Have you ever had to explain your beliefs to someone who doesn’t understand why you feel the way you do? Sometimes seeing is believing. but for those who believe that fairies can bring them health and happiness, sometimes the opposite is true; believing is seeing. Allan Turner of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland writes the following about fairy faith:

“In all societies, it is a natural characteristic of the human mind that it seeks to place life experiences within the framework of knowledge and beliefs to which it has been exposed. Many of the descriptions of fairies’ interventions should be viewed in the context of an age and cultural setting which predated explanatory scientific thinking.”

Faith is the act of believing in something that you don’t necessarily have evidence to support. Many people feel strongly that these supernatural beings either do or do not exist. Those who do follow the spiritual practice of Fairy Faith.

Have you seen a fairy or experienced fairy energy?

Experiencing fairy faith is an alternative belief system that can have a positive impact on your life rather than make you question whether what you believe is really true.

These beings are often called ‘spirits of nature’ and ‘god-like beings’ of older times before organized religions glossed over the stories of mysteries from the tiny ‘indigenous others’ who lived among humans, and sometimes still do.

If you can show others how believing in fairies has made a positive impact on your life, others will be more likely to support you or embrace your beliefs. In her review of Dennis Gaffin’s book, Running with the Fairies: Towards a Transpersonal Anthropology of Religion, Jessica Jernigan says that for Gaffin, “fairies have a great deal in common with spirit guides, power animals, and—yes—guardian angels as they are envisioned and experienced by contemporary seekers.

He is dismissive of writers who conflate fairies with aliens and poltergeists, but his own description of “mystical Fairy Faith” could apply to innumerable modern belief systems.

Why Believing In Fairies Can Improve Your Health (And Happiness)

People who believe in fairies believe that these mystical beings have the power to either help or harm others.

In fact, they most often think of these magical creatures as mischievous children. Will they play a prank or will they bring you health and happiness if you give them something in return?

Indeed, most believers think that they must please the fairies or keep them happy with offerings. Some of these offerings include leaving out milk or food in a stone hollow outside in places that a fairy might be found, like in a mossy garden area.

Healing stones, amulets, and silver water are all folkloric healing methods associated with fairy healing stories. These healing items are found in places where spontaneous healing once occurred, and the stone or amulet taken from the site is thought hold absorbed healing energy that others in the community may be able to use.

Finally, fairy faith includes a serpent stone. A serpent stone is a stone with a hole in the middle, which is believed to have healing properties. The stone is placed in water and the water is then poured over or sprinkled on the sick person. Believers may utilize this same method for healing using silver coins.

In short, Fairy Faith is a spiritual way of living that many people enjoy. They take comfort in knowing that these beings guide them and protect them. And that stalwart belief carries them through the hardest times of their life journey.

How to find and attract fairies into your life

So perhaps you, too, want to seek a fairy now. But where do you find one of these creatures who can guide you on your life path and help you heal your soul?

nature and fairies
How to find a fairy

These beings like to visit places that already feel happy and loving. Look for them at the edge of a playground near trees, flowers, or lush plants. In particular, they love the bright colors of nature, so look near brightly-colored flowers or blooming trees.

Finding something sparkly, something unusual, like a stone that seems out of place, or a piece of trash that looks old, like a 1950’s soda pop bottle cap signifies that a fairy might be nearby. In the evening, they will gather around stringed lights in the garden, attracted to the soft glow.

And so does the gentle sound of a stream, fountain, or gentle raindrops. Every fairy likes to connect with all aspects of nature.

In addition, look for other winged creatures. The little fairy likes to keep company with hummingbirds, dragonflies, and butterflies, in particular.

Stop and listen for the presence of a fairy. They are quiet beings. But they alert their believers by sound. Have you ever heard the melody of a wind chime on a day without a breeze? That might have been a fairy attempting to communicate with you.

What to offer a fairy

If you find a space where you suspect them of being, leave an offering of a pretty bead, a smooth pebble, or something equally small but fanciful and lovely.

These creatures also have a sweet tooth and enjoy the goodness of berries and fruits. However, they won’t eat any non-organic foods as the pesticides and chemicals may harm them, too! Homebaked treats, baked with organic ingredients, will also please these beings.

Finally, if you want to offer them a thimble filled with a drink, they will appreciate your kind gesture. Their favorite beverages are milk, mead, and ale–organic, of course!

Asking a fairy for intervention or assistance

Try this method to ask one of these beings for its help.

Say in a whisper, “Fairies, if you are here, I believe in you and I need help.”  Then, ask what you would like the fairy to help you with.

For example, you might want healing and a feeling of well-being. Say “I ask that you be present in my life and help heal what is sick in me. Help me to be as happy and delighted with life as a fairy.

How do you know if a fairy will grant your request? Keep your eyes wide open. Look for signs of butterflies, birds, dragonflies, and other winged creatures in your life and be open to the guidance that you receive from the messages that they bring you.

fairy faith a spiritual practice
Final Thoughts on Fairy Faith

Whether or not you believe in Fairy Faith, yourself, it offers a source of comfort to its followers. And maybe fairy believes aren’t that far off-base.

Maybe the eyeglasses you misplace so often or other mysterious things you deal with each day aren’t forgetfulness. Perhaps it is the mischievous work of fairies letting you know they are watching over you. Isn’t that a nice thought?

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