The 3 Most Important Gifts You Can Give This Year

The 3 Most Important Gifts You Can Give This Year

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We would like to take this opportunity show our humble gratitude to you, our loyal readers, for the the kindness, compassion, and love you have shown us throughout this entire journey together. We thank you for sharing our articles and other posts on social media so that other people can read and enjoy them.

We wish you a very merry festive period, surrounded by all the wonderful things that this time of year brings with all the people you love. We hope that you receive all the gifts that you have wished for throughout the year.


You have already given us many gifts this this year, and we would like to give you three gifts in return. If you would like to return or re-gift them, we will not be upset at all. On the contrary, we will be delighted (and there’s no receipt needed)!

The Most Important Gifts You Can Give This Year Are…

Kindness – “Kindness is more than deeds. It is an attitude, an expression, a look, a touch. It is anything that lifts another person.” – Plato

“Charis” or ????? is the Greek word for “kindness”. In Ancient Greece, the greatest act of charis was “xenia” or ?????, their concept of hospitality. According to the Wikipedia page dedicated to it, there were two basic rules of xenia: the respect afforded by the host to the guest; and vice versa. The host was to “provide him/her with food, drink, bath, and gifts when they leave.” The guest was to “be courteous to the host and not be a burden. The guest should also provide a gift if they have one.”

Jumping forward millennia, let us take a look into why you should give the gift of being charitable or kind. David R. Hamilton Ph.D. of the Huffington Post has the inside scoop:

1. Kindness makes us happier.

2. Kindness gives us healthier hearts.

3. Kindness slows aging.

4. Kindness makes for better relationships.

5. Kindness is contagious.


Compassion – Here is the Cambridge Dictionary definition of the word: “a strong feeling of sympathy and sadness for the suffering or bad luck of others and a wish to help them”.

You may have seen someone who is in a rut and going through some tough times. You listen to their story and it moves you, and you get into the groove of helping. Again, we delve into why you should give this gift, so we let Emma M. Seppälä Ph.D. of Pyschology Today take it away:

1. Compassion makes you happy.

2. Compassion makes you wise.

3. Compassion makes you attractive.

4. Compassion gives you time and money.

5. Compassion boosts your health.

6. Compassion uplifts and spreads.

7. Compassion is 100% natural.

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