Learning how to practice self care will help you be a happier and more fulfilled person. When we work on self care, we are giving ourselves the gift of a more peaceful life. You don’t have to make huge changes in your life. Little tweaks to your routine here and there will have you feeling recharged and optimistic.

These ten tips are not an exhaustive list of self-care techniques, but they will get you started on the road to self-acceptance and calm.

10 Ways to Nurture Yourself with Self Care

Here are ten ways to dedicate time to making yourself a priority–every single day!

1. Let Go of the Past

Constantly going over our mistakes in our minds is a major source of stress and anxiety. Try to look forward in your life and anticipate the positive changes that are coming. When we visualize ourselves in the future, we are more able to work toward our dreams of a happy and fulfilling life.

2. Turn Off Electronics

Give yourself an hour when all of your devices are set to airplane mode. Put them away and live your life offline for a little while. The world will go on without you for an hour. You may feel panicky at first, but you will grow to look forward to your “unplugged hour” each day. It will give you a sense of calm and relaxation.

3. Change Your Routine

Something as simple as taking a new route to work is a nice form of self care. Give yourself opportunities to stretch your legs and do things a little differently. Do you always have certain meals on certain nights of the week? Change it up and you’ll look forward to the new meal routine.

4. Deep Breathing

Practice deep breathing for 10 to 15 minutes each day. You don’t have to relax in a comfortable place; this exercise can be done anywhere and anytime, but you might find it more relaxing if you do have the opportunity to sit or lie down in a quiet room. Breathe in for six seconds and out for six seconds. This will calm your mind, lower your blood pressure, and foster happiness.

5. Get a Little Exercise

Exercise is a proven way to lift the mood and make life easier to cope with. The “runner’s high” is real, but you don’t have to run to get this feeling. Start small by taking the stairs at work or going for a brisk walk at lunchtime. As you build more endurance, you can exercise longer.

6. Make Small Changes to your Diet

Don’t go for a major change, but make an effort to change one meal a day to something healthier. This is a great way to practice self care. This will give your mood a natural lift and give you the feeling that you are taking better care of yourself. When you make gradual healthy changes to your diet, you will feel better overall.

7. Be Your Own Best Friend

Rather than being critical of yourself, imagine you are your best friend. What would your best friend tell you if you were having problems? Chances are, your best friend would be much more patient and caring than you would be with yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s damaging to continually beat yourself up about them.

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8. Start Journaling

It can be a huge help for self care to start a gratitude journal. Taking the time to be grateful is a nice way to practice self care. Do whatever feels right, and spend some time every day counting your blessings.

9. Declutter Your Life

It may seem like a chore, but doing a little decluttering each day can work wonders for your peace of mind. Spend just fifteen minutes a day on a targeted area of your home or your desk at work. Living in a cleaner environment reduces stress and anxiety.

10. Let Go of Negative People

This can be as simple as not engaging with a coworker who constantly complains, or muting or removing negative people from your social media accounts. Spend time with people who lift you up, rather than people who break you down.

Final Thoughts

When you are learning how to practice self care, you will find things that don’t work for you, and you will find things that greatly increase your quality of life. If you find that one of these tips isn’t working or makes you feel guilty, let it go and move on to something else.

When we practice self care, we learn to become our own best friend. Supporting yourself will help you go a long way toward being happy and fulfilled.