There’s a lot you can tell from a couple based on their body language. If there are issues coming to the surface, gestures, expressions, and body movements can give clues as to what your partner is feeling. Think there’s trouble in your relationship? Here are some body language secrets to help you determine the status of your connection with your partner.

Here Are 15 Body Language Secrets That Reveal the State of Your Relationship

“Body language is more powerful than words.” – Ricky Gervais

1. Your partner is distracted

How many times have you tried to engage your partner in a conversation, but he doesn’t seem to be paying attention? He’s on his gadget, he fidgets, or he looks somewhere else if you’re in a public place. Something could be up if he can’t focus on you.

2. You don’t walk in sync

If you observe famous couples like Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, you’ll notice how in sync they are when walking side by side. They have a pattern that’s common with any intimate couples in love with each other. But when this pattern is broken or if you notice that there’s a consistent disconnect, then it could signal a potential problem in the relationship.

3. Your facial expressions don’t match in photos

Ever notice couple photos on social media where the wife is smiling and looking so pleased, but the husband appears as if he’s not in the mood? Couples who are in sync have similar facial expressions when they have a positive experience, such as when they’re having a group picture taken. The partner who isn’t showing the right response to this experience might be manifesting signs of stress and discontent.

4. Your partner pulls away when you’re together

Ideally, people who are intimate with each other stand or sit at a distance of about 18 inches from each other when they are together, according to Susan Constantine the author of the book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reading Body Language.” Pulling away and keeping a distance could be a sign that there are issues in your relationship.

5. Your partner crosses legs or arms when talking to you

In any situation or relationship, crossing the legs or arm during a conversation or a confrontation is a red flag. It indicates defensiveness. The person is protecting himself or herself and feeling vulnerable, according to Psych Mechanics. However, don’t take every body movement at face value. The royals do cross their legs when sitting down because it is part of their protocol or etiquette. Women also frequently tend to sit with their legs locked as a matter of decency.

6. You’re smirking at your partner

A smirk can be seen as a condescending facial expression in any social situation. It tells a person you’re feeling superior over him or her. Between couples, a smirk may indicate that one feels more dominant than the other when partners should treat each other as equals. Smugness is a red flag indicating that couples need to resolve their issues and resentments before it gets worse.

7. You’re touching your neck when talking to your partner

Body language experts say that when a person touches his neck or throat when discussing or trying to open up to another person, it’s usually a sign of discomfort, according to the FBI on CNN. A touch on the neck is the brain’s natural response to appease themselves in a situation they don’t want to be in. It may also indicate doubt, deception, or feeling threatened.

8. Your partner has furrowed brows when you’re talking

Furrowed brows indicate that your partner disagrees with what you’re saying.  It may also be a sign of aggression or anger. This form of body language can trigger fights and more problems in the relationship (not to mention cause wrinkles). Be conscious of how your expressions come off when you’re in an intense conversation.

9. You use your hands a lot when you need to stress a point

Using hand gestures when you want to prove a point can manifest frustration or dominance. You want your partner to get on board your way but he or she is showing signs of refusal. This could be an indication of tension in your relationship.

10. You have your hands on your hips

People in authority put their hands on their hips to show control. This is the body language of dominance. It shows who is the boss in the dynamics of any relationship, like the ones between a parent and the child, or the worker and the boss. But between intimate couples who are supposed to be equals, this is an expression of arrogance that might only escalate an argument.

11. Your eye rolls when your partner talks

Similar to a smirk, this body language can be seen as a condescending act or disrespect. Interestingly, however, eye-rolling used to be considered a form of flirtation in the Middle Ages, according to Slate. Today, however, it’s mostly associated with signs of annoyance. Clearly, there are issues you need to thresh out in your relationship if you or your partner do this a lot.

12. You have no eye contact with your partner

Eye contact is such a powerful form of nonverbal language. It conveys trust and openness. People who are into their partners wouldn’t mind spending hours gazing into each other’s eyes. However, in normal conversations, eye contact is all about focusing and listening.  If your partner can’t hold your gaze or refuses to make eye contact, it might be his way of saying he’s not interested in what you have to say.

13. You don’t kiss with your tongue

Couples show their love and passion when they kiss each other with enthusiasm using their tongue and if this is happening less and less in your relationship, something could be wrong. Kissing passionately taps into your emotions. If that passion is gone, you have to figure out why there’s no more excitement. It may be because you aren’t bonding with our partner as much. Perhaps a holiday together will bring this passion back.

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14. You’re no longer caressing each other

While you haven’t stop touching each other, something could still be off in your relationship if your caresses and strokes have been replaced with pats. This gesture is more appropriate for friends, co-workers, and acquaintances, not someone you’re intimate with.

15. You don’t have closeness

You and your partner sleep apart and you no longer have intimate moments. This physical distance is a glaring sign that there could be trouble in paradise.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know your partner better than anyone else. While you might have observed these nonverbal signs, the best way to deal with it is to sit down and discuss the real state of your relationship. Jumping to conclusions may only set you up for a conflict when you can clarify what’s the real deal with an actual conversation. Remember, positive thinking is the way to go.

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