We’ve all been fed the same message throughout our lives: get good grades, go to a decent college, find a great job, settle down, pay taxes and student loans, work your butt off, retire, and then live your life. Sound familiar? Well, for many, it’s a broken record, and they wish they could turn it off somehow. Not just turn off the advice and the dogma, but the rigid system we’ve all been born into. We live in such a conditioned, programmed culture where people feel they have no way out, like they have to follow the lifestyle that’s been forced upon them.

However, you came to this life to feel happy, vibrant, and fulfilled, not beat down and worn out from working 50 plus hours a week in a job you absolutely hate. Maybe generations before us had different ideals, but this generation is the one to stand up and do things our way. We’re all tired of working for the man, giving away 50+ hours of our time, and trying to make ends meet, only to have almost half our dollars taken away in taxes. We’ve all grown exhausted of the rat race, and want a better way.

This is to all those creators, dreamers, doers, believers, and trend-setters out there that don’t believe in following societal norms. We have to spend so much time in our lives working, so why not choose something you really enjoy? If you have been thinking of an exit strategy when it comes to your job, keep on reading, because it’s probably time to call it quits.

5 Signs Your Job Is Sucking The Soul Out of You


1. You dread waking up every morning.

If we live our passions, we should wake up each day feeling excited, rejuvenated, and filled with life. Living your passion means never growing tired of your work, because you feel in your heart that you came here to do it. It means living your truth, and not accepting the life someone else designed for you. However, if you don’t get these feelings from your job, then you need to leave ASAP.

If we have to spend so much of our lives working, then why waste all that time doing things we don’t really love? We only get one chance here, so we have to make the most of it. Dreading your job means you definitely need to reevaluate what you want in life, and why you keep going back to the job you hate.

If you’ve grown tired of waking up to a shrill alarm, sitting in traffic for hours, only to sit in a cubicle for 8-10 hours, only to sit in traffic again on the way home, only to have no time for yourself once you get there, then you need to get honest with yourself.

What do you truly desire from this life?

2. You feel shackled to your job because of bills.

Now, this is understandable. We all have to survive, and honestly, most people keep their miserable jobs just because they have bills to pay. Of course, we have to work for basic needs in today’s world, but how about if you look at what you need vs what you want? When it comes down to it, we only need a few things: food, water, shelter, clothing, stable relationships, and a passion in life. A couple of those things don’t require money. What we’re getting at here is, if you want to live a simpler life, then you’ll have to accept downsizing and only buying what you truly need. If you don’t like your job and want to spend more time living and less time working, then just evaluate what you need in life, and how much you have to work to attain those needs.

Can you sell your car, house, or other expensive possessions in favor of traveling or riding a bike instead? Can you room with others so that your bills become cheaper? You can always, always minimize your possessions and lifestyle, so that you don’t HAVE to depend so much on a job to get you by. Plenty of people in today’s world choose to travel long-term instead of staying in one place, and if you do it right, you can actually spend less traveling than you would by working.

In short, live your dreams, and don’t worry so much about money. You can always get rid of bills and minimize your life. Don’t be a slave to the dollar.

3. You only live for the weekends.

Another indicator that you hate your job and need to quit is that you find yourself counting the days until the weekend. You look at the calendar and start to plan out your two days off each week, because that’s all the time you have to yourself. Well, if you find yourself living for tomorrow, then you need to question how you spend today. Why do you keep working if you don’t like it? Of course, money, right? Well, in today’s world, you can earn money in thousands of different ways. Get creative; it’s never been easier to be your own boss, get into investing, and really create your own future.

4. You don’t feel fulfilled by your work.

All of us need a passion and purpose in life. If you don’t enjoy what you spend most of your time doing, then you need to evaluate what you’d rather be doing, and why you work somewhere you despise. Our hearts came here to shine in their truest form, and when you work doing something unfulfilling, you’re dimming your shine. You’re killing that spark inside your soul, and you deserve better.

Most people don’t like their jobs, though; in fact, a Gallup poll found that only 31.5% of people in America are actively engaged at work, and the rest are classified as actively disengaged or not engaged. This means around 70% of people don’t like their jobs, and this is only data from the U.S. Imagine what the global figures would look like.


5. You feel like you’ve lost yourself.

A lot of us in the working world feel a bit lost, and why wouldn’t we? We’ve been thrown into modern enslavement, and many of us don’t even realize this. We spend so much time doing things for other people, making sure the business runs smoothly, making sure the electric company gets their money, but what about us? What about what makes our hearts soar?

Never forget yourself in the rat race, and don’t compromise on your beliefs. You can live life however you choose, so don’t let corporate overlords and others try to dictate your life.

If you feel lost, leave your job and take time to find yourself again. We live in the matrix, it’s true, but we don’t have to attach ourselves to it. Learn to rise above the expectations, the pressure, the stress, and everything else trying to pull you down. You are not just your title, your income, your home, car, reputation, image, and all of those other ways we classify people. You are a cosmic ray of light, and you came here to shine.

So, follow your heart, give your two week’s notice, and keep on searching, because your purpose is out there. Take back your soul, and follow your bliss. It’s never too late to begin a new chapter.

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