During this age of great transformation and unrest, many of us have realized we must eliminate all the negativity in our lives to usher in a more positive lifestyle. Make sure you don’t allow these toxic people or habits into your life so that you can continue to evolve into your best self. Don’t tolerate these influences even a minute longer.

12 Critical Things You Should Never Tolerate


1 – People Pleasing

When you seek approval from others, you diminish the power of your own opinion. No matter how many people agree or disagree with your decision, they will never be able to make the decision for you. Also, you can never make everyone happy, because everyone takes different paths in their quest for happiness. Give up these last-ditch efforts to appease your ego, and instead, just focus on what makes you happy.

2 – Negative Self-Talk

“Be mindful of your self-talk; it’s a conversation with the universe.” – David James Lees

Every time that little voice in your head talks to you, it can either poison or nourish your soul. It can either empower you or cut you down, so pay attention to what it says. Your thoughts create your reality, as you probably already know, so make sure those thoughts align with what you want your world to look like.

3 – Do Not Tolerate Unsupportive Friends

If you have a circle of friends who always bash your ideas and dreams, or dismiss your latest accomplishments when you talk about them, you need some new friends. Friends should lift you up and give you positive reinforcement, not cut you down and make you feel anything less than amazing. Don’t ever hesitate to cut people out of your life for your own sake; you deserve to be surrounded by loving, positive people.

4 – Staying in the Comfort Zone

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” – Unknown

Obviously, the comfort zone attracts many people, because they feel safe there. It’s a soft landing pad compared to the rest of the world, but no magic happens here. To grow, you must go beyond yourself and try new things. You can’t worry your days away and expect your life to change drastically; you have to let yourself experience the world first-hand, which means leaving the comfort zone and all its normality behind.

5 – Following the Status Quo

“Follow your heart, not the herd.”

When you blindly let others dictate how you will live your life and what path you should take, you will never reach your full potential. Take the path less traveled, and leave your own imprint on the world. You were not made to fit in; you were born to stand out.

6 – Working at a Job You Hate

This cannot be stressed enough – your job takes up so much of your time; do you want to keep doing something you hate to pay the bills? Never settle for a job just to feel secure and steady paycheck. Even if you make less money by following your passions, you can always adjust your lifestyle to accommodate your income. Doing mundane or highly stressful tasks day in and day out can take a huge toll on you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Don’t sacrifice your well-being to get bills paid. Your happiness matters much more than money ever will.

Don't tolerate a bad job

7 – Never Tolerate Neglecting Your Health

Health is wealth, as they say, so make sure you treat your body, mind, and soul with love and respect. If you don’t have your health, you can’t enjoy all of life’s wonders, so put your health first. Eat well, sleep enough, drink plenty of water, and move your body. Remember, feeling good begins and ends with you.

8 – Letting Money RuleYour Life

You’d be surprised how many people let a piece of paper dictate their lives. While we live in a society that requires money, you should not put money at the forefront of your existence to some extent. We come into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing, so remember that next time you feel stressed about finances.

Don't tolerate money ruling your life

9 – Explaining Yourself Time and Time Again

Some people, sadly, will not understand or support you or your ideals. Most of the time, your family members tend to give the harshest criticism, because they feel that they know what’s best for you. However, you can only explain yourself so much before it becomes a fruitless effort. Just live your truth and abide by your own rules for your life. Don’t tolerate wasting your energy on constantly explaining yourself to others.

10 – Not Being Happy

While happiness is subjective, everyone should always live in a way that honors their souls. So many people today think they must live in turmoil because life was just set up that way, but you can always change your circumstances. Never settle for a life that doesn’t make you ridiculously happy.

not being happy

11 – Being Lazy

Technology, online shopping, grocery stores, and automation, generally, have made us a very lazy society. However, you still have to work for what you want in life, such as a new job, a healthier body, or maintaining your own garden. Never let excuses stop you from obtaining results and following your dreams.

don't tolerate being lazy

12 – Letting People Walk All Over You

There is a fine line between being nice to people and becoming a doormat for them. Simply put, allowing people to control your emotions and trample all over you shows that you lack respect for yourself. Speak up and tell them that the behavior will not be tolerated anymore, and they will probably respect you for standing up for yourself. If not, let them go. You deserve to treat yourself well, and you deserve others who will do the same.