It might be negative energy if you feel like you can’t experience joy or find excitement in life anymore. This type of energy is common and happens to everyone occasionally.

If there is seemingly nothing serious going wrong in your life, but you still can’t find happiness, it is likely because of negativity.

To change this, you must first recognize if negativity is afflicting you. The key to figuring it out is self-reflection and self-awareness. Both of these things will help you figure out the problems and help you get them under control.

Recognizing the signs of negative energy will help you see it in yourself. Once you have acknowledged it, you can make the necessary changes to better your life.

Consequences of Negative Energy

Since your thinking becomes your reality, negative energy leads to a negative life. If you are constantly down about life, you will attract toxicity and unpleasant situations. When you are positive, though, you attract more positivity.

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Eleven Signs You Have Negative Energy Stuck Inside You

With positivity, you will find joy in life and accomplish more. You can fully experience life and surround yourself with positive people.

1. You Often Have Negative Thoughts and Speak Without Thinking

Having negative thoughts and negative self-talk is common for people with negative energy. Even something as simple as telling yourself that you can’t do something can influence your energy. Additionally, telling yourself that you look bad can interfere with your optimism and positivity.

Along with negative thoughts, you might say things without thinking about them first. Speaking without thinking is especially a problem when you’re angry. You will begin voicing those negative thoughts, hurting yourself and others.

2. You Have Trouble Falling Asleep Or Staying Asleep

It is hard to fall asleep with negative energy as worries constantly run through your head. Trying to fall asleep in bed does nothing to keep your mind off the negative thoughts.

Once you finally do fall asleep, the sleep might not be very restful. You might wake up frequently or be unable to fall into a deep sleep at all. Thinking about the things bothering you doesn’t help you feel better, either, and will only worsen your feelings.

3. You May Have Stuck Negative Energy If You Always Feel the Need to Prove Yourself

You likely have negative energy if you always feel like you must prove yourself or win every argument. You will assert yourself in a way that makes you feel superior to others.

Even when you are wrong, you will continue justifying your points and trying to discredit the other person. Humility will be an issue for you, and you will feel frustrated when someone else does better than you.

4. You Seek Answers from External Sources

If you often look for answers from people other than yourself, you might be a negative person. You know yourself best, and you know what will bring you happiness. When you get your answers anywhere other than yourself, you are hindering your ability to be happy.

You might ask everyone else what you should do in a situation when you are the only one qualified to decide. Another instance is if you go online to look for answers that you should be deciding on your own.

5. You Are Hard on Yourself and Compare Yourself to Others

Negative people give themselves a hard time about everything. They judge themselves and obsess over flaws, imperfections, or mistakes they have made.

If you are someone that does this, then you might also constantly compare yourself to others. You will compare yourself based on material possessions, achievements, personal lives, and anything else. Comparing yourself likely affects your life and causes more problems for you.

Comparisons will only make you feel worse about yourself. You will be even harder on yourself than you already are, and a vicious cycle will begin.

6. You May Have Stuck Negative Energy Look for Someone Else to Blame

If you look for someone else to blame for your problems, you might be negative. Another sign of negativity is if you find yourself blaming the world around you for things, too.

When things go wrong, you will place the blame anywhere you can. Placing the blame means you will have excuses for anything that happens and never seem to learn from your mistakes.

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7. You Don’t Do Things that are Interesting to You and Nothing Excites You

Sometimes you will avoid things even if they are interesting to you. You might feel like you are stuck in the same place, and nothing makes you happy anymore. Even activities you used to enjoy won’t please you.

If you feel this is all true for you, your energy might be negative. It might get to the point that you don’t want to interact with other people, either.

8. You Have Low Self-Esteem and Self-Worth, and You Frequently Criticize Yourself

When you believe that you are unworthy of having good things in your life, you are likely exhibiting negativity. You will have negative opinions about yourself and will overly criticize your actions and words.

If you dwell on mistakes or things you have said, you are exhibiting negativity. This mindset wears you down and makes it all worse for you.

The lack of self-esteem can cause you to struggle with speaking up or introducing yourself. Feeling worthless can even prevent you from doing things or moving forward in life.

9. You May Have Stuck Negative Energy If  You Have Serious Mood Swings and are Overly Emotional

Your emotions might sway drastically and unexpectedly. You will become easily overwhelmed and struggle to function as you usually would. When you notice that this is happening, it generally means your energy is too negative.

Having mood swings and being overly emotional can occur if you have had too many bad experiences. If you didn’t cope with those experiences properly, they might resurface as negativity.

Your emotions will get the best of you, and you won’t think logically. It affects your personal and professional life and creates toxicity.

10. You Can’t Make Friends Easily

Negative people don’t like going out of their comfort zone, causing them to have trouble making friends. You will have a fear of being judged by others since you so often judge yourself. This fear will cause you to keep to yourself instead of getting to know new people.

When you do get to know people, you will push them away with your negative energy, too. The negativity might cause you to be argumentative with friends you already have, causing problems in your current relationships.

11. You Tend to Ruminate and Feel Everything Deeply For Lasting Periods

If you tend to ruminate, it means you think deeply about things and over-contemplate everything. You will overthink things that don’t matter or went well until you convince yourself it was a negative experience. Doing this leads to beating yourself up or having regrets about your past.

How to Make a Change for the Better

If you have negative energy stuck in you, letting it out can change your life. The key is to make better habits and use self-awareness to catch yourself giving in to negativity. Making this change is easier than you think and will become more natural the longer you do it.

First, you must learn to shift your energy when you notice negativity. Look for the joy in the little things to help you develop a more positive mindset. Focus on the things that bring you joy and help you experience happiness.

When you experience negative self-talk, switch to more positive thinking instead. Changing your mindset can be hard when you are surrounded by other negative people, though. Consider the people you spend time with and limit your time with those who exhibit negativity.

Start believing in yourself once you have set yourself up for a positive environment. Know what you are capable of, and never sell yourself short. Remember that you don’t need anyone else’s approval and that you must accept responsibility for what happens in your life.

Focus on things you can do now to make your life better instead of yearning for things out of reach. When you focus on what you can do and work on those things, you will notice constant progress, giving you something to be proud of.

Make it a habit to focus on your thinking to recognize negativity. You can easily shift your thoughts and energy if you catch your negative mindset before it’s too late. Self-awareness is essential when trying to develop positive energy.

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Final Thoughts on Signs You Have Negative Energy Stuck in You

Living with negative energy stuck in you can wreak havoc on your life. Negativity can affect both your personal and professional life, making things harder than they need to be.

Consider if you exhibit any of the signs of negativity. Then, you can make a change for the better. Recognizing the problem is key to changing and living a more positive life.