No human being is perfect, but finding a good woman means finding someone great for you, despite her imperfections. There are no exact standards that define a good woman. As such, you might not recognize that you have this woman in your life when your relationship is still young.

Although this article honors some incredible women, please note that these qualities are good to look for in every relationship in your life.

Here Are 11 Signs Of A Good Woman

“No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed.” – Harold Macmillan

You will see some subtle signs telling you that being with this girl is probably the best choice you have made in your life. So, here are some signs that indicate she’s a good woman:

1.    She inspires you to be a better person.

A good woman elicits positive energy that makes you feel you are capable of doing anything.  Yet she doesn’t push or impose on you. Instead, she guides and helps you achieve your goals and dreams.

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A study in the journal Personal Relationships looked into how couples affect a person’s sense of self.

  • Humans have an inherent nature to connect with another person for self-expansion.
  • This is not just about recognizing your partner’s positive traits but also taking on these traits.
  • For example, if you are attached to a charitable person, you’re likely to become charitable too.

A healthy relationship, where two people are happy, improves you because you adopt the other person’s best qualities. A good woman can downplay negative traits through a self-pruning process. As per the study, she is a good woman if she helps you break a bad habit or reduce qualities that are not ideal.

2.    She understands your differences.

She’s a woman who will not drag issues in your relationship when you have fights. She will explain herself to clarify any misunderstanding. Moreover, she will never force her beliefs and opinion on you.

She will tell you what she thinks but won’t expect you to always agree with it. A good woman will also respect your opinion because she understands that a difference in a point of view is still healthy in a relationship.

3.    A good woman is your biggest fan.

She can equal or surpass your best friend when it comes to being your biggest fan. She always encourages you to achieve your goals and shares your accomplishments with others. She’s the girl who’s even more excited than you when opportunities come your way. She will throw you a party when you get promoted or have new milestones to celebrate.

As your biggest fan, however, she’s also your most conscious critic. These things are fundamentally connected if someone genuinely looks out for your welfare. She will give you honest feedback that may sometimes be painful to hear. However, remember that she is only critical because she knows you can improve and get better.

4.    She makes you feel lucky to be with her.

Because of her positive energy, you feel you’ve hit the jackpot knowing she chose you from all other men. Sometimes, you wonder and disbelieve that she wants to be with you.

  • A woman who makes you feel lucky is someone you settle down with for life.
  • Even when the romance dwindles, as most relationships eventually do, you still feel fortunate to be with a good woman.
  • This is because she helps you focus on the positive things.

According to the book, “How Luck Happens: Using the Science of Luck to Transform Work, Love, and Life,” people who give off a good vibe can maintain a great relationship. So, you are lucky to have her!

5.    She’s not insecure.

She’s not the type who will get easily jealous if she sees you talking to a woman or if you have a good relationship with your female co-workers. She respects that other aspects of your life also fulfill you.

Rather than try to keep you from these, she wants to share them with you. So, she tries to get to know the people you hang out with, regardless of gender. For instance, she’s friends with everyone at your gym and occasionally hangs out with them.

This is a woman who, deep down, knows your loyalty and is never insecure about where she stands in your life. She’s not so paranoid that she has to check her phone, emails, and social media accounts.

6.    A good woman won’t do things to make you feel jealous.

She doesn’t have an agenda and is not the type who will play games to make you jealous. She knows that genuine relationships don’t involve tricks and mind games. Because she’s secure about her place in your life, she won’t resort to tricks to get your attention.

  • According to a study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, jealousy commonly manifests dissatisfaction and conflict in a relationship.
  • A good woman won’t manipulate your emotional state to get a reaction from you.
  • If she has issues, she will sit down and talk with you.


7.    She has her own goals, but she regards your relationship as a team.

Apart from giving you support and encouragement, a good woman has goals in her life and knows what to do to achieve them. She’s a good influence who can keep you grounded and focused. This is a woman who gives you stability. With her, you have a teammate and a partner. You can take on the challenges of the world together.

  • According to a study in the Journal of Family Theory & Review, couples who can easily switch from thinking as an individual to a team can have long-lasting relationship.
  • They pour their energy into doing things together to improve the relationship, even if they each have individual goals and dreams.
  • They discuss their relationship frequently and evaluate where they are, where they are heading and what issues they must resolve.

8.    She allows you space.

A good woman won’t cling to, smother, and depend on you constantly. She gives you space to pursue your interests. She lets you take care of other things in your life.

For instance, she’ll let you have the night out with the boys and won’t make a big deal if you come home late. She loves it if you spend time with your family or get to travel for work without her. She’s not worried that you will drift apart when she gives you space.

As partners, spending time with each other is essential, of course. But she gets that you will grow into better individuals if you have sufficient space away from each other to grow and evolve. While there’s no perfect formula to achieve this balance, you know you’re doing it right if you feel that life is good when you’re with and without your partner.

9.    She knows the importance of physical intimacy.

When you both have busy routines and have been in the relationship far too long, it’s easy to overlook physical intimacy. But a good woman knows that this is important for a relationship. She’ll make an effort to keep things exciting by trying out something new from time to time.

  • A study in the Journal of Sex Research revealed that people in good long-term relationships do not have a decreased desire for each other.
  • Despite their busy lives, they remain attracted and deeply connected emotionally.
  • They also have a good rhythm of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Experts say it might be a good idea for couples who have been together for a while to schedule intimacy. It may help build anticipation and excitement in the bedroom, thus making this aspect of the relationship healthier.

10. She gets along with your friends and family.

A good woman gets along with the people who have known you before you even met her. Your friends and family love her because of her positive and approachable personality.

She’s not the type who ruins your dynamics with these people in your life. She also doesn’t make it hard for you to balance your relationships with them and with her. She won’t pull you away or isolate you from them. Your family loves having her join special occasions because they feel comfortable around her.

You were proud and excited to introduce her to your family for the first time. You did not hesitate because you knew she would impress your clan and easily connect with them.

11. A good woman doesn’t have unreasonable relationship expectations.

She’s a woman who does not have unreasonable expectations because she’s not high maintenance. She knows she’s not the center of the universe so she doesn’t need to be pampered or looked after like a spoiled girl.

She also knows that you’re not responsible for making her happy. Instead, you make her happy because it’s the perk of being in a good relationship. She recognizes that emotions can be like a roller coaster ride, so there will be bad days and good days. As many things happen in life’s daily grind, she won’t blame you when bad things happen in your relationship.

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Final Thoughts On Signs Of A Good Woman

You don’t need to find the perfect woman to build a lifelong relationship. While some of the above qualities might seem a generalization, the studies prove that you’ve got a good girl in your company. So, if she has most of these characteristics, you know she’s a keeper.

Lastly, a good woman will always feed off on the positive energy of her partner. So, if you’re also good to her, you’ll likely make your relationship work and remain committed to each other.

Realize that relationships involve two people who work on keeping their love strong daily. This requires total commitment and cultivation. It’s not a leisurely pastime. So, even if you think you’ve met the right girl for you, you still have to keep working on what you have to survive the challenges of being a couple.