As you have read the subject title and are still reading, you must see a need to cleanse negative energy from your life to achieve happiness. Or maybe you’ve been told that it’s something you need to do by family, friends, counselors, or co-workers. Sometimes it’s easy to identify the things that could be holding you down. Other times, it’s like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. By the end of this article, you will have read about different solutions to cleanse negative energy. These will hopefully help you in becoming a happier, peaceful, and more fulfilled you.

Now that I’ve got your attention, you may find this article to be a bit different than many others regarding how to cleanse negative energy out of your life. We get all kinds of advice on how to get rid of people that tend to rain on our parade. But sometimes, there was no parade to begin with. Only a mirage of what looked like a celebration. Did you know that you can be empowered to have a parade whether someone shows up or not? Well, you surely can! And when the rain comes, instead of running away from it, you can dance in it! This article is not about the power others have over you, but it’s about the person in the mirror—you and the power that lies within to determine your happiness.

Here are a few steps to take to cleanse negative energy from your life:

1. The Power of Vibes

I’ll admit, so many factors can determine the way we think and why. I know we’ve all pretty much heard the saying “good vibes only,” or the term bad vibes. Some people base their lives solely on “vibes.” But when it comes to “vibes,” we need to uncover them so that we can see them for what they truly are. Vibes are feelings based on present or past circumstances, attitudes and sometimes, preconceived thoughts of people.

Due to day-to-day changes, feelings are not a good thing to solely base a way of life. Feelings change all the time. Instead of going on the roller-coaster ride your feelings tend to take you on, how about becoming more grounded and purposeful in your thoughts? We give too much power to the idea of vibes when they’re normally just feelings and attitudes. So, let’s talk about the power of the mind.

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2. The Power of Positive thinking

How many times have you heard people use the saying “glass half empty” or “glass half full”? This saying shows the contrast between people who think positive and people who think negative.

Even though certain truths cannot be avoided, you should always try to see the best possible outcome. When you focus on that instead of the absolute worst outcome, you in essence control your reactions. In all of the bad, always look to find the good. This will help to cleanse negative energy from your life.


There was a study called The Nun Study conducted by researchers from the University of Kentucky. They proved that positive thinking leads to a longer life. They used the journals from nuns who lived in the same convent starting in the 1930s. Sixty years later, the nuns who documented positive things into their journals lived longer than those who did not. You may not feel like everything is going to be Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but if you focus on the good, it is proven to increase your chances of longer life.

3. The Power of Reflection

Many times, we can cleanse negative energy by having moments of meditation and reflection. Sometimes our negative energy can come from lack of satisfaction with our own lives. There are so many things that we would like to accomplish, but honestly, not many of us are able to complete those tasks when and how we would like to complete them every single time.

But this is nothing to beat yourself up about! You may want to try to cleanse negative energy by journaling down the things that you’ve accomplished. Taking the time to journal before the day begins and reflecting once the day is over will help you to feel more accomplished. You won’t feel as if you are throwing punches in the air without hitting the target.

Final thoughts

Several types of remedies can also help you cleanse negative energy from your life. You may want to use flowers, burn incense, limit your time around negative people, use salt, listen to music, or bang pots together to release external negative energy from the room. These are all great— but after the song is over, once the incense has gone out, once you’ve gotten rid of all negative influences, the person that has the most control over your own happiness is you. If you don’t choose to change your own way of thinking and believing, all of these great external practices could be in vain. You have the ability to cleanse negative energy from your life.

So, I challenge you to take control—you have the power to be happy and nothing external has the right to take that from you.

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