If we have learned anything so far, we know that life isn’t easy; there are so many things to remember to get ahead in the “game” of life.If it was, it would be tremendously boring. While stressful occurrences can make us feel like there’s no hope, salvation is actually closer than we might realize.

Sometimes problems just go away, but they tend to linger on in our minds. Our thoughts shape our reality more than we realize.

These are ten things to remember when life gets tough:

1. There’s no shame in asking for help

When you take pride and add it to a problem, you only make it worse. You might be worried about what other people think and fear that them knowing your shortcomings will cause them to judge you. However, not asking for help means that you’ll only sink further into your issues and have even more trouble getting out. Let that aid be a gift to yourself.

2. You’ve made it through other stressful situations

Stressful moments often feel like a novel experience. However, if you really think about it, you’ve prospered over a countless number of stressful situations, even without realizing it. You’ve finished important assignments, made it through job interviews, and handled traffic jams. These are things to remember to get through whatever your current predicament is. You are tougher than you even know!

3. The future is waiting for you

Difficult situations can make it seem like life is over, but there’s so much out there for you to enjoy and experience. It might be difficult to snap out of your current mindset, but try thinking about yourself in five years. Will this problem still be weighing you down? We hope not.

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4. Everyone goes through problems

This isn’t meant to invalidate your feelings. Instead, it’s meant to serve as a reminder that you aren’t alone. There isn’t an adult alive who hasn’t gone through a feeling of being absolutely overwhelmed and alone with a problem. You can take solace in knowing that you can talk to just about any person you trust. Even if they can’t relate to your exact circumstances, they should be able to understand where you’re coming from.

5. You learn from your mistakes

There is no growth without mistakes. The wisest and toughest people in the world are not perfect. They are people who can freely admit to having made some poor decisions. They didn’t let those decisions define them. Instead, they took them as a valuable opportunity to educate themselves and not repeat those mistakes again. Research shows that stress has its benefits, as it can make you a more motivated person. Remember these things to feel better when going through stress.

6. What you want and need are not the same

Should you have a never-changing idea of what your life is supposed to be like, you’re going to be disappointed. Desires only lead to disappointment, because it’ll end up exactly as we anticipated. When you’re feeling bad about circumstances, ask if it’s because you expected things to go differently. It could turn out that you’re better off with circumstances you didn’t anticipate.

7. Every step forward matters

No one goes from feeling terrible to feeling great overnight. It requires repeated action to feel better. If you feel completely terrible one day but only partially terrible the next day, you are making progress, even if you still feel bad. You can’t let yourself ruminate on the past. Instead, you need to stay focused on the present to give yourself a better future.

8. You’re allowed to change

Self-improvement is not reserved for everyone but yourself. If you feel like there’s no hope for you, it might be because you’re limiting yourself to what you believe you’re capable of. You can change yourself for the better, and you don’t need anyone else’s permission to do so.

9. People care about you

You are a human, and you deserve dignity. There are people out there who care about your well-being. Even if you don’t realize it or don’t want to think about it, your existence truly matters. You have value to the world, and your problems will never outweigh your worth as a person.

10. Tough situations make life better

It might seem ridiculous, but challenges in life are what make life worth living. The greatest joys in life come not from avoiding problems but from tackling problems. Even if you can’t solve these problems on your first try, you can feel better about yourself for having the audacity to take them on.

These are such important things to remember when life gets tough, because they help keep you focused in the face of adversity. You might not want to come to terms with stress like this, but it’s much preferred to keeping your negative feelings bottled up. Our problems really are only as big as we make them.

When you remember these things, you don’t avoid tough situations entirely. What happens is that you take the power out of tough situations. They no longer become insurmountable obstacles that make you cower in fear. Instead, they become just like any other situation that you can deal with. These aren’t just things to remember. They’re things to help make you a stronger person.


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