All pet parents can attest to how much they adore their sweet fur babies. There’s nothing like coming home to a pet after a long day to warm your heart. After all, who else gets so excited to see you that they jump on you the second you walk through the door?! We thought so.

Dogs, cats, or other pets add value and memorable moments to our lives. However, they also can test our patience and make us sometimes pull our hair out. If you’re a pet parent, you know the feeling. Let’s not even talk about trying to get them in the car for a vet checkup.

Since pets and pet parents get apprehensive about the vet, Carroll County Vet Clinic in Maryland had to get creative. They’ve been posting funny messages on their outdoor sign to keep people’s spirits up since 2005. So far, it seems to work because many of their signs have gone viral!

Only Pet Parents Will Understand How Accurate These Vet Clinic Signs Are

Here are a few that we thought perfectly captured the ups and downs of being a pet parent.

1 – Nothing compares to the unconditional love from a dog, after all.

Plus, isn’t it the best feeling when a random dog runs up to you and the owner says, “My dog never does that with strangers!” That always makes my soul happy.

2 – There isn’t a truer statement than this one. To any pet parents out there, you’ll definitely relate.

If you have a long-haired dog, you dread summer with every fiber. Maybe they call it the dog days of summer because of the countless hours vacuuming up dog hair?

3 – Everyone knows, cats are the head of the house. All decisions must be run by the cat for approval.

4 – We think it’s high time to end the stigma about black cats. What’s not to love about them, anyway?!

5 – Pet parents will agree with this one! It applies to any small dog, really, but especially Chihuahuas.

Don’t hate on them for barking so much, though. They have to make up for their size somehow!

6 – This one will hit all pet parents right in the feels. There’s just no animal that quite compares to a dog.

It seems like they have endless amounts of love to give, and we never get tired of receiving it.

7 – Perhaps this one’s been said many times before, but it’s still true. Ask any dog mom out there!

8 – Maybe we can learn a thing or two from cats. Don’t problems eventually disappear if you spend most of your day sleeping?

9 – Pet parents know the frustration all too well. Dogs just KNOW there’s something wrong with that lunch meat.

10 – Dogs are angels. Enough said.

We could definitely learn some lessons from our furry friends.

11 – Nothing makes the world stop quite like a cute cat sleeping in your lap. Those chores can wait until later, right?

12 – To the pet parents of birds reading this, we feel you.

If you’ve taught your bird to talk, you know how weird it seems at first!

13 – All dogs are the best doggos! How could we ever choose?!

14 – After these last couple of years, it’s perfectly acceptable to sleep through winter.

15 – Who made that rule, anyway?

16 – So beautiful, yet so messy at the same time.

Oh well, you take the good with the bad, right?

17 – I think nature kind of missed out on that opportunity.

18 – Have you ever met a trained cat? We didn’t think so.

19 – A cat will break your dishes, knock down plants and run marathons in your room with no remorse.

20 – Pet parents know dogs and cats have their own personalities.

Honestly, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

21 – Because pugs are simply irresistible with that cute face!

Other Things You Can Relate to If You’re a Pet Parent

You know the reality, let’s open up about some basic truths about pet parenting.

1 – Talking to your pet (especially dogs) in a “baby voice.”

Whether you have human children or not, any pet parent can relate to this one. The second you’re around a dog, do you find your voice gets more high-pitched? Do you say “awww” a million times and hyper-articulate vowels? We’ve all communicated with our dogs using baby talk at some point, and it’s perfectly normal. Some studies have found dogs actually respond well to this type of speech, so it seems we’re doing something right!

2 – Having more photos of your dog than anything else on your phone.

They look cute doing almost anything, so it’s important to snap a photo at every opportunity! Especially if you have social media accounts for your pet, you can relate to this.

3 – Ordering them treats at drive-thru restaurants.

If you go to Starbucks, you automatically ask for a Puppuccino (a small cup of whipped cream, of course!) You offer them some fries or a piece of meat at burger joints. After all, they deserve treats every so often for being such a good boy (or girl!)

4 – Pet parents plan dog or cat-friendly vacations so they can tag along.

Maybe you don’t bring them on every trip, but you try to include them as much as possible. They’re your best friend, so you want them to enjoy new experiences with you! We could write a book about pets, but we’ll stop here. Hopefully, the pet parents out there found something they could relate to in this list!

Final thoughts on these animal facts that only pet parents will understand

Owning a pet is a special privilege, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Yes, our pets make us laugh and brighten our days, but they’re also a huge responsibility. They need regular veterinary care, baths, checkups, walks, nutritious food, and love.

For pets, going to the vet probably tops the list of their least favorite activities. One Maryland vet clinic recognized that vets aren’t exactly a favorite destination. So, they decided to make the visits more appealing with funny signs outside their office. It seemed to do the trick, because their messages have gotten many laughs over the years. To the pet owners reading this, we hope you could relate and got a few chuckles from the list!