy day to dream with your child. What do they want to be when they grow up? What kind of car do they want for their first vehicle? Do they want to get married and have children, or do they see themselves as a nomad that wonders about viewing the world?

Your dreams and theirs might not align, but at least you will get the experience of hearing their changing visions for their future and being a part of it.

14. Always Be There

While you must work and provide for your family to create memories, you must be present now. So many people struggle with being present as their life is so chaotic. Make time for your family as it’s essential for an excellent foundation for their growth.

15. Play in The Snow

Who doesn’t like making snow angels or building a fort made of fluffy stuff? Children love to play in the snow and think of all the bragging rights on social media when you show off your icy creations. Even if you don’t like the cold and chills you to the bone, give your children the experience of playing out in the snow and having hot chocolate afterward.

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Final Thoughts on Why You Must Create Memories with Your Kids

You want to give your children a well-rounded childhood and not one that requires years of therapy to overcome. You can be the best parent with the hand that you’ve been dealt in life. You don’t need wads of money, drive a fancy car, or take them to exotic lands.

While all those things are lovely, you can do things that won’t break the bank but will still help them create memories to last a lifetime. Give your children a good childhood that they can share with their children. You instill in them the value of spending time together and showing each other; you love them.

So many people put their focus on materialism and let the technological devices entertain their children. While playtime on video games is acceptable in moderation, what your kids need more than anything is you. They need you to be present, show them love, and be there for every milestone and birthday.