Life can be surprising, and your mindset is bound to shift once in a while. If you have noticed that you’ve been negative lately, these affirmations for positivity can help you change that.

As you say these positive affirmations out loud, positivity will re-enter your life.

With positivity in your life, you will be happier and experience more success, as these affirmations for positivity will show. You will be able to focus on your goals and what is truly important in life. Plus, with positive thinking, you can work towards bettering yourself in many ways.

If you want to live a meaningful life, then you have no room for long-lasting negativity. You must make sure you do whatever it takes to allow positivity into your life. These affirmations for positivity are an easy way to achieve that.

Twenty Affirmations for Positivity

Recite these phrases in front of the mirror–and do not forget to smile in the mirror as you do!

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1. I can and will achieve my goals and dreams.

By telling yourself that you can and will achieve your goals, you will be successful. This reminder can help positivity re-enter your life so that you can work toward what is important.

Anytime you begin to feel negative thoughts creeping in, repeat this affirmation. You don’t want negative thoughts to interfere with your goals and dreams, so use this affirmation often.

2. I keep moving forward even when things get hard.

There will always be hard situations to deal with in life, but you can’t let it keep you down. Encourage yourself to keep moving and fighting through any hardship or obstacle that you encounter. If you can keep moving, you will find that you are out of the hardship much sooner.

3. I can easily make positive changes in my life.

For positivity to re-enter your life, you must be willing to make some changes in your life. Consider which aspects cause you to feel negative, and then think about how you can change it. Then, repeat this affirmation for positivity, and you can easily make the necessary changes.

If you feel your will-power swaying and want to revert to the negative changes, repeat this affirmation. Repeat it anytime you feel that you need to, and as you start each day. Before you know it, you will naturally stick to the positive changes that you made.

4. I am always looking for ways to grow and develop.

If you always look for ways to become a better version of yourself, you will experience positivity. Nothing can make you feel better than learning or moving forward. This affirmation will help empower you to look for ways to grow, which will result in positivity re-entering your life.

5. I am focusing on activities that help me feel positive.

Find new activities that help you feel positive, and then focus on doing those things often. When you feel like you need some positivity, choose to do the new activities instead of anything else.

Some activities you can try include:

  • going for a walk or a run
  • listening to positive music
  • writing in a journal
  • going outside
  • having a healthy snack
  • doing an act of kindness for someone
  • showing your gratitude
  • learning or doing something new
  • spending time with positive loved ones of friends
  • making plans to do something that makes you happy
  • smiling
  • reading a book
  • listening to a podcast
  • reciting more affirmations for positivity

6. I attract positivity into my life.

When you attract positivity, you are sure to notice it quickly. The key to attracting positivity is to tell yourself that you are already happy. Positivity is a mindset, so if you speak aloud and tell yourself that you attract positivity, you will experience it.

7. I am valuable and wanted.

This affirmation for positivity is true, so make sure that you are aware. Remind yourself often that you are valuable and that people want you around them. With this knowledge, you can experience feelings of positivity and happiness much more often.

8. I am thinking positive thoughts and pushing away the negative thoughts.

Your brain processes the words that you speak. Tell yourself that you are thinking positively, and you will notice that you become more aware of your thought process. Plus, you will experience more positive thoughts and can easily push away the negative ones.

9. I forgive myself for past mistakes.

If things you have done in the past are nagging at your thoughts today, you must forgive yourself. By forgiving yourself, positivity can re-enter your life. You can’t change what has already happened, but you can make your present and future better.

10. I love myself and approve of my body.

Self-love is a sure way to experience more positivity in your life. If you can love yourself and approve of your body, you will feel happier.

11. I am focusing on my goals and know that I will reach them.

When you feel like you are getting sidetracked or becoming negative about your goals, repeat this affirmation. It will help you release the negative thoughts, focus on your goals, and allow positivity to re-enter your life. With a positive mindset and complete focus, you will be sure to reach your goals.

12. I feel more positive each day.

As you are starting your day, look in the mirror and say this positive affirmation out loud. Reciting this affirmation each day will make you feel like today is more positive than yesterday. It will give you a boost of positivity and help you keep that mindset throughout the day.

13. I am happy and at peace.

With peace and happiness, you will surely experience a boost of positivity. Tell yourself that you are happy and peaceful, and you will notice that positivity begins reappearing in your life. You will experience a sense of relief and an increase in your well-being.

14. I know that my life is heading in the right direction.

Feeling uncertain about your future can cause negativity to overtake your thoughts. Trust that everything will work out, and remember that you are on the right path. Your life will become what it is meant to be, and acknowledging that will help you be more positive.

15. I will let go of negative people who do not support me.

With negative people in your life, you will struggle to experience positivity. Their mindset can interfere with yours, and it can prevent you from being positive.

Plus, if they don’t support you or always have something negative to say, they are detrimental to your well-being. You deserve support, positive people in your life, so tell yourself that you will let go of negativity.

16. I know that each obstacle or hardship is a learning opportunity.

Everything you go through in life is a learning opportunity, especially the hard times. As you go through hardships, you can remind yourself that you are learning, growing, and developing. Even when the situation isn’t ideal, this reminder can help you bring positivity back into your life.

17. I am powerful and strong, and no one can take that away.

Always remember how strong you are. Not only are you strong, but you are powerful and can do anything you set your mind to. This is something that no one can take from you, so make sure that you always remember it.

18. I will only use positive words when I speak.

As explained before, your brain processes everything you say and accepts it as a fact. With this being the case, you should never speak negative words because it could ruin your positive mindset. So, to experience more positivity in your life, make sure you only speak positively.

19. I am happy and know that things will turn out well.

No matter what happens, things will work out. When things don’t go the way that you hoped for, use this affirmation for positivity to re-enter your life. You will be okay, so remember to repeat this affirmation whenever you need a reminder.

20. I won’t listen to or consider the words of others if they are negative.

For positivity to re-enter your life, you must remember to not listen to other people’s negativity. By listening to negativity, you will have a hard time being positive yourself. Instead, ignore the negative or hurtful comments and continue thinking positively.

If you must respond to negative people, do so with positivity. You can choose to disregard their negative words, and you can positively respond even if you’re upset. When you respond positively, you may even help the negative person become a little more positive.

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Final Thoughts on Recite These 20 Affirmations for Positivity to Re-enter Your Life

As you go through life, you will experience times of negativity. There will be hardships, obstacles, and downright upsetting situations that interfere with your mindset. When that happens, use these affirmations for positivity to help you.

As you say these affirmations for positivity out loud, you will experience a change in your mindset. These positive affirmations can help you refocus your thoughts on what is important. Plus, you can work toward your goals while growing and learning positively.