All people experience love differently and want different things out of relationships, but at our core, we all need the same basic things in our romantic partnerships. Astrology can tell us a lot of things about what we need in our love lives, so read on to find out what your zodiac sign reveals about your relationships.

Here’s what your zodiac sign says about your love life:


Aquarius, you live life by the seat of your pants and crave intelligent conversations. In relationships, you need spontaneity and thought-provoking conversations, or else you get bored pretty quickly. You want someone who will keep you on your toes and show you a new perspective on life. The perfect person for you would take you on trips unexpectedly and just tell you to pack your bags without informing you of where you’re going. Your love life is a bit chaotic, complicated, and passionate, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are interested in psychic reading, you can check this full article and understand how it works and what one must do to find a reliable psychic to help and guide them.


Pisces, you’re sensitive, have a huge imagination, and live inside your head a lot. You don’t take relationships lightly, and don’t open up to someone until you’re totally comfortable and can trust them wholly. You aren’t one for flings, and would rather be single than stay in a relationship that doesn’t satisfy you. You need a deep, passionate connection with someone or else you don’t see the point of a relationship.


Aries, your independent, headstrong nature calls for having someone in your life to keep you in check when you start to get a little too hot to handle. You never feel that you need anyone to complete you, however, as you know how to master your own life without someone else directing you. You need a passionate, goal-oriented, independent partner who knows how to listen and can handle your feisty nature without trying to change you.


Taurus, you’re stubborn and stuck in your ways, but you truly care about your partner deeply and want the best for them. Underneath that tough exterior, you have a lot of emotions that you don’t show. You want someone who can take care of you after a long day at work, and someone who can help you open up to show your sensitive side. You’re not big on words, but you surely know how to show someone you care about them.


Gemini, you definitely have a split personality, because sometimes you want to settle down with someone, and other times you want to play the field. Your love life is ever-changing depending on your current mood and goals with romance. This can make it confusing for your partner, but you just see it as “trying out” different people and personalities until you find your true match.


Cancer, you have a lot of love to give, but you often give it to the wrong people who only want to take advantage of you instead of sharing their love with you. Because you wear your heart on your sleeve, you tend to get hurt very easily. In love, you want someone who you can fully trust and who can handle your sea of emotions. You want someone who won’t try to change your sensitive, caring soul, but instead will embrace you and serve as your anchor when you drift too far out to sea.


Leo, you have a loud, outgoing personality, and need someone who will join in your party rather than raining on your parade. You have a lot of goals in life, and aren’t afraid of going after them. You need someone who will support you and can keep up with the fast pace of your life. You have a fun, caring personality, and want someone who looks at life through the same optimistic lens as you.



Virgo, your specialty in life is overanalyzing and making decisions based on pure logic, so you’d do well to find someone more laid-back and emotional to balance you out. You have a hard time talking about your emotions, so you need someone who can help you open up a bit. Also, you like to have everything planned out to a T, so you need someone who can help you be less rigid and more flexible.


Libra, you need balance in your life like plants need the sun. It’s your method of survival, and you don’t do well when the seas get turbulent. You’re a natural peacemaker, so you need a relationship that will promote those feelings instead of causing you stress. You have a calm, yet fun-loving personality, so you need someone grounded and steadfast to help keep you feeling stable.


Scorpio, you don’t like to admit it, but you’re a highly emotional, sensitive creature. You like to hide your emotions, however, because sharing them makes you feel vulnerable, and you don’t like people to know too much about your inner world. In a relationship, it’s vital for you to have someone who makes you feel comfortable sharing your emotions instead of giving you a guilt trip about being too “moody.” You have a lot of passion, and need a relationship that ignites your flames.


Sagittarius, you’re always on the go. You love to go on adventures and don’t like to stay in one place too long. You’re a big jokester and don’t like taking life too seriously. You need a high energy partner who can keep up with you and who also doesn’t have the need to plan things out too much, because that seriously drags you down!


Capricorn, you’re a loyal, dedicated person to whatever comes your way in life. However, you tend to work yourself to death, so you need a partner to show you a good time and drag you away from your work. You tend to be a homebody, so you need someone who will take you out on the town and make you laugh to help balance out your serious personality. In a relationship, you give someone your whole heart and don’t want someone who’s just interested in playing games.

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