So many people look for signs that they have a good partner. However, if you truly feel happy in a relationship, then being happy and enjoying your partner will come quite naturally. A relationship should add value to your life and allow you to become the truest version of yourself. If you have the best partner ever, he or she should make you feel special, wanted, and safe. Your partner should bring you a sense of peace and fulfillment, and help you feel more positive about life.

In case you have forgotten how awesome your partner is, here are a few signs you have the best partner ever.

10 Signs You Have The Best Partner Ever

1. You become the best version of yourself around them.

Your partner seems to bring out the best in you; you don’t have to pretend to be someone else around them, because your true essence seems to flow naturally. You don’t have to think so much about what to say or how to act; it just feels like second nature. If you have the best partner ever, he or she will perfectly complement you, which will allow that natural chemistry to flow effortlessly. Your partner will take you to places within yourself that you never thought were possible before.

You may have struggled with positive thinking before, for instance, but with your partner it seems to come easily.

2. You truly enjoy their company.

This one should be a given, but if you have the best partner ever, you will be itching at the next chance to hang out with them. While they’re at work or school, you just can’t wait until they walk through the door to shower them with kisses and cuddle with them after a long day. You could just be lying down in bed talking for hours and that would be enough. It doesn’t matter what you do together. You always enjoy their company.

3. You feel listened to and understood.

In life, we all want to feel like we belong somewhere and that someone understands the thoughts that occupy our minds. With your partner, this all happens naturally. When you talk, he or she drops everything to listen to you, because what you say matters to them. They don’t just listen to reply; they listen to understand you. Because they truly care about what you have to say, you feel safe being vulnerable with them.

You don’t have to hold back or think too hard about what you have to say around them, because they have your full attention and make you feel comfortable to speak your mind.

4. Your partner makes you want to improve.

While your partner doesn’t want to change anything about you, he or she constantly helps you improve to become the best version of yourself. They want that for you because they truly care about your well-being and happiness; they want to see you soar above all the obstacles that have held you back. For instance, if you want to run a marathon, they will help you reach your goal by encouraging you and making sure you get in all the training sessions you need. Your partner is truly your number one fan.

5. They love to make you smile.

If you have the best partner ever, he or she will go out of the way to put a smile on your face. They want to make you happy because they love you, so they will pull out all the stops, including corny jokes, flowers, taking you out to dinner, etc.

6. Your partner notices when you’re upset.

Because you two are so connected, your partner will easily notice when something’s on your mind. They will not hesitate to ask you what’s wrong, and will be your shoulder to cry on if you need it. They notice the little things, which is why they’re the best partner ever.

7. You laugh together often.

In a truly happy relationship, you and your partner will share jokes and laugh until your stomach hurts. You don’t take life too seriously with them, which adds to your list of what makes them the best partner ever.

8. He or she helps you around the house and doesn’t complain about it.

The best partner ever will consider you their equal, so housework and chores are not above them. They will happily share in the tasks because they don’t want to see you overworked or stressed out. Also, they feel obligated to help because they know that’s what a partnership requires.

9. Communication comes easily for you two.

Active listening is paramount to a healthy relationship. If you have the best partner ever, they will truly care about what you have to say. Also, you will give the same respect to them, because you love them to their core and connect with them on such an intimate level. With you two, communication feels easy as a Sunday morning because of your powerful connection.
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10. They don’t sweat the small stuff.

The best partner ever won’t care if you leave your dirty clothes on the floor for a couple extra days or leave dirty dishes in the sink after a meal. They know that you’ll clean it up eventually, and don’t want to start an argument about something so insignificant.

Of course, they will mention it if you continue leaving your laundry on the floor for a week or two, but overall, your partner lets things be and doesn’t worry about the small stuff in life.