You meet a wonderful person, and you have high hopes for the future of this relationship. Sadly, your crush ghosted you just when things were going so well. No phone calls, no texting, no communication at all. What did you do wrong to warrant this treatment, and is this more of their problem than yours?

It’s only natural to wonder what’s wrong with you when your love interest stops texting. Still, you can’t jump to conclusions. Many things go through people’s minds when they feel something they don’t understand. Then, there’s always the past or another party that could be involved.

11 Reasons Why Your Crush Stopped Texting and How to Cope With It

Move on when someone ghosts you, as there is plenty of fish in the sea. However, if you have feelings and your crush blows you off, you might feel a little sad and ruminate about all the reasons why they did this to you. Here are a few reasons why you’re getting ghosted.

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1. Your Crush Is Not Interested

This may be a case of unrequited love. Perhaps you’re feeling or reading more into the situation than your crush. You may envision a white picket fence, a dog, and a few children running around the backyard.

However, their mind may be a million miles from that place. The most common reason a potential lover stops texting is that they’re not that into you.

What to Do:

It’s best to come out and ask them if they’re not that interested. While it seems a bit forward, you’ll never know how they feel unless you ask. Additionally, you don’t want to waste more time on the wrong one when you can look for your soul mate.

2. They Stopped Texting Because They Found Another Person

While you’re a great catch, you’ve likely been ghosted for another. Your crush might have eyes for someone else. You can’t help who you fall in love with, nor can you blame them for falling for another person.

All is fair in love and war, and it’s possible that there was chemistry between them and someone else that they couldn’t deny. It doesn’t mean anything to you, as you’re undoubtedly remarkable. However, you want to be with someone who is 100 percent for you, and it seems this isn’t the case.

What to Do:

If you don’t hear back from this person in a week or two, it’s safe to say they’ve moved on. It would help if you did the same to keep yourself from getting hurt.

3. Your Crush Sent You Mixed Signals

Perhaps you read more into the situation than what was there. It’s possible that your crush didn’t feel the way you did about them. Maybe they were being friendly and chatting with you, but there were no real feelings. They might have ghosted you because they didn’t want to string you along anymore.

What to Do:

Reevaluate the situation and see if you might have read more into it than there was. You can also look at their social media pages to see if they’ve got something else going on in their life before you jump to conclusions. However, don’t stay where you’re not wanted, as you should move on.

4. They Are Not Texting Because They Are Honestly Too Busy

Unfortunately, most people have chaotic lives. There are work, friends, and family obligations, not to mention taking care of a home and bills. It’s possible they’ve just become overwhelmed with things in their life.

It might not be the right time for them until some things settle down. You certainly don’t want to be with the right person at the wrong time, as it might not go the way you like.

What to Do:

If someone has told you they’re super busy, you must respect them. It might not be a good time, and you should find someone with more time to devote to you.

5. You Came on Too Strong for Comfort

Some folks like to take things nice and slow when getting to know someone. However, it’s possible that you came on way too firm, and now they’re back peddling. Maybe your pace is faster than what they’re willing to go.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t like you; it just means they’re putting on the brakes on the situation. They’re not comfortable with the way or the speed at which things progress.

Another thing to consider is that previous relationships have hurt this person. According to Dr. Judith Wright from the Wright Foundation, every person has unfinished business that goes back to childhood. These matters often cause things like limiting attitudes and personal biases that make relationships challenging.

It doesn’t mean that this person won’t text you in the future, but right now, they have some unfinished emotional baggage that they need to unpack. Something about you or the situation may have triggered things they’ve yet to manage.

What to Do:

Listen, you don’t want to be with someone with tons of unpacked baggage, which is often hard to manage. Instead, respect their limitations and stand back a bit. If they come looking for you, you should have a serious conversation about your hesitations.

6. You Said Something Wrong to Your Crush But Didn’t Realize It

Your crush might have become offended at something you said. It’s challenging to go back through all your dialogues and try to decipher what you said that was so wrong. If something was stated wrong, you certainly didn’t mean to do it.

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What to Do:

First, you don’t want to be with anyone who gets offended over such small things. If you think of something you said that was off-putting, you need to apologize. However, if you can’t think of anything you said out of line, let them go. You don’t want someone who is so touchy anyway.

7. Your Crush Just Wanted a One Night Stand

Sadly, some people want a one-night situation and aren’t looking for anything more. Your crush may see you as just a booty call and isn’t looking to walk down the aisle anytime soon. They may not want the same things from the situation you desire.

What to Do:

You don’t want the same thing. So you need to find someone who will love and appreciate you without being used.

8. They Don’t Want Anything Serious

It’s possible your crush isn’t looking for anything too serious, and you’re coming off as someone relationship ready. You can undoubtedly push someone away if you want two different things in life. You both need to be headed in the same direction, or one of you will get hurt.

What to Do: You can’t make someone serious in a relationship if they’re not ready or don’t want it. However, you know where you’re, so find someone looking for the same.

9. Your Crush Does Not Think You’re Interested

What if the other person is into you, but they think you’re not into them? It’s not uncommon for people to get their wires crossed regarding love and relationships. Maybe you’ve played it too cool, and now they don’t think you’re that into it.

What to Do:

If you have an opportunity, make your desires known. If you tell them you want to see what happens, you’re leaving no room for misinterpretation. Some folks need things spelled out a bit, so you need a conversation about where this is going.

10. You Text Way Too Much

Some folks are just more apt to text than others. It could be that this person is a bit old-fashioned, as they prefer phone calls or in-person visits. No matter how much they’re into you, some individuals don’t like to text 24×7. They have busy lives and work long hours, so they only text when they can.

What to Do:

If they tell you they don’t like to text, don’t get upset because they don’t text much. Try different methods of communication to see if it works better for them. The biggest issue here is that there needs to be active communication for any relationship to work.

11. They’re Playing Hard to Get

What if your crush likes playing hard to get? It’s undoubtedly enthralling to have someone chase after you, and they may desire to be pursued a bit. They might be totally into you, but they’re waiting on you to make the next move.

What to Do:

It’s okay to play the game of cat and mouse for a bit, but just don’t let it drag on for too long. Even the cat gets tired when they can’t catch the mouse, so they will move on to something else.


Final Thoughts on Being Ghosted by Your Crush

Dating and trying to find your soul mate is often one of the most challenging things in life. Finding your other half often means you must first discover yourself. When you add things like religion, social status, and your family to the mix, it makes it an even more daunting task.

However, while it’s not an easy journey, it’s certainly one that’s worth it. When your crush is not responding to you, and you feel like your heart may leap from your chest, it’s time to do some investigative work. There might be a simple explanation, but it might also signify that it’s time to move on.