Pets are amazing companions who show us true, unconditional love. In return, we give them a home, teach them new tricks, schedule them for a dog grooming service and provide a special place in our hearts. While we think we are teaching them about life, these loving little beings are actually showing us life lessons on how to love, stay peaceful, and have fun!

Three life lessons we can learn from our pets:

Practice unconditional love and loyalty

Pets are happy, loyal creatures. They are not judgmental and they don’t care what you wear or how you look. When you are feeling down or ill they are right by your side. They emit pure positive energy and unconditional love. They enjoy every moment with you as if it were truly the greatest gift. When you come home, your pets will greet you at the door and show you just how much they missed you (even if it were only an hour).

Pets are truly masters of unconditional love. Their compassion and loyalty can literally heal us of our emotional and physical wounds. In fact, scientific research is actually showing that animals make us happier and healthier. You can read more here about how animals and humans heal each other.

Live in the Now

Pets lead a simple life. They can sit back, enjoy a drive to the park with their owners and take in the breeze on the way. And, they truly live in the NOW with calmness and peace in most situations. They seize the day and don’t let worry run their life.

Pets also take advantage of the simple things in life, like naps. How many times do you catch your furry friend sleeping? (haha) Speaking of naps, have you noticed the refreshing stretches afterward too? They will yawn and stretch as if to take in every oxygen cell around them. Afterward, they are stimulated and ready to go.

To LIVE in the NOW  is one of life’s most important lessons and while we humans are still trying to figure it all out and do the best we can to be conscious of it, pets already have it figure out. They live in the now effortlessly and bring a depth of peace and wellness one cannot truly even describe; it must be felt.

Be fun and spontaneous

positive-dog-life-lessonsIf it’s one thing you can always expect from your pet, it is them loving who they are. Our pets are spontaneous and if they want to play, they will. Laughter is the best medicine and your pets know it too. They’ll wag their tails about and if they sense you are enjoying their humorous nature, they will continue to put a smile on your face by repeating their positive behavior. They’ll even do something to make you smile if they sense you’re in need.  Enjoying play with your pets also has positive side-effects!  Playtime can enhance your social skills, increase your energy level, and free your mind. You may even solve life’s most compelling puzzle when playing with a pet.

Have you learned from your pet or have a story to share with us? We are BIG animal lovers; we’d love to hear from you about what life lessons you’ve learned from pets. Comment below!