Have you ever juiced celery before? Though most people know celery to be one of the healthiest vegetables, few people know of the superpower that celery juice holds.

Celery links directly to lowering blood pressure. It’s healing, refreshing, and one of the most fulfilling snacks in the world.

Celery leaves have high vitamin A levels, and the stalks contain vitamin C, B6, B2. and B1. Thus, when blended into a juice, celery provides a whole host of other benefits.

21 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice

Here are some compelling reasons to give this refreshing drink a try

celery juice
1. Restore Your Body’s Acidity

You can drink celery juice to help maintain the balance between alkaline and acid in your body. This vegetable actively reduces your body’s acidity, helping to make your body more alkalescent, keeping your pH levels balanced.

Celery is alkaline, meaning it has a pH level that is higher than seven. In the human body, blood pH levels are somewhat more alkaline, with a 7.35 to 7.45 pH level. On the other hand, your stomach has a 1.5 to 3.5 pH, meaning it’s more acidic.  Eating celery may bring better balance to your body’s pH levels. Alkaline foods slow down your aging process and prevent diseases.

Studies suggest there could be other benefits to eating a more alkaline diet, including these:

  • Eating more veggies and fruits will improve your bone health, reduce muscle deterioration, and help offset chronic diseases such as high blood pressure.
  • An alkaline diet increases growth hormones affecting your memory, brain function, and heart health.
  • Eating less fatty foods and more fresh foods in general increases your chances of overall better health and weight loss.
  • Alkaline diets increase your magnesium levels, which help your body absorb vitamin D.
  • Eating an alkaline or low acid diet could help people with kidney disease.

Besides celery, other alkaline foods include the following:

  • Most fruits
  • Most vegetables-especially leaf greens
  • Wine
  • Soda water
  • Soy
  • Legumes
  • Nuts
  • Seeds

These vital minerals work to neutralize any additional acidity that you may be experiencing.

2. Lower Your Blood Pressure

Have high blood pressure?

Celery contains heart-healthy sodium that doesn’t dehydrate but helps support your lymph and blood systems. It’s rich in iron, vitamins K, A, and C. Researchers are still finding out all the benefits of eating celery. Some suggest that due to celery’s high vitamin K levels, it also has blood-thinning properties, which may offset strokes and lower your blood pressure.

3. Help Prevent Cancer

Celery is a centuries-old medicinal plant used to fight various diseases. It’s part of the Apiaceae family, including parsley, carrots, coriander, carrots, parsnips, and cumin.  Studies show that the flavonoids and phenolic compounds found in celery contain antioxidant properties that have biological effects of fighting cancer—phenolic acids in celery help block prostaglandins that would otherwise encourage the growth of tumor cells. There is ongoing research on the various ways celery can soothe and heal during cancer treatment. Patients eating celery could offset harmful side effects like IBS, Crohn’s disease, and inflammation caused by cancer-fighting chemo drugs.

Phenolic acids in celery help to block prostaglandins that would otherwise encourage the growth of tumor cells. This juice’s soothing and healing effects also help treat cancer treatment symptoms, like IBS, colon cancer, Crohn’s disease, and inflammation from digestive issues.

4. Lower Cholesterol Levels

Drinking celery juice breaks down fat and helps your digestive system eliminate waste better. It also boosts bile secretion with a substance called 3-n-butylphthalide, which can help lower cholesterol levels in your blood. It’s a good, high fiber juice you should add to your daily juicing habit.

So use this beverage as a natural remedy to lower cholesterol within the body. This juice contains a substance called 3-n-butylphthalide, which positively affects reducing cholesterol in the blood.

5. Prevent Constipation

Celery contains a lot of fiber that works as a laxative. It aids your digestive system, helping it eliminate wastes easier. If you suffer from constipation, look no further than celery juice. It’s a natural laxative because it relaxes the nerves in your bowels, making it easier for you to go and helping your system to be more regular.

Thus, this juice is very useful in relieving constipation. It helps to relax your nerves in your bowels, making it easier to go.

6. A Natural Diuretic

Celery root is a natural diuretic that regulates urine production and ensures that you can effectively secrete waste. But this old news. Hippocrates, who lived between 460 B.C. to 375 B.C., told his patients to eat celery to reduce their body’s excess fluids. Phtalides, a natural chemical compound found in celery, acts as a diuretic. Inhibitors also reduce uric acid levels in celery. So, if you suffer from gout or edema, which can cause the build-up of uric acid crystals in your joints, be sure to eat lots of celery for relief.

So this drink helps to regulate your urine production and ensures that you can effectively secrete waste.

7. Prevent Inflammation

Studies found that celery contains several anti-inflammatory properties. Celery’s potent flavonoid, luteolin, is an antioxidant that calms inflammation in your body. The celery’s polyacetylene also reduces inflammation from diseases like

  • Gout
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis

These two compounds combined make celery the perfect natural treatment for fighting inflammation in your body.

Try this green lemon ginger juice to fight your aches and pains.

8. Improve Kidney Function

Celery juice improves kidney function, prevents kidney stones, kidneys, bladder, and gallbladder. It balances the body’s pH levels, so it neutralizes high acidity levels, which are harmful to your kidneys. Celery juice also provides detoxification to your body, so it eliminates calcium deposits that can build up in your joints.

The celery will help your body complete its detoxification process by getting rid of calcium deposits from your joints.

9. Support Your Nervous System

Celery juice is a natural antioxidant that helps support your nervous system. It contains natural magnesium, which enables you to sleep better. Those who drink celery juice regularly say they feel more relaxed and find they don’t get sick as often.

10. Aids in Weight Loss

Drinking celery juice has so many healthful benefits. One major benefit of drinking celery juice is natural weight loss. It’s high in fiber, so it fills you up, so you’re less hungry. It’s packed with good nutrition and vitamins, which is a big plus when you’re trying to lose weight but don’t want to feel tired and sluggish. Speaking of sluggish, celery juice keeps your bowels regular, so you don’t end up constipated when you diet.

Are you trying to find a more effective weight loss regimen? Start drinking more of this juice. As celery is filled with vitamins and nutrients, it is the perfect way to satiate your cravings.

Low in calories, making a habit of consuming more of this juice will help you shed more inches sooner than you think.

11. Detoxify Your Liver

Treat your liver kindly by adding celery juice to your daily diet routine. It’s a natural cleanser for your liver since it helps boost the secretion of bile, which helps your body breakdown fats and eliminate waste. Celery juice also lowers your cholesterol levels.

Do you find that you are continually dealing with recurrent viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other toxins? It’s time to treat your liver to some celery juice.

The photo nutrients inside the celery will help clear out your liver and ensure it functions effectively as it works to detoxify your body.

12. Improve Your Sleep

Magnesium is a mineral instrumental in helping you sleep better. One ounce of celery gives you 3.12 mg of magnesium. If you lack magnesium in your diet, you’re apt to suffer from insomnia. Magnesium, often called the sleep mineral, helps calm your body down before bedtime. So consider drinking your celery juice in the evening so you can reap the benefits of stress-free sleep.

12. Promote Healthy Skin

Are store-bought skin treatments not working for you? Try caring for your skin with the nutrients found in celery juice. Celery juice can help firm up your skin and improve elasticity.  Celery is a superfood with skin loving vitamins A, K, B, and C.

13. Eliminate Pimples and Acne

Tired of dealing with pimples and acne scars? Start taking your skin back by drinking more of this juice.

Celery contains antibacterial properties that help fight pimples and acne. A diet high in celery gives you beneficial minerals and vitamins so you can fight skin breakouts and oiliness on your skin. Turn back the clock. You can have skin that’s soft and clear once again when you start drinking celery juice every day.

14. Reduce Wrinkles

Anti-aging creams move over. Celery juice is in the room. Signs of aging like wrinkles decrease when you drink celery juice regularly. Because celery contains a wide variety of nourishing vitamins, especially the skin vitamin A, drinking it helps reduce wrinkles giving you the softer, younger looking skin you want.

15. Remove Dandruff

Celery juice has a lot of vitamin A, a skin vitamin that helps your scalp to fight dandruff. It also contains water, which keeps your scalp hydrated to fight dandruff better. Drinking celery juice regularly improves your hair texture and enhances the growth of your hair.

Ultimately, these nutrients will work to eliminate dandruff and keep your scalp free and clear.

16. Prevent Hair Loss and Graying

Is your hair aging faster than you are? Starting to lose more strands than you should be?

No one wants to go prematurely gray or have thinning hair. It makes you look and feel old. Celery juice is considered by many as a superfood for its excellent antioxidant properties that improve your cell growth and immune system. It sends an anti-aging message to your body, so you look and feel younger.

High in vitamins and minerals, cereal juice helps your hair look healthier by stimulating hair growth and reducing the amount of gray.

17. Prevent Jaundice

While jaundice isn’t a common concern for most people today, drinking celery juice reduces your jaundice risk. Its antioxidative properties work to keep your blood clean to prevent the bile buildup that leads to this condition.

18. Prevent Dehydration

Celery contains a significant amount of water and electrolytes. Drinking celery juice regularly helps athletes fight dehydration after their workouts. If you’re prone to dehydration, try adding celery juice to your daily regime to stay hydrated.

celery juice to prevent dehydration

19. Fight Bronchitis

If you grind up the entire celery stalk with the seeds and all as you make the juice, you’ll be able to treat respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma.

Blend some celery in your juicer when you are fighting an infection caused by bronchitis. Celery is high in vitamin C, which can reduce the longevity of a disease. It also has antioxidant properties that boost your immune system to fight off infection.

20. Treat Psoriasis

High in vitamin A, celery juice can fight skin diseases like psoriasis. It’s a natural remedy with no side effects that helps skin clear up and become smooth again. Celery contains a high amount of water, which can help your skin clear up.

21. Improve Blood Clotting Abilities

The vitamin K in celery helps prevent blood clots. One cup of celery gives you 30% of this vitamin. Because of this, celery helps reduce your risk of a stroke from a blood clot.

Celery juice detox recipe


Now you know that this refreshing drink is terrific for your health. Here’s an easy recipe to help you start reaping the many benefits.

This celery juice detox can boost your metabolism so you can lose weight and feel better.  Drink your detox celery juice 30 minutes before you eat a meal. This habit helps your metabolism rev up, so you burn fat faster. Plus, you’ll feel full due to the extra fiber in celery so that you won’t eat as much during your meal.


  • One bunch of organic celery
  • One organic apple chopped into pieces
  • 1 organic cucumber, chopped (you can use Persian if you prefer. Just add 2 or 3 instead of 1)
  • One small piece of ginger, peeled


  • Wash the celery thoroughly
  • Juice the celery
  • Now juice the cucumber, apple, and ginger.
  • Mix the celery juice and the other juice mixture. Stir.
  • Enjoy the fresh juice right away to get the most nutrition. You can also keep this in the fridge for up to two days.

celery juice
Final Thoughts on Drinking Celery Juice Every Day

For many people, celery acts as the natural cure-all for everything from hair loss to weight loss. Whatever you use this juice to treat, you’ll find that you feel and look much better after making celery and its juice a regular part of your diet.

Don’t miss out on all of the health benefits of celery. Keep this guide in mind the next time you’re looking for something healthy, refreshing, and healing to drink.