For supervisors and human resources professionals, creating an atmosphere of positivity in the workplace can be challenging. The costs of having a negative attitude in the workplace are many. Employees who don’t feel appreciated work slower and with less efficiency. They can have conflicts with other members of your staff. Negative bosses spread their bad feelings to everyone who works for them, causing an entire staff to become lethargic or aggressive.

Here are 12 concrete ways to foster a spirit of positivity in your workplace, beginning with small, vital changes that you can make to your office climate today.

12 Practical Ways to Spread Positivity in the Workplace

Try adopting these twelve habits.

1. Model Kindness and Respect

Employees look up to their bosses for an example of how to behave in the workplace. If the boss is snappish and disrespectful, that will become part of the company culture. It is far better to model patience, kindness, and respect. This is a great way to bring positivity at workplace.

2. Have an Attitude of Gratitude

When employees are thanked for their good work, it gives them a warm feeling. Everyone likes to be appreciated, and employees often toil for years without being thanked for their hard work. Even a simple “thank you” and a handshake go a long way toward making an employee feel appreciated.

3. Don’t Forget to Listen

When you listen to your employees, you will be able to reap the benefits of their experience. When employees are not listened to, they feel unappreciated. They may even feel condescended to.

4. Make Goals Clear for Everyone

Having a concrete goal to work toward gives employees direction and positivity at workplace. Employees like to know that their hard work is directed toward a particular end. When the goals are reached, have a little celebration. This can be as simple as expressing your pride during a staff meeting.

5. Encourage Collaboration

Make it easy for employees from different departments to work together. It helps if the departments don’t feel like enemies. Often, different departments in a workplace feel that they are competing for attention and funding from their superiors. Try to get across to your employees the idea that you are all working toward one common goal.

6. Put on a Smile

Even if you’re having a difficult day, you can spread positivity by smiling. When a boss is smiling, his or her employees find reasons to smile, too. Dealing with a boss who is always gruff and forbidding makes the employees cranky and difficult to work with.

7. Trust that Your Employees are Responsible Adults

This seems like a laughably obvious step to take, but many employers treat their workers as inferior. When you give a task to your employees, get it across to them that they are trusted to perform the task because they are mature adults. Don’t hang over their shoulders or micromanage them.

8. Don’t Rely on Intimidation

It goes without saying that employees who constantly feel like they are under threat aren’t as productive. It’s better not to give people the idea that they will be punished if they don’t meet work goals. Expecting the best, rather than the worst, will lead to better results.

9. Have an Office Wellness Program

Have your human resources staff implement a fitness program for your employees. Make it fun and not punitive. Letting your employees have a break to pursue physical activity will make them happier and more productive.

10. Encourage Mentoring

Mentoring relationships can come about naturally, but it’s nice to set them up when a new employee enters the company. Pair your new employee with someone experienced. This will make them feel cared for and give them someone to go to with their new employee concerns. This will foster positivity at workplace.

11. Communicate Positively

Something as simple as changing your messaging can help your employees build positivity. Rather than coming down hard on employees who don’t meet their goals, encourage them with positive words and messages.


12. Understand Your Mission

Too often, the overall goals of a workplace can be buried under the little problems that happen every day. When things are not going well, take a step back and remind your employees what they are working for. This may help to reset some attitudes and make the workplace attitude positive again.

Final Thoughts

If you can find a way to bring positivity at workplace, you can build a better environment for your employees. This positive feeling will extend to your customers, since people with better job satisfaction give better service.

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