Ask yourself this question. If you had to relive your life all over again, without being able to change anything…would you want to? If you cannot answer yes, then perhaps it’s time to take your life back!

Most people believe that life just happens to them, and they have no control over how it all plays out. However, you CAN take ownership of your reality and shape it based on your predominant thoughts and actions. If you have felt frustrated and unhappy with the direction your life is going in, the following actionable tips can help you take charge of your life starting today.

10 Ways to Take Your Life Back:

1. Realize that life is not happening to you; it’s responding to you.

The energy that you give off begins within your own mind; if you think positive thoughts, you will start seeing positive things happen, and vice versa. Think of your mind as the factory where your reality gets manufactured based on what you order – every time you have a negative thought and let it play on repeat in your brain, you order that reality, and it has no choice but to exist.

You manufacture your reality based on what thoughts you repeatedly think and what realities you order from your own factory. Start cultivating more positive thoughts so you can manufacture a much higher-quality reality.

2. Don’t ever give your power away to anything outside yourself.

Instead of taking responsibility for our lives, many of us find it easier and more convenient to place blame on things or people outside ourselves. If we don’t like our job, we blame our boss, rather than ourselves for choosing a job we don’t enjoy. If we get sick, we blame others for spreading the illness rather than ourselves for not taking care of our immune systems.

Just note how many times a day you give away your power to things outside yourself – you might be astounded at what you find. Once you accept your role as the captain of your own ship, no people, places, or events outside yourself will ever have the ability to steer your vessel again.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ~A.A. Milne, creator of Winnie the Pooh

3. Listen to your own heart.

Other people can offer their opinions about what direction you should take your life, but you get to make the ultimate decision. You know your heart better than anyone else, so don’t let others dictate your life. The only way to live an authentic, purposeful life is through your own heart, so start listening to what it tells you.

4. Learn to say no to things or people that don’t resonate with you.

Taking command of your life means getting honest with yourself about what friends and activities bring out your best self, and which ones no longer serve you. This way, you will give yourself room to say yes to people and activities that actually serve your best interests and elevate your consciousness.

5. Take charge of your own health.

As long as you have your health, you have everything. Make a pact with yourself to practice a healthier, more wholesome lifestyle that includes lots of whole foods, fruits and vegetables; clean, fresh water; adequate sleep; and moderate exercise. By making small changes each day, you can transform your health and consequently increase your vitality and vibrational frequency. Honor your body and choose foods and drinks that will give you life.


6. Look for a new job if it makes you unhappy.

None of us came here just to pay bills and taxes; we came here to change the world. If your job makes you feel like just another cog in the wheel and doesn’t allow you to follow your true purpose, don’t think twice about leaving it behind.

While we do live in a monetary system where we must pay to survive at the moment, plenty of people create their own jobs that support their highest mission. With a little elbow grease and commitment, you can do this too – think about how liberating it would feel to do something you love and still get paid for it.

7. Forget about “the norms”.

If you really want to take command of your life, you will have to get comfortable with living to the beat of your own drum. Too many people fall in line just because it feels safe, not because it feels right. They fear others judging them, and don’t want to become alienated or ridiculed. However, even if the uncharted path seems lonely at first, you will never know what lies ahead if you never make the journey. Create your life on your terms and don’t worry what others think – you didn’t come here to blend in, you were born to stand out!

8. Do more of what makes you happy.

Many people shy away from new opportunities or activities because they fear failure. Or, they live in fear of what others think. However, both of these fears can feel like prison if you allow them to stand in the way of things that really make you happy. The longer you wonder about the outcome, the more time you waste ruminating instead of living. Living intentionally means taking charge of your own happiness, so take action and start following your bliss.

9. Live within your means.

This one can totally renovate your life because you will have to look at what you truly need to survive…do you really need to go shopping for new clothes every week? Do you absolutely need that new iPhone, or can you still use the one you currently have? Many people spend way more than they earn and then feel stressed because of their subsequent financial situations. Sell what you don’t really need, and only buy things that add to your well-being.

10. Become more mindful.

Meditation can greatly help with this; becoming more aware of yourself and the universe will teach you to take full responsibility for yourself and what happens to you. It will give you more discipline and mental strength, and take you out of the habit of living on autopilot. As the master of your reality, you must take full responsibility for the quality of life you lead. Cultivating more awareness will allow you to move into a space of actively creating your life instead of watching passively from the sidelines.

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Are you ready to take your life back? Affirm it now:  I’m in control of my own destination. I am making a positive transformation!