Did you know that you can attract a woman without saying a word? The power of body language is very suggestive, and you can show her your interest and increase attraction by using simple gestures.

Remember the famous movie The Little Mermaid? Ursula told her minions Flotsam and Jetsam to “Never underestimate the power of body language.” She wanted to lure Ariel in by putting a spell on her. Ariel wanted the man, and Ursula wanted to get back at King Triton, the girl’s father. Ursula took Ariel’s voice, so she had to rely on her body language to make Prince Eric fall in love.

Ariel used her feminine wiles and charm to make the handsome prince fall head over heels for her, and she didn’t have to utter one word. Sure, it’s a fairy tale, and you must consider that fact, but it shows you can attract a partner with other methods. Personality and intelligence can come shining through even when you don’t talk.

Of course, some might be looking for how to attract a man–and we did not forget to include you. Please see this topic addressed in a separate article.

Ten Ways to Attract a Woman Without Saying a Word

One of the biggest mistakes a man makes is putting so much emphasis on having the perfect opening line. Sadly, these phrases are often discounted and thought of as cheesy, as these lame attempts typically backfire. So, if you want to get a woman, stop using your words and learn to focus on the following things.

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1. Dress To Impress to Attract a Woman

When you walk into a crowded room, you can always pick out the lady that looks amazing. Perhaps she has on a dazzling perfume, or her dress is so stunning you can’t take your eyes off her. A woman will notice the same thing about you. A man well-groomed and dressed to impress will undoubtedly catch her eye.

Dressing well affects your confidence level and showcases your ability to clean up nicely. Ladies like a man who knows how to dress, so put a little extra effort into your attire.

2. Keep A Stylish Haircut

While some men can pull off long locks that flow down their back, most look best in a quaffed style. A man who has a nice haircut always looks attractive. Another thing to consider is that a person who pays $5 for a discount cut doesn’t have the same look as someone who goes to a hair artist.

Paying attention to the little details is essential, as it helps show that you have a good amount of self-respect. Getting a masculine haircut shows you’re mature and makes you look sharp. Every woman wants a man who knows how to care for himself and doesn’t need her to be the clothes and hair police.

3. Stay Healthy and in Shape to Increase Attraction to You

You don’t need to look like a model or a superhero, but a lady likes to see a man who takes pride in his body. If you want to attract a woman without talking, you will ensure you have a body that speaks volumes. Now, being in shape doesn’t mean that you must keep an overly built physique, but it also doesn’t mean that you let things like a beer gut go.

A woman can form an attraction by simply looking at you. She’s not expecting perfection, but she wants to see that you are healthy, exercise regularly, and have some self-respect. Another thing to consider is that guys can get by with the teddy bear exterior, as society doesn’t seem to judge you as harshly as a woman.

A study by Cornell University found that in the workplace, men who are overweight are more likely to be hired than women. They found that the “big guys” exterior often works for a man. So, regardless of your body size, you must dress right and showcase your attributes to gain her attention in the dating world.

4. Show Your Powerful, Masculine Hands

One of the things that men don’t even think about when it comes to attraction is their hands. The hands are powerful and masculine, and they drive women wild. A lady wants to feel safe when she’s in your arms and holding your hand, so it’s only natural that she will check them out.

Don’t be ashamed if you have rough hands with callouses, have a little grease under the nail, and they’re far from perfect. If you want to attract a woman, you want your hands to be more masculine than on the feminine side.

5. Inconspicuously Touch Her

Attraction without speaking can come in many forms, but you should never underestimate the power of touch. You don’t have to make grand gestures to the lady’s gain attention, but try touching her if you want to attract a woman without speaking. For instance, you’re in a club, and everyone is dancing.

Rubbing your shoulders against hers on the dance floor sends her a physical cue that you’re interested. You can gently brush up against her in an elevator or look deep into her eyes as you grab her hand at dinner. Women love those soft, gentle touches as it drives them wild.


6. Smile to Attract a Woman

Do you often smile when you’re trying to attract a woman? There’s something about a smile that tends to make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It removes any threatening body language and is an open invitation to connect with you.

Most guys think they need to act dominant and tricky to impress her, but the truth is that you don’t need to be macho, as she wants to see your caring side. Your entire face lights up when you smile, not just your mouth. While the macho act might impress someone with toxic qualities, women of class are looking for those unthreatening acts.

A study by Walden University found that emotional expression is a powerful part of attraction. A smile can make all the difference in how the world perceives you. While this is geared towards physical attraction, smiling more can help you in many facets of your life.

7. Move With Confidence

If you want to attract a woman, you will pay attention to how you walk. Ironically, something as simple as your gait can say a lot about you. Women notice men who are confident by the way they enter a room. An instant attraction can occur when a guy comes in with his head held high, shoulders back, and smiling.

It shows that he is confident in himself and yet not arrogant. Learning to move confidently can be a significant factor in getting the woman interested without saying a word. People are naturally drawn to confident people. She wants someone not down in the dumps and wallowing in their troubles. Everyone has problems, but learning to smile through the pain is very attractive to a woman.

8. Nonverbal Parody to Attract a Woman

Parody is a way to attract a woman by using specific body language. For instance, you see her across the room, and your eyes meet. Indiscreetly waving and smiling will let her know you’re interested.

How she responds is one way to see if there’s any attraction. You can keep this innocent flirting going on for hours. When you finally get the chance to speak to her, if there’s any allure, you’ll both know for sure.

9. Be In the Right Place at the Right Time

Timing is everything when you want to attract a woman. If you know that she will be at a restaurant with her friends, it might benefit you to dine at the same place. Maybe she doesn’t know someone tipped you off, and she’ll think the chance encounter is a coincidence.

When she sees that you enjoy the same things as her, it can help her feel more drawn to you. Opposites attract, but having someone who likes to see and do similar things is nice.

10. Make Her Jealous to Check Her Attraction to You

While trying to make a lady jealous to attract her might sound a bit shallow, it works like a charm. Have you ever heard the saying that you didn’t want that person until someone got them? When she sees you with a gorgeous girl in your arms, she can’t help but notice.

You look more desirable when you have someone with you, as the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. The goal is to make it look like any woman would be lucky to have you, and she might find you irresistible.

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Final Thoughts on How to Attract a Woman

Women are naturally curious creatures, so you want to do everything possible to step up your game. If you’re going to attract a woman, you must pay attention to your clothes, haircut, body language, and friends. Above all else, make sure you smile and let her know you welcome a chance for a conversation, dinner, or a night on the town.