A bad day makes a date with sweatpants and ice cream sound like the most desirable way to mark another day off of the calendar. In reality, a bad day is actually deterring you from your highest path. Moreover, it will continue to do so as long as you allow it.

Luckily, the bad day doesn’t have to last. YOU have the choice to turn a “blah” day into an “Ahhh” day. And that can make you feel accomplished, positive, and well prepared for the next day on your schedule.

Here are 5 ways to turn a bad day into a better day:


1 – Spending Time with Family

An excellent way to break free from a funk is to be around family. This family might be the one you were born with, the family found along the way or your soul tribe. These are the people who are closest to you and care about you most will lift you up and keep your mind off of the things that have put you in the pits.

2 – Spending Time with yourself

This may seem like it’s what you’re already doing, but sometimes the company you need IS your own self. The catch is that time spent with yourself has to be in the right setting. Think about turning on the Marvin Gaye for your soul, serenading yourself and showing yourself the love you truly deserve from the inside out. Look at yourself in the mirror and verbally affirm the wonderful, beautiful, happy human that you truly are.

3 – Deep Breathing

Breathing has been known for ages to calm the mind and spirit, bringing you the clarity you need to reverse engineer your situation, figure out why it happened, and properly send positive energy to it. A technique known as “Prana” breathing is excellent for dealing with the depressing situation at hand. In cadence, breathe in for 4 counts and out for 8 counts. Do this repeatedly and you’ll feel the calm wash over you, allowing you to float into a positive perspective and dig yourself out of the rut.

4 – Change the direction of your thoughts.

What goes through a person’s mind while the robe and couch combination is in full force is what matters most. If freedom from a bad day is to be found, it will begin with the conscious monitoring of thought. If the direction of thoughts is positive, then great! You’re on your way out already.

If they’re negative, remind yourself of your ultimate happiness, affirm it out loud. And don’t ever be afraid to act like a kid to bring out your happiness. Go ahead and jump on the bed, slide across the floor in your socks or sing out loud in the shower. Getting in touch with your inner child will put you into a positive frame of mind in no time.

5 – Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses soothing plant materials in order to alter a person’s mood, mind, subconscious state, or health. Aromatherapy often involves many different varieties of essential oils. Certain oils work to relieve stress, freshen your mind, and set the perfect mood to perk you up. For example, oils associated with lavender lemon, lime, peppermint, spearmint, and cypress (click to buy) are commonly used to cleanse and purify negative thoughts. Using these oils to purge your negative thoughts is going to allow you to embrace happiness and really get back to enjoying your life.

There are so many ways to turn a bad day around, but we wanted to share 5 to get you going. You can also meditate, exercise, do something random, call a friend, or even just turn on a funny movie while you’re stuck on the sofa.

How do you turn your bad days around?  Share in the discussion below!