It is easy to get stuck in a rut and lose your sense of adventure when dealing with daily tasks. You can change this, though, even if you can’t travel right now. You can do things to restore your sense of adventure that doesn’t even involve leaving your home. Of course, if you can get out in the world to travel and explore, you should do so. These behaviors will help those who plan on traveling, too, as they can apply to anyone.

15 Things to Help Restore a Sense of Adventure

Whether you are planning a trip right now or only dreaming of one, try implementing these behaviors into your routine. You will feel more adventurous, helping you to enjoy your life a little more.

1. Try Needs Foods

While this seems like a simple behavior, trying new foods is adventurous. Whether you make the food yourself or order it, you will enjoy experiencing foods you never have before. Trying new foods can help restore your adventurous side as you experience new things. You could even sign up for a cooking class, but make sure it is a type of food you’ve never had before.

2. Take a Risk

Taking a risk can make a huge difference in your sense of adventure. Make sure it is a calculated risk, and only do it once you have thought it through. You could start by applying for a new job or a different position, or you could even take a class or invest in something.

3. Make a Travel Journal

Your journal could be in a notebook or scrapbook, on your computer, or in a note on your phone. Of course, you could opt for a regular journal, too. It doesn’t matter what you choose to use for your journal as long as you get your thoughts and ideas down. As you sit in front of your journal, let your mind wander to all of the places that you want to visit. Don’t leave it at only places, however. Think about all of the things you have wanted to experience, too. Once you are thinking of all of the things you want to do and places you want to see, let the inspiration flow. Begin journaling about those places without thinking about the time or money it would cost to do those things. Keeping a travel journal is free, and it helps you feel more adventurous.

4. Take a Class

Cooking classes were mentioned before, but you could take any class to learn a new skill. Think about hobbies you might be interested in or outdoor skills that would be handy to know. You could also consider a class to teach you about a new profession. Whatever class you choose to take, make it something that you haven’t done before. As you try new things, a sense of adventure will rekindle within.

5. Go Somewhere New

Going somewhere new doesn’t have to mean that you travel far. Instead, it could mean that you simply take a new route to or from work each day. Another option is to choose one day a week or once each month to take a road trip. You could bike or drive to the destination and explore the new area. Of course, you can also travel farther away. You can aim to visit a new state or country once or twice a year.  And if you’re searching for a trip to some of the best places like New Zealand for travelers aging 50s, 60s and beyond, you can visit some reliable sites like for great help!

6. Gather Travel Guides

It is easy to ignore travel guides, but they are a helpful resource. The guides offer a plethora of free information including:

  • local attractions
  • hiking and fishing information
  • scenic drives to take
  • area parks
  • resorts or places to stay
  • camping information

Many other things can be included in travel guides, too, so it is best to check them out. If you are already in that area, you can even squeeze in a couple of the suggestions. These guides can restore a sense of adventure in you by inspiring you to get out there. If you aren’t in that area right then, save the travel guide for later. Look over it, even if you can’t go, and allow the images and words to restore your adventurous side, instead. You could even add them to your travel journal by cutting out pictures or facts to include.

7. Say Yes

Saying no is tempting, but it won’t help you feel adventurous. You shouldn’t take on more than you can handle or let anyone take advantage of you, but you should say yes anytime you can. If someone asks you to go out with them or try something new with them, then go. Don’t stay at home because you are afraid to try or because it makes you uncomfortable. Even if you want to say no, refrain from doing that and do what you were invited to do. A fun way to do this is to decide on a certain number of things you will say yes to. If you choose the number three, then you must say yes to the next three opportunities that come your way. Remember that you won’t be good at everything, but you won’t know until you try. If you fail it, at least you will have a new funny story to tell. The point is to experience new things to restore a sense of adventure, not to become a professional.

8. Look on Travel Websites and Social Media Pages

Looking at travel websites can help you discover new places and new activities. You will find places and things you never knew existed. Doing this can help you feel adventurous as you imagine yourself there. Plus, you can use the information you gained from the travel websites when you plan a trip. You can go back and look at all of your resources to help you plan something perfect and adventurous. Another option is to check social media for updates and events in the areas you’re interested in visiting. Social media is the place to find information that isn’t mentioned anywhere else.

9. Do a Project

Doing a project may seem like it has nothing to do with being adventurous, but that couldn’t be further from the case. By doing projects, you are reminding yourself of all that you can accomplish. Then, a sense of accomplishment will help you become comfortable with new things. Spend time each week working on a project, and make sure you finish it. Let inspiration strike naturally, and then use tools and materials you already have on hand to make something. Being innovative and creating something with recourses you already have will boost your sense of adventure.

10. Meet New People and Make Friends

Meeting new people and making friends will help you feel adventurous. Since everyone has different backgrounds and viewpoints, it can open your mind up to so much more. You will be challenged to think differently, and your new friends will help you experience all new things, too.

11. Be Active

Being active will give you a rush of adrenaline, which will give you what you need to try new things. Push yourself physically and try new exercises to switch up your routine. If you are a runner, switch up the course you take on your daily run. Between the physical activity and the new sights, you are sure to feel more adventurous.

12. Explore Outdoors

Getting outside is one of the best ways to help restore a sense of adventure. Get back to the basics and spend time basking in the beauty of nature. If you can, go camping and test your skills to see how many things you can do without modern tools. Since camping isn’t always an option, you can spend time outside hiking and exploring new areas. Whatever it is you choose to do, spending time outdoors can help you feel more adventurous. And if you choose to go camping, remember to bring important camping accessories with you.

13. Start Planning

Even if you can’t go on a trip right away, plan it anyway. Sometimes the planning process is just as much fun as actually going on the trip or doing the activity. Figure out what you will need to take and if you need to learn any new skills. You can also figure out how much it will cost and where you would stay. As you plan your next adventure, you will begin to feel more adventurous.

14. Face Your Fears

You can’t restore your sense of adventure if you don’t face your fears. If you are afraid of heights, hike to the top of a mountain or go skydiving. Likewise, if you are scared of the ocean, go to the beach and get your feet wet. You don’t have to choose something dangerous to face your fears. You simply have to experience them and stop avoiding things because of your fears.

15. Go Places Alone

Going out of dinner or to a movie alone is something that makes many people uncomfortable. If you can do it, though, you will feel a little more adventurous. Buy a single concert ticket if no one will go with you, and see what happens once you get there. Either you enjoy the time alone as you boost your self-esteem, or you meet a new friend to enjoy it with. Whatever happens, you are sure to experience a sense of adventure as you do it.

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15 Things to Help Restore a Sense of Adventure

There are so many places to visit and explore and so many activities to try. If you can, get out there and start experiencing as much as you can right now. On the other hand, if you can’t do anything right now, you can still work to restore a sense of adventure within. Try implementing the behaviors discussed here, and you will begin to feel more adventurous right away. You will find things that you never knew existed and can begin exploring near and far.