Are you chasing money, or do you desire to be happy in life? Money doesn’t buy happiness, but many people strive to hoard cash in bank accounts, investments, and the stock market. Why is the love of money referred to as the root of all evil?

You need cash to survive. You wouldn’t have a house, car, or groceries on your table without income. Where is the line that you must draw between needing a job to provide for your family and becoming obsessed with making cash?

It’s a ticklish balance that some mismanage. Your ego needs you to provide for your family to be successful, but other things in life are more meaningful. Money isn’t going to hold your hand when you’re sick, and it won’t be there for you when you take your last breath.

You can’t take it with you when you pass, and it will give your children something to argue about for years to come. Why do people make their whole journey on the planet earth about making the beloved green stuff?

25 Behaviors That Show You’re Chasing Money

chasing money
How are your priorities in life? Does your family come first, or do you look to your job and becoming successful as your most important drive?

Though many say family is the most important thing in their life, their actions speak much louder than words. Here are some signs that you’re chasing money and not happy in your life.

1. You’re Focused on Materialism

Your main objective in life is building your stash of wealth. You feel that your accomplishments measure your importance, and being profitable means having bigger and better things.

2. You Put Family and Friends Aside for Your Career

Your family and friends play second fiddle to your job and aspirations to obtain more money. You will miss the kid’s sports games and make up excuses to your spouse on why you can’t do things around the home or spend time with them.

3. You Neglect Self-Care to Work More Hours

Due to your drive to have a bigger and better bank account than most, you probably lack self-care. You could suffer from things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and anxiety.

You may have a sleep debt due to burning the midnight oil. Since you won’t take the time to go to the doctor, you may have many days where you feel sick. However, you keep on going anyway.

4. You Brown Nose to Climb the Corporate Ladder

You schmooze with the best to get where you need to be. Maybe you don’t choose your friends based on who you like. Instead, you select your in-crowd to be those who can move you up the corporate ladder.

5. You Have No Hobbies

You’re all work and no play. Who has time for hobbies when that could cost you a big sale or money you need to put in the bank?

6. Your Often Told You Work Too Much

You’ve heard a time or to from friends or relatives that you work too much. However, you feel that your workload is expected from someone who has high aspirations of being something in life. You secretly think that some of these naysayers don’t work enough.

7. You Work Longer Than What’s Required of You

You don’t mind working more than the average person. If you check back through your hours worked, you probably are busy with your job way more than most people.

8. You Devalue Personal Priorities

Your family can’t count on you for things around the house or relationship needs. Everyone knows you are married to your career and the pursuit of money, so you have little time for anything else.

9. Who Needs Lunch Break Anyway?

Who has time for lunch when you have things that need to be done? You get so caught up in chasing money that you work through your breaks and eat while you work. Your health suffers because your diet consists of whatever you can grab on the go.

10. You Are Stressed When You’re Not Working

If you take time off, you feel stressed out. Your mind is a million miles away because all you can think about is making more money and all the work you have waiting for you.

11. Who Needs A Vacation?

You probably haven’t taken a vacation in a long time. Even if the family ropes you into a trip, you will bring a laptop and work using remote access.

12. You Work Even When You’re Sick

Sick days equals downtime, and you have no time to be down. You go to the office even if you feel like you’re on death’s door.

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13. You Hide Work from Loved Ones

Whether it’s on vacation or at home, you often hide work from your family to keep the peace. How many times have you snuck your laptop into the bathroom or made a run to the local carryout to make business calls?

14. You Tend to Micromanage Everyone Around You

You’re a dictator because, in your world, you know what needs to be done and how it needs to be accomplished. Your family thinks you micromanage them because you cannot leave the management role as it’s who you are.

15. You Don’t Know How to Say “No” To Business Opportunities

One problem that you have is that you can’t say no to anyone, especially your boss. You run yourself ragged because you fear you say no; it could burn a bridge to another great opportunity.

16. Your Friends Stop Asking You to Go Out Because They Know You Won’t

You have friends, but they know that you’re always too busy to go out with them. You may not answer texts or phone calls, so they don’t even bother anymore.

17. You Overbook Yourself Continuously

You meet yourself coming and going. Perhaps you want so badly to have a secure future that you don’t have a minute to enjoy life. You remember a day when you just relaxed.

18. You Always Dream of Being Rich

While other people are having daydreams of romance and weddings, you daydream about how much is in your bank account. You think about hitting the lottery or how you will live when you make it rich.

19. You Won’t Spend a Dime Even If You Need Too

Those who are chasing money tend to be penny pinchers. Every dime counts, so you will scrimp on the necessities so that you can save your money for things to impress others or to hoard into a bank account.

20. You Stay with a Job You Hate Because You Like The Pay

Who cares if you don’t like your job and it makes you miserable? You were meant to work, and that doesn’t always mean it’s going to be pleasant. You stay with a company based on pay and not your comfort level.

21. Everything in Your Conversation Is About Money

People often find it hard to talk to you because all your conversations are about money. You are obsessed with the green stuff and make everything in your life about it. It’s a boring conversation for those who want to be happy and could care less about materialism.

22. Never Satisfied with What You Have – Always Wanting More

You can’t remember a time in your life where you have ever been satisfied with what you had financially. There is no set limit on where your comfort level is, as there is always room for more.

23. You Look Down on Others Who Don’t Focus on Wealth

Those with less money are just those who are lazy and won’t work. You see no reason for anyone not to have money when there are so many opportunities out there. You tend to be a bit judgmental of others who are down on their luck.

24. You Choose the Wealthiest People as Your Friends

Not just any friend will do for you. You surround yourself with movers and shakers who have plenty of money to spread around. You wouldn’t be caught with people who don’t have prestige and immense wealth.

25. Your Self-Worth Is Defined by Work Success

Like others, you define your self-worth in this life by how much money you make. If you don’t provide enough for your family, then you feel worthless. Your workaholic ways are stemming from feelings of insecurity about yourself.

chasing money
Final Thoughts On Chasing Money and Missing Out on Your Long-term Happiness

It’s effortless to get your priorities out of alignment when the world you live in is focused on bigger and better. You strive to “keep up with the Smiths and Jones” as it’s socially acceptable. However, chasing money will never buy you any happiness.

Oh sure, the euphoric thrill that comes from buying a new home or car lasts for a while, but those material possessions can never keep you warm at night. Put your focus on being content, being kind to others, and loving your family. All the rest will be just bonuses from the universe.