12 Changes to Make Right Now If You Want to Be Happier

12 Changes to Make Right Now If You Want to Be Happier

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It’s easy to focus on all the bad things in your life that have left you downtrodden. However, to be happier, you must change your mindset. The things that you do every day can affect your overall happiness.

Have you ever heard the old saying that a life lived with many regrets is no life at all? Think about that profound statement and use it to evaluate your life.

Do you have a bucket list of things you’ve been waiting to do, or are you so tied to a desk at the office that work has become your life? Use your past experiences to write your future, and make sure your future is fulfilled.

Be Happier and Be Fulfilled with These Tips

Now is the time to start living and enjoying all that you have been given. Stop wishing for a happier life and put action behind those thoughts. Here are 12 things that you can do to improve your life to make it happier and more fulfilled.



1. Focus on Relationships and Not Possessions

Is your focus off-kilter? Are you putting all your energy into storing wealth and possessions when you should be focused on people and relationships? Your obituary will never discuss all the boats, cars, and homes that you’ve owned in your life.


Rather, it will talk about how loving and kind you were to others. When you put your focus on people, you will reap the rewards of good friendship and love. To have friends, you must show yourself friendly, and it’s hard to do when you’re married to your job.

2. Give Back

There’s no better feeling than the one where you help someone in need. It’s not something that you need to post on social media to get accolades from, but it’s a gesture of kindness that you feel inside.

If you have two shirts, give your brother one. It’s an old principle that still rings true. If you want to find true happiness, then you will find ways to give back to others.

3. Use Accountability

Every word or action you do can have consequences attached to it. If you do something wrong, then you need to own it. Don’t hurt others’ feelings, nor should you ever do something amiss without owning it and rectifying the issue.

If you’ve lied, then make sure that you fix your untruthfulness. You will find that if you have no accountability, your lies and other issues will snowball.


4. Be Disciplined

Have you seen the difference between a person who has great discipline and one who lacks it? A disciplined person knows things like sheets get changed on Mondays, and Tuesdays are when the trash must be taken to the curb.

They live by a structure so that they are accountable and dependable to all. No, having discipline doesn’t mean you’re perfect, but you have the mindset to accomplish the necessary tasks.

5. Free Your Mind and Heart of Hate

If you allow it, hate will consume every fiber of your being. Even if someone has wronged you, you must learn to let it go.

Freeing your heart from hatred helps you to focus on happiness and to find fulfillment. You don’t need that negativity anyway.

6. Be Eager to Forgive

Do you hold grudges? Do you harbor feelings for people who have done you wrong in time’s past? You must allow forgiveness to penetrate your being if you want to be forgiven.

Unforgiveness is the breeding ground for hate, and you already know that malice can fester to the point of making you miserable. You don’t want to be known as a grumbling, mean person who holds grudges. Rather, let your legacy be one of happiness and love.

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7. Put Your Loved Ones First To Be Happier

You must work and maintain relationships outside your job, but there is nothing more important than your family. Forbes shared an article regarding how workaholism can destroy marriages.


Sadly, addiction to work is a marriage killer, and it can ruin other relationships too. Family must come for you to be first to be truly fulfilled. There are plenty of other jobs out there, but you only get one family.

8. Live A Purpose-Driven Life

At the core of fulfillment and happiness comes purpose. Going to work and raising kids is part of that picture, but finding purpose goes way beyond that traditional day. What is your reason for being on the earth?

You need to find something that makes you feel happy at the end of the day, even if it’s something small. If you want to live in contentment, then finding a purpose is key.

9. Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams To Be Happier

How long has it been since you sat back and dreamed? Have you ever written those dreams down on paper? Your dreams are the driving force behind your happiness in life. Your existence would be dull if you didn’t have a vision for the future.

Maybe it’s time you stop worrying about your 9-5 and getting the kids to all their after-school functions. It would help if you made time to dream again. Do you want to be a pilot, travel to a faraway land, or hold a position in your company that seems unachievable?


Dreaming gives you hope for tomorrow and a reason to keep going.

10. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

This step might be hard for many people. Your comfort zone is there to protect you, and when you step outside those bounds, it can be scary. However, if you don’t ever stretch yourself or your limits a bit, then you will never know how genuinely great your life can be.

Have you ever been offered a position or asked to do something in life, but you doubted your abilities? It’s a boat trip where people are jumping over for a nice swim. If you don’t put your toes in the water and feel the water below’s amazing sensations below, how will you know if you won’t like it?

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